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    10 Reasons to Celebrate Christmas in Private Villa Bali This Year

    10 Reasons to Celebrate Christmas in A Private Villa Bali This Year
    Image source: Instagram/@balibuddies

    The holiday season is approaching, which generally means feeling under the weather in colder climes, overeating and drinking, and the same-old-same-old get-togethers year after year. It’s no surprise that an increasing number of people are opting to build entirely new festive experiences. If you want to look forward to next year with a fresh perspective and a sense of joy, consider shaking it up with amazing sun-soaked celebrations and a luxury villa vacation stay in Bali. Here are ten reasons why celebrating Christmas in a Seminyak private villa in Bali might be a good idea. 

    Get away from the cold

    While it’s frigid in your own country, basking in the sun and embracing the end of the year with a swim in the sea is marvelously uplifting and fabulously feel-good; generating a true sense of getting away from it all. At this time of year, the weather in Thailand and Indonesia is at its best, with sunny days that aren’t too hot and pleasant evenings with a gentle wind.

    Stay away from the busy Christmas ads

    Not everyone enjoy the mega-hype of Christmas and over-commercialization of Santa Claus. The somewhat forced jollity of the season may surely turn out to be tedious and unpleasant. Taking a break from the craziness and doing something else could be precisely what you need.

    Get something fun for the holiday season

    When it comes to tropical island vacations, Bali is the crème of the crop. The island is eclectic and diversified, with something for everyone. The festive season in Bali is likely to gratify anyone searching for a little extra excitement in addition to their rest and relaxation throughout their vacation.

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    Bond with the people you love in the Seminyak private villa Bali

    Bond with the people you love in the Seminyak private villa Bali
    Image source: Instagram/@islandgraze

    The fundamental essence of the festive season is about spreading love, appreciating others, and living life to the fullest, and holidays are a lovely time to bond with the special people in your life. With plenty of space and communal areas, a villa stay allows different generations of a family to feel at ease and connect in a natural, unforced way that benefits everyone.

    Spend the Christmas holidays with friends-get-together

    Why not bring people together in a relaxing, fun situation rather than rushing around attempting to cram in visits, meet-ups, dinners, and social events spanning weeks, if not months? A vacation with friends in a Seminyak suite private pool villa in Bali is not only more relaxing, but it is also the best option for everyone involved. Each person in a villa gets their own area to relax and unwind, as well as communal spaces to spend time with others and have some fun.

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    Refresh this Christmas by doing something different

    A change can, without a doubt, be as good as a rest. When you attend the same activities, with the same people, and follow the same patterns, the holidays become predictable, monotonous, and exhausting. If the holidays feel like an uphill battle or a period to ‘get through,’ now is the time to inject some zest, energy, and passion into the festivities.

    See how different Christmas in Bali are!

    See how different Christmas in Bali are!
    Image source: Instagram/@thecoconuthutlembongan

    If you always associate Christmas with snow and pine trees, it can be fun and interesting to see how people in Bali are celebrating Christmas! They make decoration in the roads made from bamboo tree called Penjor, wear traditional Balinese clothing, give hampers gift in Bamboo woven box, and make interesting Christmas tree. People even create their Christmas trees out of old items or even bottles!

    There are several Christmas events in tourist locations, such as greeting Santa, brunches, and dinners. Christmas decorations will be displayed at hotels and shops, and Christmas carols will be played over the speakers. It’s possible that you’ll hear a Balinese rendition of your favorite Christmas tune!

    Spending Christmas morning by the Seminyak beach

    Christmas Day on the beach is no longer limited to Australians. With the 25th just another ordinary day in Bali, you’re sure to find plenty of space for a beachside with your family and to relax and enjoy Christmas in surroundings. This could be more inviting than a table with ten people crammed around it and a plastic chair you dug out of the garage. Spend your Christmas in Bali instead of in the snow. Wouldn’t that be fun?

