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    Have A Bite Of The Most Delicious Dishes In The World

    It might be a little bit impossible to travel around the earth especially nowadays when the pandemic has not fully contained. However, you can still have a taste of a culture by sampling their signature dishes. You can to the nearest restaurants near your house but make sure to keep following the protocols to stay safe. And if you feel like in the moment to cook, why not trying to recreate authentic dishes from the country you would like to visit someday. And here are considered the most delicious dishes in the world worth a bite and more:

    Peking Duck

    This dish is originated in China, specifically Beijing. It has been there for generations, specifically since the Imperial era. The original version of Peking duck was by roasting it in a closed oven. However, there had been an invention of more developed open-oven style to cook several ducks together at the same time, making it more efficient and faster to serve. This duck is best served with steamed Chinese pancake, along with spring onion, cucumber, and sweet bean sauce. You can find this mouthwatering dish in almost any Chinese restaurant.


    This is a perfect meat dish originated in Hungary. In across Europe, it is often cooked as meat sauce or stew. However, the original version from Hungary, Goulash is a soup. This dish consists of beef shin, shoulder or shank and variety of vegetables (mostly carrots, peppers, and celery). it is then seasoned with lots of paprika and slowly simmered in broth over open fire in cauldron. This is traditional way of cooking Goulash to create the original flavor. It is often served in  a bread bowl or spaetzle noodles. 


    Who doesn’t know this delicious food nowadays? This is getting popular and more people want to have a taste. Shakshuka is from the Middle East and also claimed as one of their own throughout North Africa. The most important thing is that this dish is tasted heavenly in the mouth. This is actually a simple dish made by reducing down tomatoes, onions, and variety of spices before adding eggs to be poached on top of it. Most people around the world enjoy this savory dish for breakfast or brunch. 

    Onion soup

    Soup is like a go-to meal whenever you feel like you need extra warmth or comfort for that day. And one of the most delicious and heartwarming soup is Onion soup from France. This is cooked by caramelizing onions in broth laced with cognac and white wine. It is said that the original onion soup has been existed since Roman times. However, Paris was where it was modernly originated in the 18th century. This soup is often served with a ramekin and topped with a slice of baguette and melted grilled cheese. 

    There are many more delicious dishes around the world you should try including Beef Wellington from England, Laksa from Malaysia, Poutine from Canada, Rendang from Indonesia, Barramundi from Australia, and more. 

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    Authentic and Unique Coffee Drinks From Around The World

    Authentic and Unique Coffee Drinks From Around The World

    Coffee is one of the most commonly drinks people enjoy in the morning. It is also treated like an energy booster for those who tend to have hectic days. It is true that the caffeine in the coffee can help you to stay focused and energized. However, coffee is beyond that because it has been part of various cultures all around the world. 

    Try these authentic, unique coffee drinks 

    People prepare their coffee to drink usually based on their personal preferences. However, it is also often linked to tradition that has been existed for generations. People from different cultural backgrounds may have their own ways to prepare coffee drinks. Here are several coffee drinks around the world with their authentic preparation and unique flavor:

    Ca Phe Da from Vietnam

    Most coffee in Vietnam is served very strong and sweet because it is what the majority of Vietnamese would prefer. Ca Phe Da is another variety of iced coffee the locals enjoy pretty common. It is prepared with coffee being brewed through a French drip filter into a cup of ice. It is then added with condensed milk. So you will taste pretty strong sweetness from this Vietnamese coffee. 

    Cafezinho from Brazil

    This Brazilian coffee drink looks and tastes similar to espresso but with stronger flavor. Many Brazilian families welcome their guests with a cup of Cafezinho. This coffee is prepared by brewing coffee beans using special cloth flannel filter. During this brewing process, sugar is added so that’s why it is super sweet. Most Brazilian like this coffee without adding milk or cream. 

    Frappe from Greece

    Frappe itself was accidentally invented by a Nescafe employee in 1957. Even today, this coffee is very popular on the Mediterranean shores of Greece. This coffee is made with iced instant coffee and foamed milk. Some people love to add sugar and some people don’t you can have it with your own preference. The coffee with no sugar called sketo and the one with sugar called metrio. If you likk to add moderate amount of sugar, it is called glyko. 

    Kaffeost from Sweden

    This is different from any other coffee drinks mentioned above. Kaffeost itself means coffee cheese. So you can imagine what it is. It is exactly coffee and cheese. It is served by pouring coffee over cubes of Leipajuusto cheese. This coffee is also popular in Finland where the locals serve cheese as the with their coffee. Meanwhile in Sweden, they like to go all out. Hence, they prefer putting the cubes of cheese into their cup of coffee instead. 

    Turk Kahvesi

    Turkish coffee is already popular and this one is no exception. This coffee requires authentic preparation. During the brewing process of finely ground coffee beans, sugar is added without adding milk or cream. The process of boiling creates a foamy surface. It is then added with a little bit of cardamom to spice it up. In traditional way, Turkish coffee is prepared in a small copper or brass pot called ibrik or cezve.

