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    Travel Myths That Should Be Debunked

    There have been so many myths about travel. Many people have fallen for some of them. Travel for every individual can mean differently. For some people, it is a chance to escape from routine. For others, it can be a moment for healing either physically or mentally, or both. Travelling can bring joy. However, it can be exhausting as well. Therefore, travel experience will be different from one person to another.

    Travel Myths That Should Be Debunked

    Debunked travel myths

    One of the most common travel myths is that travel is not for women. However, it is untrue. Travel is for everyone who wants. Even travel for senior citizens is possible as long as precautions are taken. Some places might be riskier for women’ safety but danger can be avoided or prevented by taking necessary precaution before and during the travel. Here are some other travel myths that should be debunked already:

    Travel is easy – Travel in reality is not always easy. There are many factors that can influence how your travel flows. Travel with budget can be more challenging because you have to consider various factors. Also, long travel that takes months can be exhausting if you don’t take thorough preparation. Jet lags, time zones, different weather sometimes can make travel not as easy as it planned. 

    Luxury travel is the best – Staying at five star hotel and enjoy luxury vacation is not everyone’s taste. Some travelers enjoy backpacking and sleeping close to nature. Therefore, luxury travel cannot be said as the best type of travel because again, travel is a matter of personal preference. Some people love luxury trip and some others don’t. You can choose your own travel based on your interest and preference. 

    Everyone can speak English – This is not true because while English is widely spoken language, you can’t just presume everyone speak English. In some places, people are not really fluent speaking English. If you need a way to communicate well with the people living in your travel destinations, you can learn their language instead, at least basic greetings and words. Or, you can also rely on body language and gestures since they are universal language. 

    Street food is a no – Some travelers tend to hunt street food when they arrive in their destination while some others avoid it because they wary of getting sick. Eating street food can be dangerous if you don’t do it with caution. Always look for popular vendor instead of the secluded one. Avoid ready-eating meals. Deep fried foods are mostly safe. Avoid eating street foods that have been under direct sunlight for too long. 

    Guide book is the best travel advice – While it is true that you can use guide books to help you navigate your trip, rely on it entirely is not useful. It is often for guide books to be so outdated. You can choose more efficient alternative such as reading travel blogs, Vlogs, and so on. Choose the one that is the most up to date for more accurate information. 

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    5 Designs Villa Ubud Bali With Private Pool

    Located on a plateau with hilly land contours, its a remote location, and very suitable for calming down. Unfortunately, domestic tourists themselves consider Ubud which is synonymous with rice fields as boring. Ubud is a destination for foreign tourists and the final destination for foreigners to settle down. Foreigners really admire the beauty of Ubud complete with its culture and uniqueness. 80% of tourists who come to Ubud come from Europe to enjoy the atmosphere and experience the life of local people. Villa Ubud Bali is proof that Ubud is not boring. The modern design of the villa with its amenities offers a special charm for tourists.

    Design Villa Ubud Bali With Private Pool

    Ubud private pool villa with 3 cozy bedrooms

    Ubud private villa pool and 3 cozy bedrooms

    This villa is located just 5 minutes from the center of Ubud and close to restaurants and bars. This villa design is dominated by wooden elements so that the residents are closer to nature. The living and dining rooms are semi-outdoor, so you can look directly at the swimming pool. You can also monitor children’s activities while in the swimming pool area.

    semi-outdoor living room, so you can look directly at the swimming pool.

    Private villa with infinity pool

    Private Villa Ubud with infinity pool

    This Ubud Bali villa design makes you want to invest. You really enjoy the natural beauty of Ubud which is calm, cool by looking at the amazing view from the infinity pool. The wood dominates this one villa so it makes you feel cool even in summer. The presence of the Jacuzzi adds to the list of reasons Ubud is no longer boring for domestic and foreign tourists.