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    It’s time to award yourself with some luxury treats

    Beautiful spaces, sparkling pools, outdoor lounges, games rooms, and possibly even your own cinema, not to mention a private butler and concierge, as well as a personal chef; yes, you deserve to be pampered, so treat yourself to a luxurious experience that honors who you are and your accomplishments thus far. Even bathing may be a luxurious experience, with some homes guaranteeing breathtaking views from every room, even the bathtub.

    A chance to relax and energize in the end of the year in Bali’s private villa

    It’s time to award yourself with some luxury treats
    Image source: Instagram/@kclububud

    In today’s environment, feeling exhausted at the conclusion of a hectic year is pretty much the norm. You owe it to your mind and body to reset, recalibrate, and rebalance before embarking on the new year. A stay in a private, luxurious villa in Seminyak Bali instills a sense of focused, meditative grounding that is deeply felt and transforming.

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    Contributing to A More Sustainable Air Travel

    Contributing to A More Sustainable Air Travel

    We talk alot about sustainable trip and how we can contribute to make our trip more environment friendly by travelling more responsibly. We also talk a lot about how we should respect the local cultures, their lands, their way of life, and  their tradition. However, we can also contribute to sustainable travel by supporting green air travel. Our carbon footprint does affect the environment. However, some travel destinations are so faraway that they can be reached only by air travel. Meanwhile the impact of air travel is pretty huge to the planet because of the carbon emission. So how can we travel more sustainably?

    The possibility of sustainable air travel

    Even though challenging, it is possible for us to fly more responsibly in order to support the environment-conscious travel movement. We can contribute by making the right choices, such as choosing airline with lowest average emissions, taking direct flight, booking economy with less emission than business class, and flying less far or less frequently if there is another alternative. 

    Changing travel habits

    It is possible for us to change our travel habits by making more conscious decisions of our air travel plan. It will be beneficial if every individual take part in reducing the impact of air travel by choosing better alternatives. Of course, the opportunity to experience new cultures can outweigh harmful effects of air travel. However, it is even better if we become more conscious-travelers so that we are aware of our impact to the environment. And even if our change of travel habit can help a little to protect our planet, then why not doing it proudly. 

    Economy seat has lower emission than business seats

    It is true that economy seat is four time less emission than business seats. Hence, it will be beneficial to the environment if you choose economy seats. Of course this is not for everyone who might have condition or situation where they are not able to fly safely and comfortably in economy seats. However, if it is possible for us who only feel a little bit uncomfortable with the tiny space to choose economy seat instead. 

    Packing lightly is better

    Our luggage also contributes a lot in emission. The more we pack, the heavier our bag will get. Hence, it creates more emission that will of course harm the environment. We can be more considerate about what we need to pack for our trip. If we can pack light without missing any of major essentials then why should we pack extra? Also, light luggage will provide us more freedom to move without the risk of injuring our own body. 

    Choosing airlines

    Each airline may have different protocols and regulations about their flights. Choosing efficient airline can be challenging because not all of them are conscious about carbon emission or environment. They may focus more on providing great experiences for their passengers. But if we can find airlines who are doing real things to be more efficient then it’s better to choose them.

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    Recommended Local Cuisines Worth Travelling For

    People travel to different places with various purpose. Some of them want to have a break from their constant pressure of their lives, some others want to experience something new. If your aim is to truly understand a country and its culture, there is no better way that to try their local cuisines. Foods have their own language you can explore and understand better. Explore it through street foods, restaurants, and even communal cooking when visiting a country to give you the best experience. 

    Exploring the flavors that worthwhile when travelling

    Your taste buds will become richer when you are willing to try new and different things from time to time. When you visit a country, do not miss the opportunity to try out their specialty of dishes. It may give you the best moment of all your travel journey. 