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    Food Travel Tips When Visit Chennai

    Food travelling is always a great idea especially for foodies. There is variety of foods in Chennai with authentic recipe and unique taste. Since Chennai is located in India, some people often warn to not buy foods carelessly. However, it doesn’t mean you cannot go food hunting when you decide to visit Chennai. Of course, you cannot eat foods in Chennai carelessly especially at street stalls. You can eat out at restaurants and cafes around the city if you are unsure if the street vendors provide clean foods. 

    Recommended authentic dishes you should try in Chennai

    Chennai is city with distinctive culture. The locals are conservative and they hold onto their culture dearly even though in the middle of rapid modernization. However, they are welcome and friendly even to foreign tourists as long as you respect their culture. As for food hunting, here are recommended authentic dishes in Chennai you can try:

    In Chennai, breakfast is a must. There is variety of dish you can enjoy for breakfast. One of them is Vadai. It is a deep fried dish often served in every hotel in Chennai. You can try variety of Vadai because there are various options. There are Sambar Vadai, Mudu Vadai, Thayir Vadai, and many more. Each of them has unique taste. Who knows, you may find the most suitable to your taste. 

    Next authentic dish is Idli. It is also a dish often served during breakfast. It is a mix of rice and black gram flour. You can enjoy this dish at it is or, enjoy it with Chutneys or Sambar. The taste is so rich and unique. It is quite light for breakfast if you are not into heavy meal. 

    Next recommended dish is Dosa. It is popular dish in Chennai as well as India. However the popularity of Dosa has already been known to the world as well. It is made of rice mixed with black gram flour. Just like Vadai, there is variety of options of Dosa to try. 

    For noodle lover, Idiappam is recommended when you visit Chennai. It is made of rice flour that is boiled in steam. It is served with coconut milk and sugar. Thus, it taste sweet and milky. The texture of the noodle is soft. It is great for lunch.  

    Next authentic dish you should try in Chennai is Pongal. It is a full course meal enjoyed during breakfast the most by the locals. It is also often served with Sambar or Chutney. This dish is also highly recommended for those who are on diet because it’s low in calorie. It is made with raw rice along with nuts, pepper, and Ghee. 

    Next recommended dish in Chennai you should try is Koozhu or Koozh.  It’s also claimed as one of the healthiest and nutritious dishes in Chennai. The majority of homes in this capital city serve this dish in daily. This healthy dish is unique and often served a pot and glass not a bowl. This dish is available both in restaurant as well as street stalls.

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    Eating Cheap but High Quality Foods while Travelling Around the World

    Foods are part of essentials when it comes to travelling. Your body will always need it in order to keep going functionally. However, there are many factors that often come into considerations when it comes to eating during a trip. They include price and of course quality. Most travelers like eating street foods during travel. It is not a bad thing because the perks of travelling is the ability to try various foods including those who are sold in street stalls. However, keep eating street foods won’t do you any good as well. While travelling around the world, you should try eating high quality foods.

    Finding high quality foods at cheap price while travelling

    For foodies, price doesn’t matter because the more important thing is the taste and the quality of the food itself. However, it cannot be the same for budget travelers. They pay attention to how they spend their money on various things during travel including foods expense. But what if you can take benefits of the two factors? Why not looking for cheap foods with high quality when you are travelling around the world? If you agree, then here are some tips:

    • The place where you can find decent quality foods during your trip is outdoor vendors. You will find relatively small stands selling various foods such as sandwiches, sausages, hot dogs, salad, etc. you will enjoy these quick and inexpensive meals to the max. Choose the vendors surrounded by lots of local customers.
    • Buffet is also recommended if you want to enjoy delicious foods within budget. Of course, they don’t always serve the best foods. However, most of them are good and satisfying. Besides, they are cost-friendly. The most important point of buffet is the concept of all-you-can-eat.
    • Another way to enjoy high quality foods within budget is to find local restaurants. Instead of eating near major tourist attraction, it is more recommended to eat at a restaurant situated within friendly neighborhood. They usually serve delicious foods made from locale produce. And most importantly, they are less expensive.
    • Instead of snacking, it is better to stick to regular eating schedule when you enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Sometimes snacks can cost even higher than the real foods. Therefore, it is better to buy healthy, authentic, and delicious foods instead of expensive snacks during your trip. Even if the real foods are a bit expensive, it is still worth it than eating snacks that won’t fill up your stomach.
    • Another way to enjoy delicious, satisfying foods within budgets is to choose the right destination. You see, it is relatively easy to find cheap foods with high quality and satisfying taste in Asian countries. However, it is a little bit difficult to find it in Europe or America. If you are planning to take food travel, it is recommended to choose Asian countries first as your destination. There are many ways you can enjoy delicious foods made from fresh produce at low price which can fill up your stomach well.