    Private Villa Ubud with amazing view

    Modern and beautiful Villa in Tegallalang

    Modern and beautiful Villa in Ubud, Tegallalang

    One of the best private villas in Ubud has a design that brings you investment. If you are a foreigner and want to enjoy living in the Ubud area, this beautiful villa can be an option, leasehold 25 years. The design of this villa is unique and very modern compared to other Ubud Bali villas. The facilities offered are round the clock security, bonfire, spa, gazebo, jacuzzi and of course a private pool.

    Luxury Villa Ubud Bali in Peaceful Area

    Luxury Villa Ubud Bali in Peaceful Area

    This villa is beautifully designed, dominated by wood, surrounded by beautiful forests and rice fields. The villa decoration uses expensive wood with 3 bedrooms, a modern kitchen, a gazebo, an internet, and a private pool. This luxury villa in Ubud Bali can be an attractive choice of residence and investment for foreigners.

    Modern Villa Ubud Bali

    Built in a modern design, this beautiful 4 bedroom villa is suitable for living or investing. Located in the east of Ubud, you can reach the center of Ubud in just 10 minutes by motorbike. This villa offers high comfort, modern kitchen, parking, and a private swimming pool wrapped in a modern design.

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    How to Travel That Cause Positive Impacts to Others

    There are many benefits of travelling such as allowing you to learn variety of new skills, improving your mental and physical and health, and many more. However, is there any way you can travel while giving positive impacts to others?

    Tourism industry plays important role to the economy. A region with steady streams of regular visitors has more opportunity to increase their income that will be beneficial for many, especially for the lives of the locals. However, it is also often that tourism brings pain instead. Many sites are damaged because of unruly travelers. Some of them can be fixed and some can’t.

    How to Travel That Cause Positive Impacts to Others

    How to travel while helping the lives of the others for the better?

    Travelling doesn’t always have to be about booking private islands and having a private party with your friends. It is also not about making stupid dare that not only endanger yourself but also bring negative impacts to the locals. So here are things you can do to travel more responsibly and help the lives of the others for the better:

    Eager to learn more about the local culture

    You can do it by learning more about their language. This way, you can interact more with the locals with less barriers. Your effort to learn their language will be very much appreciated. They will be more welcoming to your visit. Also, at the end of the day, you acquire new language skill that will be useful for you in the future. Being multilingual also open more opportunities for you to grow into amazing individual. 

    Support local business more when you visit a place

    Eating and shopping local will bring you amazing experience during your trip. It is not only satisfying but also helping the lives of the locals. You can visit a family-run diner, farm, or winery. Purchase their fresh produce can help a lot to improve their lives for the better. For you, spending few bucks for their product might not be a problem. But for the locals, it can be such a huge contribution for their economy. 

    Try to learn deeper about the local culture 

    Learning about the local culture helps developing your empathy. Trough travelling, you will be able to see things you’ve never seen before. It can be a valuable life lesson for you. Not only that, having deeper and better understanding of the local culture can also help to create more positive and loving environment. 

    Look for local sustainability projects

    Support sustainability projects that help the locals to improve their lives. For example, you can join a sustainability project for helping local kids to get better education. You can join teaching program during your trip. Or, you can also help a project for women empowerment. By supporting this project, you help local women to learn new skills that will help their lives improved.

    Share it

    Share your experience of visiting places to the world. You can do it by making vlog, YouTube channel, or writing articles and post it on your website. It can help promote the local tourism to receive more visitors. 

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    Explore Highlight Places of Jakarta

    Each part of Jakarta city has its characteristics and unique character. So does the center of Jakarta. The region is famous for its center of government and colonies that have existed since the Dutch colonial era. Who would have thought that a densely populated city dominated by multi-story buildings turns out to have various charming tourist destinations that are worth a visit? Here are some destinations you can visit in Jakarta!

    Taman Ismail Marzuki

    Taman Ismail Marzuki is a tourist place that offers folklore entertainment and shows that are worth the detour. Ismail Marzuki is the name of a famous artist who is proud of Indonesia. When visiting Taman Ismail Marzuki, you will see unique places and buildings that function as performing arts venues. You can also visit the planetarium and educational spots in the library provided by the management.