    Sushi in Japan

    Sushi in Japan

    Sushi is no longer a rare food because you can find it practically everywhere no matter what country you visit. However, tasting original Sushi in the Japan will expose you to so much more. In Japan, there are many ways you can enjoy your Sushi. It is a must to try traditional Sushi served in different styles. Recommended Sushi include Gunkan and Chirasi can be found in Sushi restaurant or outlets in Japan. Be mindful of the rules of eating Sushi properly but it can be a great larning opportunity of new culture. 

    Escargot In France

    Escargot may not be unfamiliar but it is still something unusual for some people around the world. You may not used to eating slimy snails but if you are willing to try different experience, might as well do it in the original country where escargot comes from. When trying escargot in France, you will get to taste a cooked land snail, with the hot butter and pesto blended together in such a great harmony. 

    Pho In Vietnam

    Pho In Vietnam

    Pho is such a popular dish but tasting the original version in Vietnam will bring you to another dimension. Pho is Vietnamese noodle dish consisting of broth with variety of local herbs for the flavor, linguine-shaped rice noodles, and meat (it can be either chicken or beef). Try the original broth without any sauce to fully savor the rich flavor. Your taste buds will be blasted with a burst of sweet and spicy flavors. Only then you may try to mix it with an array of sauces to your liking. 

    Hangi in New Zealand

    Hangi is barbeque in Maori version you can find in New Zealand. For many people, it is considered a better version indeed with involves digging a massive hole in the ground then cooking your food in the ground. To cook it, meat and vegetables are put in the basket and hot rocks are placed in the pit with foods on top of them. Cover everything with earth so the heat won’t escape. Hangi usually consists of chicken, pork, lamb, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, and some vegetables. This is different barbeque style worth trying for when you visit New Zealand.

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    The Most Wonderful Theme parks Throughout The World

    There are many theme parks around the world you can visit. Maybe not now especially if your destination is in another country because you still have to be cautious with the pandemic. Maybe you can plan your visit for the future when everything is back to normal and you can travel more freely. As for now, you can make your own list of favorite theme parks to visit somewhere in the future. Of course, Disney theme parks always come at the top list but there are many other wonderful theme parks you can explore. 

    Recommended, beautiful theme parks to visit

    Here are some of the most beautiful theme parks throughout the world that can be in your bucket list:

    Europa Park

    Europa Park

    This huge park features 15 lands themed to European countries. Aside for entertainment, this park is also great way to educate. The countries included into the theme in this park including Russia, Switzerland and Luxembourg. You can also enjoy variety of dark rides such as Pirates in Batavia and Atlantic Adventure. If you like challenge, you can try 13 coasters. This theme park is founded by the Mack family. They also also operate the design and manufacturing company. There is also resort in the park housing six hotels and a campground. 

    Cedar Point 

    This theme park is located in the U.S, and is more like an amusement park. It is famous for its record-breaking coasters to try. One of them is the wooden-steel hybrid coaster named Steel Vengeance with 420 foot tall. There are also the 120 mph Top Thrill Dragster and magnum XL-200. you can also enjoy your time at the outdoor water park with separate admission. There are other accommodations to enjoy during your visit to this park. 

    Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World

    Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World

    Magic Kingdom is located in the U.S and the most popular theme park in the world. It generates more than 20 million visitors each year. It features various attractions to enjoy including Pirates of the Caribbean, the Jungle Cruise, and Dumbo the Flying Elephant. There are also thrilling rides in this park such as Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, and The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. 

    Puy de Fou in Les Epesses

    This theme park is located in France. It is considered one of the most unusual parks in the world because it doesn’t have any rides at all. This park features a collection of stage shows and spectacles. You can watch ancient Roman gladiators battles, chariot races, as well as wild animals. You can also enjoy watching a Viking-themed show as well as trained birds. It resembles a circus but is certainly more than that. 

    Silver Dollar City

    It is located in the Midwest U.S. that features world-class coasters amazing foods, and Broadway-quality shows. This park has 1880s theme. The most popular rides include controlled spin coaster, the new age wooden coaster, Time Traveler, and Outlaw Run. Also, it is highly recommended to join a tour to Marvel Cave during your visit to complete the experience. 

