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    Most Recommended Romantic Destinations in Indonesia

    kamandalu resort in ubud
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    Indonesia is such a versatile travel destination. You can have adventurous travel experience, romantic getaway, leisure stroll, or trips full of parties. Indonesia is endless when it comes to travel destinations since it has one of the largest archipelago. There are many islands you can hop and many interesting attractions to visit. If you are looking for romantic trip, Indonesia has many recommendations for you. Here are several of them  you can consider to put into your bucket list:

    Nihiwatu, Sumba

    Nihiwatu is located in Hobawawi village, Wanukaka, East Nusa Tenggara. This is a resort full of luxury and comforts. Blended with the charms of local cultural elements, this resort is a perfect place for romantic stay with your partner. This resort offer three house room overlooking beautiful scenery of the Indian Ocean. You can also enjoy separate accommodation with private pools with Nihi beach its backdrop. You can even join a social activity with the locals. 

    Kamandalu, Ubud

    Kamandalu is located in Ubud, Bali, one of the most popular travel destinations in Indonesia. This resort is such a perfect place for you to enjoy romantic getaway with your loved one. The concept of this resort incorporates traditional village with luxury accommodation. With natural landscape as its backdrop, this place offers such a peaceful and serene ambience. This place is surrounded by lush greenery and rice field terraces. 

    Pink Beach, Komodo Island

    There is only a few of pink beach around the world and one of them located in Komodo Island. Stunning beach with pretty pink sand have drawn so many attention especially from romance seekers. The pink color is actually caused by the red coral reefs mixed with white calcium carbonate. You will find no life here since it is uninhibited. This place offers such intimacy and privacy you need for perfect romantic getaway. 

    Lengkuas Island, Bangka Belitung

    Lengkuas island is located in the north part of Tanjung Kelayang Beach. It is considered one of the smallest island in Bangka Belitung province. One of the most iconic things about this place is its old lighthouse, a inheritance of the Dutch colonialism. During your romantic getaway in this place, you can find vibrant coral reef with narrow seawater. This place is very much secluded so there are no convenience store or restaurants. You’d better pack your own foods prior to a visit so you have something to munch on while enjoying your time here. 

    Raja Ampat

    This is a destination loved by not only local visitors but also international ones. This is where you get to explore rich biodiversity. Raja Ampat is situated off the northwest tip of Bird’s Head Peninsula on the island of New Guinea, Indonesia. This place is famous for its raw and rugged beauty. It feels like untouchable place to visit. You get to see exotic birds above the ground. Meanwhile, you get to observe vibrant marine life below sea level. This magnificent paradise is truly a perfect place to spend your romantic vacation during summer. 

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    Activities to do in the best family resort in Nusa Dua

    Nusa dua is filled with many resort that can surely provide you with a good time during your vacation. But not all of them have many facilities that are good for kids. Here are the kinds of facilities thats included in when you stay in one of the best family resort in Nusa Dua.

    A room for the whole family

    room full of kids decoration
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    Did you know, in some of the resort, kids can stay for free without additional charges. With colorfully themed family rooms and suites, which have exciting facilities for kids, will appeal to younger travelers in particular. The room they provide also have a special facilities for the little one, like their own tv and sometimes they have a game console inside the kids room. 

    Meals that the kids will surely like

    delicious burger from the kids menu
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    Beside free charge for the kid stay, some of the best resort in Nusa Dua also give free meals for kids either from the kids menu or the buffet. Of course they should be accompanied by their parents. This would make it easier for parents that were afraid if their kids can also enjoy new kinds of food that maybe have a different taste than what they used to.


    Kids club where the kids can learn and play

    Some resort also have a kids club where kids can play with other kids at the same age and make new friends when their on vacation. Sometimes, theres a Kid’s Club Team that arranged a schedule of indoor and outdoor activities for the Kids Club. Some kids club may be a parent free zone, but usually they have open space so you can safely monitor your kids.

    Tumbling Bucket in the kids pool

    If you’re lucky you can even found a resort that have a mini waterpark or a kids pool. That would enhance the experience of the kids by a lot. They can swim and enjoy fountain, waterslide and play with the tumbling water bucket at the top. Compared to just a pool without any attraction it would be a great experience for the little one.