    Istiqlal Mosque

    One of the places that have become an icon in Jakarta is the Istiqlal Mosque. This religious tourism should have a building of modern architecture and the most glorious in Southeast Asia. Thanks to its splendor, the Istiqlal mosque can accommodate thousands of worshippers. The interior design and ornaments of the mosque are also very astonishing. Even though it is used as a worship place, the Istiqlal Mosque is also open to the public.

    Cathedral Church

    Another object of religious tourism that also deserves a visit is the cathedral church. This religious tourism is located just in front of the Istiqlal mosque. The exterior design is beautiful due to the classical style and some modern touches that characterize the church. This religious tourism object was built under the Dutch government and was initially used as government administration.

    Taman Suropati

    Some people may know that Jakarta has rather hot weather and temperature. This is due to its location by the sea and the lowlands. However, the warm temperatures will disappear immediately when visiting Suropati Park. Since Taman Suropati is a public facility, you don’t need to pay an entrance fee to enter the parking area.

    Culinary visit to Pecenongan

    The next tourist attraction in central Jakarta is Pecenongan. Pecenongan tourism has existed since the 1970s. For tourists coming from outside the region, Pecenongan is the right place to try various local culinary delights. Here you can taste a variety of typical Jakarta dishes or other culinary delights that have been sold there for a long time.

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    What to Pack for Papua Trip

    Papua Trip

    A trip to a special destination as remote as Papua might need to bring certain things on your journey that you had not thought of. Or some items that you don’t need there. Packing for a Papua Trip can be a little bit tricky. The climate of Papua is tropical. It means high temperatures, humidity rates, rainfall, and plenty of sunshine come when we least expect it. When you forget to pack the items you need during your trip, you risk ruining your trip. Here are the packing list ideas for what you should bring to Papua.

    The Essential Papua Trip Packing List

    Shoes: First, you need to bring sandals and hiking boots for this Papua Trip. Hiking boots are recommended if you want to explore the Highlands. Hiking boots will help you avoid cuts or infections, and it would be safe. You can wear sandals in any hotel, restaurant, and on flights.

    Sunscreen: Sun protection is a must-have item for this trip. Sunscreen should always be something you think. It is especially true if you’re on a sunny journey.

    Sunglasses: One of the most important trip accessories you should pack regardless of your destination is sunglasses. The sun is bouncing off the ocean, but so is your eyesight, so remove the glare and stay protected and wear your sunglasses. You will travel more comfortably if you carry sunglasses in your bag!

    Camera: The camera is a must! A small camera is a great solution for Papua Trip since most activities you will take part in are near water. Choose the lightweight camera, and pretty hardy, so you won’t have to worry about damaging it while adventuring.

    Raincoat­ – Raincoat will protect you from getting wet on rainy days because the highlands have periodic rain showers.

    Bottle: Staying hydrated in the Papua heat is a must, so make sure you bring your water bottle.

    Hoodie – You can wear a thin hoodie every morning and evening in the Highlands

    Medication: Check with your healthcare provider and talk to a travel nurse about all the vaccines that are mandatory requirements that are needed for the trip. If you have any specific disease, make sure to bring any personal medications you might need during the journey.

    Money: Don’t forget to bring enough cash for the whole holiday if you don’t find an ATM there.

    Swimsuit: Bring your swimsuit, no bikinis out of respect for the locals. The swimsuit is usually the go-to top of this island trip.

    The backpack is always a good choice to bring a separate, smaller bag for daytime use while traveling. In Papua, you must have a backpack that can hold all of your items that you’ll be carrying with you (sunscreen, medication, swimsuit, etc.)