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    Planning to Stay in Private Villa Bali? Here’s What You Need to Do

    When it comes to vacation in Bali, we love staying in villas. It’s perfect for group, it has more flexible check-in and out time, it guarantee privacy and exclusivity, and some even welcome furry companion to the property. Staying in Bali villas gives you your own private piece of luxury; and here’s how you can take the villa experience to the next level. 

    Planning to Stay in Private Villa Bali? Here’s What You Need to Do

    Know What You Want for A Private Villa in Bali

    There are thousands of villas in Bali and, unlike hotels, the varieties are much more diverse. There will always be something for everyone. So, the first thing you need to do is to get to know yourself; what kind of villa you really want. Do you want a loft-style private apartment? Would you need a villa with pool? Are kids or pets included in considerations? 

    Contacting the Agencies or the Villa Owner

    Agents operate as go-betweens for villa owners and renters, and they frequently list high-end villas. Your criteria—number of rooms, amenities, level of service, local activities, and more—are used by the agent to find the best match in your pricing range. While agents like AirBnB, HomeAway, or local ones like Kibarer makes finding a private villa in Bali easier, it’s still helpful to contact the owner directly. Especially if you need more information regarding the exact location of the villa, direction guide, nearby restaurants, or more. 

    Book A Car (or Driver) to Get Around  

    Book A Car (or Driver) to Get Around

    Great private villa in Bali are often hidden and sheltered from the busy main roads. Some are secluded it’s even hard for common taxi drivers to find it. That’s why it’s better to request a driver from the villa who can bring you straight to the vacation house. Also, try to make arrangements with drivers that can get you around. You can also book a car shortly after you arrived in Bali if you have international driving license. 

    It’s Time to Stock Up the Fridge!

    As much fun as it is to go grocery shopping in a foreign supermarket for the first time (I’m sure I’m not the only one who enjoys it! ), After a long flight, you’re not in the mood to do it. Simply tell the villa staff what you want, and they’ll make sure it’s ready for you when you arrive, ensuring a smooth landing.

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    Save the Contact of Housekeeper 

    Every villas in Bali usually have housekeeper who clean and keep the house pristine. Once you come to your private villa Bali, try to get to know them and get their number. Sometimes they don’t stay all the time at the villa so it will be helpful to have their contact handy in case you need their help. 

    See If There’s Any Extra Advantages of the Private Villa Bali You Can Get

    With saturated villa market in Bali, rental owners will frequently throw in extras in order to remain competitive. Inquire whether the owner will provide complimentary cleaning, a private chef, or the use of a car to sweeten the deal. You might also be able to get discounts or lower rates during shoulder season if you stay for a longer period of time.

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    Appetizing Foods To Try In New York State

    Planning on visiting New York in the future? There are probably list of things you want to do or visit already. However, do not forget about food hunting. New York has wide selections of foods that can make you salivate. Tasty dishes can be found in almost every corner of New York. So here are list of fascinating, delicious foods you can enjoy while you are in New York:

    Garbage Plate

    Garbage Plate
    Image source: Pinterest

    Well, it sounds unappealing but it is tastier than it sounds. It is satisfying meal served in one plate containing potatoes, meat and several other sides such as macaroni salad, home fries, or beans. Those are piled together with chili sauce, onions, and topped with mustard. The meat is varied that you can choose based on what you prefer. You can opt for hamburger patties, chicken fingers, ham, hot dogs, fried fish, and many more. This food has been existed since 1918 and was copyrighted in 1992. 

    Utica Greens

    Utica Greens
    Image source: Pinterest

    This dish is worth a try. It is a combination of a bitter green such as escarole, fried prosciutto, breadcrumbs, hot cherry peppers, and Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese. Escarole was a staple in home gardens of Utica. It was usually cooked with garlic and olive oil but it was slowly used in various restaurants in the 1980s. today, the dish is very popular at many Italian restaurants. In new York, you can call Utica greens as Village Greens since most restaurants in Utica don’t really call them Utica greens. 