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    Enjoy thrilling water sport

    If you’re staying at a family resort in Nusa Dua, one of the best acivity is to try the watersport. You can enjoy the view of the coast while enjoying many water rides. There are many kinds of water sport like jetski, speedboat, banana boat, flying fish, or even parasailing. Most of these activities can be done with your kids, you can even consult the personnel if you want to be sure. If you’re not a fan of adrenaline rush, you can also ride a glass bottom to see the view under the sea, or do a walk under the sea with the fishes.

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    How To Stay Organized During A Trip

    It is challenging to travel around the world with a suitcase full of essentials you need to survive. The real challenge is to keep everything organized. For some travelers, staying organized during a trip can cause extreme anxiety. Meanwhile, it might not be something to be worried about for some travelers. Sometimes, it is also about how many items you bring for the trip. The more items you put into your bag may require more effort to organize them all. 

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    Keep everything organized when travel

    The benefit of staying organized during a trip is that you won’t have to worry about losing things because you know everything is in the right place. You don’t have to take out of all the items in your bag just to search for passport. Keeping everything organized when travelling is not impossible with these useful tips:

    Make a packing list ahead of time

    Before putting anything into your luggage, make a packing list so you know what items you pack. Packing list will help you find out if there is items left or lost when you have to pack everything back before returning home. There is downloadable packing list available online you can use to help you make perfect packing list. 

    Use packing organizers

    If you have difficulty to arrange your packing, use organizers such as packing cubes, known for their saving spaces, time, and sanity. Having several of packing cubes will help you to organize everything easier and you will find any items as easy. You may separate different categories of items into separate cubes. For example, one cube is for toiletries, one cube is for clothes, one cube is for medications, etc. 

    Keep your documents organized

    You don’t want to dig into your suitcase to find the travel documents you need. Hence, make sure to also organize you travel documents properly since there is also a risk of losing them or having them damaged throughout the trip. You may consider using index card to keep your documents safe. Also, have backup data that you can save online on Google Drive or Clouds. 

    To unpack or not to unpack

    If you are unsure whether to unpack or not once you arrive at your destination, consider the length of your trip. For example, you can live out of your suitcase if it is a short trip and you have everything organized in separate cubes. However, it is more recommended to unpack and organize your belongings to reduce travel stress. It also helps you to feel more at home. 

    Consider using the safe provided

    If you bring important items such as car keys, gadgets, jewelry, etc, you may consider using the safe provided by the accommodation you stay at. If the room has a safe for this purpose, you can use it so you know where to find those items that are easily forgotten. Even if you are in the room, keep those items in the same place to prevent you from scrambling around trying to find where they are. 

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    Cenderawasih Bay, where whale sharks gather with the fishermen

    Cenderawasih Bay, here on the east coast of West Papua, Indonesia, is the next frontier in distant Indonesian diving offering whale shark as the main attraction. Whereas Raja Ampat in West Papua, is still considered a remote location by many, Cenderawasih Bay is much more off the track. Diving is only allowed here for five months a year, thus the dive spots are relatively unspoiled and untouched.

    Cenderawasih Bay offers clean, serene waters and a diverse range of diving opportunities, including encounters with whale sharks and marine animals, outstanding macro, and some noteworthy Japanese WWII wrecks. Expect spectacular cliffs with extensive sponge life and schooling fish on the outer archipelagos, while numerous and healthy reefs could be found throughout the area’s 18 islands.

    whale shark gathering in bagan for food.
    source : terumbukarang.kompas.id

    How to go to Cenderawasih Bay

    Access to Cenderawasih Bay is limited only to liveaboards, so the only way to go there is by a liveaboard cruise. Liveaboard cruise usually start from Manokwari so you need to make a domestic flight from international airport to Manokwari. Cruises usually only go there when the weather is good, which is at around July to October when the water is clear and calm. Still, expect some rain in your journey cause rain can happen anytime.

    What you can do in Cenderawasih Bay

    Source : www.yourcupofseas.com

    In Cenderawasih Bay, the main attraction is swimming with the whale shark. But if you’re not into swimming, you can also view them from above the water. The whale shark came to the bagan by themself to get some fish from the fishermen. And the fishermen would hand feed some puri fish to the whale shark for good luck. You can also dive into the action and feed them yourself, by paying a sum of fee to the fishermen. If you’re lucky you can meet a school of whale shark when you visit there. The whale shark come to these area all year long. Unlike in other places where they can only be found at a certain time.

    You can also meet another animal beside whale shark. You can also spot another smaller creatures like dolphins and turtles decorated with colorful corals and fishes. There are also tiny seahorse called pygmy seahorse filled with little spots on its body.