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    Colorful Tourist Destinations in San Francisco

    San Francisco is just one of the cities that make up the entire San Francisco Bay Area. San Francisco’s neighbors Oakland and Berkeley, east of the Bay Bridge, in Marin County north of the Golden Gate Bridge and on the peninsula south of the city, are all part of separate counties, each with its own government and transit systems. San Francisco is a victim of crime in some downtown areas such as Tenderloin, Mid Market, 6th Street, Soma and Western Addition. The southeast part of the city is also a victim of violent crime. Visitors should be aware of their surroundings when walking late at night near some downtown hotels. San Francisco also has a high death rate among pedestrians and cyclists. This city is also overrun with colorful and popular destinations to visit.

    Fisherman’s Wharf

    On the north coast, Fisherman’s Wharf is one of the liveliest tourist areas in the city. Souvenir stores and stalls selling crab and clam soup served in a bread bowl appear at every turn, and the views of the bay, the Golden Gate and Alcatraz Island are postcard-worthy. It is possible to see a sea lion colony and visit historic ships. In Ghirardelli Square, stores and restaurants are located in the famous old chocolate factory. Here you can visit the arcade of the Mechanical Museum with its charming building, the National Maritime Historical Park, where you can watch ancient sailing ships and submarines USS Pampanito. At Pier 39, visit the California Sea Lions. Here you can go shopping and try a rotating comedy.

    Barbary Coast

    The Barbary Coast was once one of San Francisco’s famous gambling and prostitution sites. However, this period has been slightly reduced, the Barbary Coast is located near Jackson Square, North Beach and Chinatow. On the Barbary Coast, you can enjoy many historical sites such as the City Lights Bookstore, the Vesuvio Cafe, Saints Peter and Paul Church (the places where Joe DiMaggio and Marilyn Monroe were photographed in 1954 after their wedding at City Hall).


    Chinatown is one of the oldest and most established Chinatowns in the United States. Beyond the iconic Dragon’s Gate, many lively streets and alleys are lined with traditional restaurants and dim sum establishments. They also include herbalists, bakeries, souvenir stores, dark cocktail lounges and karaoke bars. The area also includes richly decorated temples, including the famous Tin How and the Chinese Historical Society of America Museum. San Francisco Chinatown is centered on Grant and Stockton Routes, there are actually four different Chinese environments in this city. And San Francisco itself is the oldest and largest Chinese immigrant city in Asia.

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    The Top 5 Prewedding Spot on Komodo Tour

    Komodo Tour

    As one of the fantastic places on this planet, the island of Komodo offers plenty of excellent attractions, such as natural and cultural attractions. Komodo island is the idyllic destination for those who dream of having the perfect backdrop to capturing the most precious moments of life. Nowadays, many travelers have made the Komodo Tour bring their prewedding dream into reality. There are many best places in Komodo with beautiful panorama. It is great to plan for wedding photography. It starts with Komodo’s fantastic natural scenery, the mountains, hills, and the fantastic beach. Let’s scroll below and pick your prewedding spots right away!

    Padar Island for Exotic Picture

    Komodo Tour

    Padar Island is a beautiful location pity if used for prewedding photography in Komodo Island. The best thing about Padar Island is its natural scenery. It becomes a perfect location for a photoshoot. The view of the blue sea and the surrounding small islands are just breathtaking and perfect. The best time to take a photo at the time of sunrise. You will see ab exceptional beautiful sunrise like no other! The sky will be a perfect and theatrical moment in capture with a camera.

    Komodo Tour to Magnificent Pink Beach

    What better spot to be than strolling along the amazing pink beaches with your lover? Pink Beach is a perfect place for a photoshoot. The site is still beautiful and natural, with a great view above and below the sea. The highlight and the most exciting part of this beach is the color of the sand. It has pink, almost red sand, making for a unique location for a prewedding shoot. 

    Wae Rebo

    Wae Rebo is one of the fantastic destinations on the Komodo Tour. This traditional village is surrounded by panoramic mountains and the dense Todo forest. You’ve probably never thought of taking your prewedding pictures in the small town, and though it sounds like an old-fashioned choice, you won’t regret it! Prewedding in Wae Rebo could be one option to capture your memorable moment during a prewedding. 