    Salt Potatoes

    Salt Potatoes
    Image source: Pinterest

    It sounds like regular dish without anything special on it if we look as the name. However, it is such a popular dish in Central New York. It was created in Syracuse (known for their salt production). In 1800s, Irish salt miners would bring a bag of small, unpeeled potatoes to work and lunchtime. They would boil the potatoes in free-flowing saltwater. The potatoes would then create a form of crust on the skin due to the salt. Hence, they are more crunchy on the outside while on the inside is creamy. 

    Buffalo Wings 

    Image source: Pinterest

    It is spicy wing invented in Buffalo by Teressa Bellissimo. This dish is made from chicken wings slathered in hot sauce and served with bleu cheese and celery. It is such a popular snack in New York now. The wings are cooked through deep-frying process without any breading or coating before they are slathered in sauce made from hot sauce, melted butter, and red pepper. This is appetizing dish for spicy food lovers. 


    Image source: Pinterest

    This is sandwich popular in New York. It was originally created by Italian immigrants in Binghamton around 1920s. it was a reference to Italian word spiedino, meaning skewer. This dish is made from chicken, beef, pork, or lamb. The meat is then marinated in a zesty sauce made from wine vinegar, oil, and various spices. It is then grilled on a spit. The skewered meat then is wrapped in Italian bread. After pulling off the skewer, it turns into mouth-watering sandwich without adding other ingredients. 

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    Simple Ways To Have A Better Flight

    Simple Ways To Have A Better Flight

    Getting comfortable during a flight can be challenging if you book the wrong seat and unable to enjoy the overall travel experience. Of course you can have a better flight by booking business class for example. However, is the price worth it? Are there any ways you can have a better flight without spending too much money on the ticket plane?

    How to have a better flight experience

    There are many tactics you can try to have a better flight experience. The very first thing you need to do is get a better seat to book.  You don’t really know whether the seat you are going to choose is free from anything that probably block the space or if the recline doesn’t work. You can check it online from trusted sites such as SeatGuru to find the better seat for you regardless if it is window or aisle seat.

    Book one window & one aisle seat

    Book one window & one aisle seat

    If you travel with a friend, you can try a trick by booking one window and one aisle seat. This way, other passenger will be unlikely to book the middle seat. If it is the case then you will have the entire row for yourself and your companion if the flight isn’t full. Even if there is someone who actually book the middle seat, you can always ask them to exchange the seat because they don’t usually like being stuck in the middle. 

    Choose seat tactfully

    Choose a seat based on what you are going to do. If you plan to sleep, choose window seat so you won’t be disturbed by your seatmate who need to go to the toilet. Also, it prevent you from falling over when you sleep during the flight. 

    Compression socks

    Pack compression socks to make your flight more comfortable. They can help in promoting blood circulation and prevent from swelling legs. Keep in mind that deep vein thrombosis can lead to serious health problem during a flight. 

    Noise-cancelling headphone

    Wear noise-canceling headphone to make your flight more peaceful, free from unwanted noise such as the noise from the engines or the other passengers. Also, canceling those noises can help improve the way you taste your meals. It is found by researchers that the noise of the engine of the plane can reduce passengers’ sensitivity to taste and smell of their foods. Hence, noise-canceling headphone can be such a helpful thing to wear.

    Carry-on bag with soft materials

    Use carry-on bag with soft materials to make you feel comfortable holding it especially during a flight. Imagine being jammed with hard and stiff carry-on bag while sitting in such a cramped space. Soft carry-on allows it to be placed more flexibly. 

