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    Budgeting for Wedding Vendor in Bali

    Wedding may sound exciting at first. But until you get to the planning part that can drive you nuts, be prepared. Budgeting for every single one of the wedding vendors you’re going to hire can become overwhelming. If you’re not hiring a professional wedding planner then everything is going to be all up to you to organize. So how do you actually budget for a wedding? 

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    Having a budget estimate for wedding vendor in Bali 

    Everything starts with a draft. And so does your wedding vendor budget. First off, you need to talk it out with your partner; how much do you actually have? Then decide how much you’re actually willing to spend on your wedding. If you don’t have a dedicated wedding savings, you’ll be surprised the two are not exactly the same thing. 

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    Do not let yourself fall in love yet!

    And we don’t mean with your partner. We really meant those gorgeous wedding venues and those fancy dresses you’re already browsing in your spare time. Do NOT fall in love with those yet before you actually have a sit down like an adult and have a real talk about numbers

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    Venues are going to cost you a lot. It’s one of the biggest funds you’re going to have to take out your wallet for. The next in line can be your wedding caterers or any of the wedding vendor in Bali that you fancy. This is why setting your priorities is important. Any vendors could take up so much of your budget if you’re not careful with it. So make sure that you have a list of which wedding vendor in Bali you’re actually willing to pay serious money for. 

    Have a style or a theme and stick to it

    Develop a style for your wedding or create a theme together with your spouse-to-be. Creating a theme will put you in a clearer direction on what your wedding would look like. This is best planned with a wedding planner or a professional wedding organizer. Investing on a professional service for it would pay off in the end. 

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    Food is going to cost a lot 

    Catering can easily become the most expensive wedding vendor in Bali compared to other elements of your wedding planning. It’s a huge expense. The only thing that’s going to top off catering is only when you decide to take on a super expensive venue. 

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    How do you save money on wedding caterers? 

    As we’ve established the fact that wedding catering Bali is going to take a huge chunk from your wedding vendor budget, is it possible to cut cost on that part? Since wedding caterers is a serious vendor expense from the start, here’s some of the tips that you can do in order to cut cost: 

    • Remove any venue that does not allow off-site catering and/or require you to purchase a catering service from them. 
    • Reduce the cocktail hours. Alcohol is one expense that will quickly rack up. Either encourage your guests to bring their own booze or make it clear that you’re only going to serve cocktails on a limited time. 
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    Wedding Catering Services in Bali: Things to Consider for the Special Day

    It’s a big day for you and your loved ones—lots of things to plan and prepare—and choosing a wedding catering services is among that potential headache. Choosing the perfect catering is an important piece that makes for a successful wedding reception. Yes, you’re having your special day in the famed Paradise Island, and there are many catering services in Bali that you can choose from. But what are the things you should consider before choosing the best caterer that would help create a memorable event for all who attend?

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    How to choose a wedding catering services in Bali?

    Catering can easily consume over half of your wedding budget. It’s a rather common occurrence that catering takes the biggest expense. This would probably be well taken care of if you chose a wedding venue that include a full-service wedding package that includes taking care of food and beverages. However, this may not be the case for most venues. 

    Here are some of the list of things to help you get started: 

    • Decide what kind of atmosphere do you want your event to have? Is it laid-back and fun? Fancy and formal? These two aren’t necessarily have to be exclusive. 
    • Start browsing for catering near your area. Thankfully, the Paradise Island of Bali has plenty of it. Tip: take a peek at their Instagram account for inspiration and an image of the wedding trend that’s been around. Another platform you should make use of when brainstorming and toking for inspiration is Pinterest and other image boards. 
    • Figuring out your budget. Start listing some of the most basic things like venue, wedding catering, and get detailed from there. 
    • Have a chat with the shortlisted wedding catering services. Ask them for ideas, such as whether buffet or served meals are best for you. 

    Bali catering services: what experience do your caterers have?

    The best catering in Bali would consider what sort of event they’re experienced in, and they will gladly be open with you with this information. If they’re experienced in corporate events but your occasion is something more personal in nature, like anniversaries, then you may want to speak further with your Bali catering company. Consulting the right caterer in Bali for your food and beverage services is extremely important.

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    Although they may not have extensive experience in the type of event you’re hosting, you may be interested in their menu or the style of their service, and thus would like to give the catering service a try. Sometimes you don’t need specific wedding catering services to host a successful occasion. What you need is good communication and a collaborative effort. 

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    Do your best to provide your guests’ needs 

    While you cannot please everyone, and you certainly should never aim to do so, creating the best experience and a lasting impression of your event requires you to meet certain things for your guests. In terms of food, worry less about tastes as you would to meet guests’ dietary needs. A good wedding catering services would not have a problem with this. See to it that your catering company properly label their food. For example: 

    • Label dishes that may contain nuts that may trigger an allergic reaction.
    • The same applies to other potential allergens such as seafood. 

    This is especially important for events that use a buffet setting, as there aren’t that many wait person that would inform and cater to them if they have any dietary prohibition and such. 

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    Catering service that offers sample-tasting 

    Caterers often make food-tasting available depending on the size of your event. Some catering services start from a restaurant establishment, and this isn’t a rare occurrence in Bali as well. Choosing a caterer attached to a restaurant would allow you to taste their food regardless of the size of the event you’re hosting. Ask the person in charge of the catering and ask what menu in the restaurant they have in offer for their catering services.