    Kelimutu Crater Must be Included in The Komodo Tour

    Kelimutu Crater is also no less beautiful than other areas in Komodo. It’s famous for the different colors of lakes sitting inside its crater. Surrounded by different colors of lakes formations, this wild and daring scenery makes for an incredible photoshoot location, separate from your usual beach scenery. You can visit this place early in time to watch the sunrise over the lakes and the mountains beyond.

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    Spider Web Field

    Spider Web Field is located in Cancar Village, Manggarai Regency, East Nusa Tenggara. This spot is in the form of rice fields. But, in Indonesia, mostly rice fields with terraces shaped terraces. Just as the location name, Spider Web are rice fields whose patterns are shaped like spider webs. You can explore the beautiful panorama of the rice fields surrounded by green hills. This spot makes the perfect backdrop to a prewedding photoshoot!

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    Swaps and Changes to Pack Lights

    Travelling means you need to be prepared with everything you are going to need. Packing is one of the important things to pay attention to because it has everything you need for smooth and comfortable travel, whether it is for long or short trip. Almost every travel experts or seasoned travelers always suggest you to pack light. It is considered best to do because it brings benefits for travelers. However, it is not easy to do and for some travelers, it is one of the most challenging things.

    Packing light hacks

    Travelling light doesn’t mean you have to cut many things especially the ones considered essentials for you. You need to swaps and changes this and that so you get to pack light and travel more comfortably. Packing light has many benefits such as no excess baggage fees, no need to give large tips to porters, no airport trolley fees, make preparation easy and quick, makes multi-destinations trips without so much hassles, and avoid bodily injure due to moving heavy weight.

    Therefore, packing light is not only to save money but also to make your trip easier to do. Also, your body won’t take a toll because moving or carrying such a huge weight throughout the trip. There are many ways you can swap and change to pack light for your trip, such as:

    Always start with small suitcase instead of the big one. If you are currently looking for suitcase, it is recommended to do it more thoroughly. Some important factors to consider when buying suitcase include weight and sturdiness. Choose lightweight suitcase that is also sturdy and durable.

    To make packing process easier, do not rely on what you go through things. Instead, use a packing list and follow it religiously. It helps you to be more organized. Also, it reduces the chance of you forgetting things.

    It is even better if you have compression packing cubes because it can be used to pack your clothes without taking too much space in your suitcase. The con is, it may add the weight to your suitcase even if the space is saved.

    You may need to pack few pairs of shoes for your trip. It is recommended to not use bulky covers. It is needed to cover your shoes so the soles won’t stain your clothes. To do so, you can use shower cap instead. It still delivers the same function.

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    Birthday Celebration with Luxury Liveaboard Indonesia

    Luxury Liveaboard Indonesia

    Do you get excited about your birthday celebration? Birthdays are a special time and a big reason to celebrate. It only comes once a year. Birthdays are celebrated with cake, gifts, special activities with favorite people. So, what is a unique way to celebrate your birthday? A unique way to refer to your birthday is to celebrate on the Luxury liveaboard Indonesia at Raja Ampat. Birthday cruises are a great way to celebrate with the ones you love. You can enjoy your day by waking up to see the beautiful sunrise with the sound of waves. Sounds good, isn’t it? Raja Ampat is considered the heart of the coral triangle due to its richness in marine biodiversity. With all the spectacular wonder beyond its waters, this is indeed the place where beautiful, magnificent, and fascinating words get its true physical meaning. Here are some tips for the birthday idea at sea in honor of your birthday.

    Bring your gang

    There is nothing more fun than celebrating your special day with your best friend and family. Birthdays with luxury liveaboard Indonesia can turn into a memorable and unique party. A liveaboard will give you an unrivaled experience. A perfect morning to watch the sunrise from the depth of the ocean while drinking a cup of hot coffee. Delicious breakfast on board while enjoying the serenity landscape and dancing all night with the ones you love on a cruise birthday party.