    Take a morning flight

    It is recommended to take a morning flight but not the red-eye one. Morning flight has lower chance of turbulence and will less likely to encounter thunderstorm. It is also suggested that you avoid sitting through the entire flight especially when you have a long haul flight. Move around to stretch your body and stay hydrated but avoid carbonated or caffeinated beverages. 

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    Why People Loves Wreck Diving Bali and You’ll Too

    Why People Loves Wreck Diving in Bali
    Image credit: Instagram/@riet0327

    Shipwrecks are popular among adventure divers because they are often shrouded in mystery. Wreck diving, on the other hand, has its own set of dangers and charms, and is better left to those who have done it before. Divers are drawn to wreck diving because of the fascinating history of the wreck, the surrounding marine life, and the possibility of discovering hidden treasure. Here’s the reasons behind the popularity of wreck diving in Bali and why you’ll love it too. 

    Wreck Diving in Bali: An Underwater Attraction  

    Wreck diving is done for a variety of reasons. For the most part, they are drawn to underwater wrecks because of their particular attraction. Physical relics of a tragic story elicit a curious thrill and have the ability to pique our interest. It’s an expedition for both history buffs and nature explorers, and it’ll provide all wreck divers an unforgettable experience.

    A Portal to the Past

    A Portal to the Past
    Image credit: Instagram/@fbalazs99

    Wreck diving is a hobby for certain people who are interested in history. Shipwrecks serve as portals into the past. Researching the context and conditions that led to the disaster and then visiting the crash site years, decades, or even centuries after can feel like a time travel. Others are simply awestruck by the sheer scale of many wrecks, as well as the key components and machinery that may be touched and observed in ways that were never conceivable before the ship sank.

    Wreck diving allows you to immerse yourself – literally – in the history of the wrecks you are investigating. Each of them has a story to tell, and it might be a heartbreaking one at times. When diving wrecks, most divers have an overwhelming sense of wonder and respect, and many of them remember the dives for the rest of their lives. It’s likely that a large number of people died when the ship sank, and this is something that you can nearly feel in the air. That is why wreck diving Bali is so exciting for so many people.

    A Rare Chance to Inspect Elements of Vessels Up-close 

    Another reason people contemplate wreck diving is that we rarely get to see working and floating vessels up close. Everything is on display, from enormous machinery and its parts to historical or cultural relics with monetary value. One of wreck diving site in Bali offers a complete view of a ship in perfect condition. The Boga wreck, lies in Kubu Boga village, was intentionally sunken with almost all element of the ships keep intact. 

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    Wreck Diving in Bali Offers New Challenges for Beginners

    Shipwrecks also provide a great opportunity for divers to improve and hone their skills. A massive wreck standing upright in warm, clear water like the famous USAT Liberty Wreck in Tulamben, Bali, 

    is ideal for divers of all levels. From the newly licensed divers of Advanced Open Water to various specializations and technical diver ratings could enjoy the spectacular wreck at ease. 

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    How to Avoid Seasickness on a Tiare Liveaboard

    How to Avoid Seasickness on a Tiare Liveaboard

    Sailing is a great way to explore beautiful landscapes. Breathtaking scenery, unique cultures, and delicious delicacies are just some of things you can find on a sailing holiday with Tiare liveaboard. This kind of holiday also provides ample opportunities for scuba diving, simming, hiking, or onshore exploration. Romantic retreat, family time, or just a simple holiday with friends are all possible on a liveaboard, any of which would make for an unforgettable experience. However, when you rent a Tiare boat you should think about seasickness. Therefore, to make the most of your time on the yacht, so learn what causes seasickness. Here are a few ways to stop seasickness!

    What is sea sickness?

    Seasickness is a physiological response that occurs when the brain receives different information from its sensory system.  Your body responds to this confusion with a flood of stress hormones that cause unpleasant symptoms. For instance, headaches, fatigue, cold sweats, vomiting, and nausea.

    Dealing with seasickness on a Tiare Liveaboard

    Eating before Tiare Liveaboard trip

    Having some food in your stomach is better than having an empty stomach before your sailing holiday. Eat something bland and light one hour before the Tiare Liveaboard leaves which means that your abdomen has something to process. Great foods are bland and light, such as plain bread, pretzels, and saltine crackers. Be sure don’t eat acidic and oily foods. Besides the pale food, bring some ginger on the trip. Ginger is famous as a natural remedy for seasickness. If you don’t like ginger, you can take ginger capsules instead.

    Avoid caffeine

    Make sure to don’t eat caffeine for at least a day before going on a sailing holiday. When you consume a high amount of caffeine you might temporarily experience a headache. Drink plenty of water before and during your sailing trip.

    How to Avoid Seasickness on a Tiare Liveaboard

    Get fresh air on Tiare Liveaboard deck

    If you are not feeling well, you should go out on the upper deck of the yacht. Go outside and stay in an open area with lots of oxygen and color. Doing so helps your eyes see the movement, which in turn sends signals to the brain more in tune with what the inner ear is telling the brain. So, stay on the upper deck as much as possible.

    Keep your body cool

    Make sure to keep your position in the breeze and avoid direct sunshine exposure while on the yacht. Keeping your body cool will minimize water loss and sweating. Take a deep breath of that fresh air,  then enjoy the scenery and the magic of sailing.

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    Bring some over-the-counter medicine

    There are several types of seasickness medicine available over-the-counter. They work well for some people. However, you can consult your professional doctor, if you have especially severe seasickness.

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    Disinfecting Your Airplane Seat With The Right Steps

    Disinfecting Your Airplane Seat With The Right Steps

    Airplanes are one of the filthiest places with numerous germs being stuck in various places such as tray tables, seat buckles, seatback pockets, and aisle seats. For germaphobes, it is such a nightmare to deal with a situation where you have to stay in such cramp space along with numerous germs as companion. Also, those germs can get you sick during your vacation if you don’t take car of it and yourself properly. Therefore, it is important to disinfect your airplane seat properly. 

    Steps to disinfect your airplane seat

    You don’t have to bring many cleaning supplies to disinfect your airplane seat. With minimal supplies, you can reduce the germs and lower your risk of getting sick of the infection. What you need is a pack of disinfecting wipes. You can bring your own usual go-to wipes. You can also choose the one with good smells such as lemon or flower scent and not like public bathroom smell so other passengers won’t be disturbed by the smell. 

    As soon as you are on board, get your wipes ready. Some passengers might give you a side-eye pr stare. However, you don’t really have to mind them as long as you don’t bother them. Clean the area of your space only and do not disinfect your seatmate’s area especially if they are strangers not your travel companion. 

    Disinfecting Your Airplane Seat With The Right Steps

    Use the wipes correctly and read the instruction. Wipe down the surface hardly in one swipe. Do not wipes back and forth because then the germs will stay there. Leave the surface for about 30 seconds to four minutes, depending on the instruction on your wipe pack. Let the magic happens and do not rush it. You may have to stay still before settling and using the surface. 

    Do not use wipes to disinfect upholstery because it won’t work. If you use wipes on upholstered surface then the germs will stay there. You will only make the surface wet without killing the germs which means you just create another problem. You can instead use a reusable or packable seat to cover your upholstered seat or the headrest. 

    What about the airplane seatback pocket? Should you disinfect it as you do to your tray table and seat? Do not try to disinfect it because it won’t do anything. This place is one of the filthiest parts in the airplane so do not stash your water bottle or snacks inside the pocket. You can use a seatback-pocket replacement accessory instead. It can hang from seatback tray latch.

    If you don’t really have time or will to disinfect your airplane seat, you can at least practice good hygiene such as applying hand-sanitizer before eating your meals or touching your face area, washing your hand after using the toilet, etc. By practicing good hygiene you can reduce the risk of getting sick during your travel. But if you can do a little bit extra, always have your pack of wipes ready.