    Dress up your luxury liveaboard Indonesia cabin

    Decorating a birthday room is a lot of fun. Once you have booked your luxury liveaboard Indonesia, tell the crew that you celebrate a birthday and request birthday decor for your cabin.  Hang streamers on your cabin door. Order some balloons, bubbles, and confetti and add some sparkle to your room to the liveaboard crew. Don’t forget to request beautiful roses to make your day more memorable.

    Birthday Dinner at Luxury Liveaboard Indonesia

    It is an excellent idea to celebrate your birthday with a fabulous dinner with your gang. The moments spent around the dinner table are always exciting ones, and you can enjoy the delicious food, the sound of the water, the beauty of the sea at night. Don’t forget to wear your birthday matches outfit with your gang and order a birthday cake. No birthday celebration would be complete without a cake, blow the candle and make a wish too!

    Night Entertainment

    When you celebrate your birthday with your gang, it wouldn’t be a party without a night entertainment. At night time, you celebrate your birthday party by dancing and singing on the boat. Grab some drinks and enjoy every moment with your best friend. Don’t forget to capture every moment.

    Group Activities

    Another unique aspect of having a birthday on a liveaboard is you can enjoy all the fun experiences. A liveaboard offers various diving activities, snorkeling, exploring a beautiful place, and spa day on the boat. Make your birthday truly unforgettable with fun activities with your group. Be sure to enjoy and relax!

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    Komodo Island Scuba Diving; 5 Reason to Make It this Holiday

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    Komodo Island Scuba Diving; 5 Reason to Make It this Holiday

    Komodo Island Scuba Diving; 5 Reason to Scuba Dive in Komodo Island for Holiday

    Komodo Island was listed as the one of the New seven Wonders of Nature in the world. Komodo Island is famous for its unique natural beauty and fauna. The island is notable as the habitat of the Komodo dragon, which is considered the world’s largest living lizard. Not only that, Komodo Island is one of the best scuba dive sites on this planet. Today, Komodo Island is well known one of the richest marine environments. Scuba diving is an exciting and fun experiences because you can explore the rest part of the world. At Komodo, there are variety of fish, millions of reef fish of all size and colors. The highlights for the diver are being able to see amazing things like blue ringed octopus, sea horse, crocodile fish and more. Very fun and interesting holiday isn’t it? So, why you need to have a vacation for scuba diving in Komodo Island?

    Explore a Whole Different of The World in Komodo Island

    Komodo Island Scuba Diving allows us to see more of the world. There are currently around 1.000 species of fishes discovered in the ocean at Komodo Island, 260 types of corals and 70 species of sponges. Discovering the underwater world is truly amazing journey to fill your heart and get you into the joy of diving. 

    A Place for Healing

    When you dive into an underwater, you are welcomed to filled with colour, life and beauty. Komodo Island Scuba Diving is a great way to get away and let go of your land stresses. Morever having a calm mind helps achieving a positive energy and reduces the feelings of depression and you would able to feel quiet and peace. 

    Scuba diving Adventures in Komodo Island

    Adventure Komodo Island Scuba Diving

    Another reason why Komodo Island Scuba Diving is so much interested is the adventure. Being able to interact underwater and swim with the marine creatures is an adventure you will never forget instead of standing in front of aquariums. 

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    Learn a New Skill

    Wonderful way to combine amazing holiday with developing your new skill is learn something new like scuba diving. During scuba diving, you will learn about physics and equipment and also about environmental underwater.

    Scuba Diving in Komodo Island is Great to Make a New Connection 

    Scube diving is a great way to meet new people with the same passion. You will able to connect with new people from all over the world. People who are interested in scuba diving can be fun and attractive.

    If you are looking for an adventure you have to try scuba diving. There is no better way to explore Komodo Island than scuba diving! Scuba diving is amazing things you should give a try at least once in a lifetime.