    A collection of haunting WWII-era shipwrecks surrounding Manokwari and Biak depict West Papua’s stormy past. The Shinwa Maru, the most impressive of the wrecks, is located in 30 meters of water. The wreck can be viewed by less experienced divers, but only suitably trained divers should attempt to enter the wreck. More difficult wreck diving sites is available in these seas, with numerous sites well exceeding recreational diving restrictions. You’ll have plenty of time to tour Cenderawasih’s lesser-known local landmarks when you’re not diving the wrecks. Shallow, light-filled coral gardens, muck diving-friendly slopes, and infinite mangrove-studded coastal spots await.

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    Recommended Destinations For More Adventurous Honeymoon

    Most couples choose honeymoon destination with cool or cosy atmosphere where they can spend their time leisurely. However, it seems that the trend has been changed in the pats few years. Many young couples nowadays ditch those destination and opt for more adventurous honeymoon destination. Also, they choose outdoor activities more where they can fully explore the places and get the best experience together. 

    Honeymoon trip with adventurous destinations

    There is no rule on how you should spend your honeymoon. You may choose to stay at hotel and cozily enjoy your time as couple. Or, you can explore more places and do something you both like even if it requires you to go to exotic or slightly dangerous places. And here are perfect destinations for couples:


    This is one of the most desired destinations in the world. You won’t be running out of travel idea when you choose this place as your travel destination, especially when you do it with your partner. Aside from the striking Northern Lights that have been very popular and become the highlight of the tour, Iceland has many other things to offer. You can scuba dive in the fault line between tectonic plates, caves, trek through lava fields, and black as desert. You can also hike through glaciers if you feel like it. Accommodation is not a problem here since there are many resorts and hotels to welcome you.

    Galapagos Island

    This place has become more popular in these recent years. The main factor of it is the wildlife. This island has many things to offer. You can go kayaking along with sea animals such as sea-lions. Or, you can swim around the island with Galapagos penguins. Other fun things you can do include seeking out massive tortoise and marine iguanas. For more interesting vacation, you may be interested to stay in hotels located in an extinct volcano crater. This romantic, adventurous getaway with your partner will be memorable. 


    Feeling more adventurous, you may consider spending your vacation with your partner in Paracas, Peru. You can enjoy so many adventurous activities that drive your adrenaline such as sand boarding, boating through Ballesta island to seek out marine wildlife, driving through majestic sand dunes, or visiting the Nazca Line geoglyphs, one of the most important archaeological heritage sites. This site was built around 200 BC. It is a very important site so while you can visit it, make sure to not do anything that can cause any damage. Also, make sure to leave no trace behind. This responsible way of travel allows more people to get the chance to visit it.


    Belize is also highly recommended for couples who want their vacation to be more adventurous. Located in Central America, Belize is blessed with stunning waterfalls and majestic jungles. You can trek through the jungles and enjoy what the real nature view is like. If you feeling bold, take your partner to glide down a river through an underground labyrinth of caves. In this place, you will also able to explore old Mayan temples.

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    Komodo Cruise Boat Tour & How To Choose The Perfect One

    Are you considering a trip to Indonesia and are undecided about which island to visit? It’s understandable given Indonesia’s 15,000 islands, but if you want to see Komodo dragons, swim with manta rays, and sleep aboard a ship beneath the stars, there’s no better spot to go than Komodo Island, in Flores, Indonesia. The comfort and safety of the Komodo cruise boat tour must meet your standards.

    Komodo Cruise Boat Tour & How To Choose The Perfect One

    Best time to do Komodo cruise boat tour

    The dry season, which runs from April to December, is the greatest time to visit Komodo Island since the sea is calmer, the weather is more comfortable, and there is little to no rain. The chances of seeing manta rays aren’t as good as they are during the wet season, but you can see them at Manta Point all year. In early August, we saw three near Manta Point.

    Komodo liveaboard

    One of the most popular highlights of cruising Indonesia is a Komodo cruise boat tour. Photographers, scuba divers, hikers, and beach strollers will love the breathtaking scenery. In a realm where time has forgotten, meet the last dragons on the planet. A private boat charter gives you the flexibility to customize the itinerary and activities to your liking. Komodo charters are customized to your group’s style, budget, and timetable, and are appropriate for both adults and children.

    The legendary Dragons on Rinca or Komodo Island, the only sites in the world where you can meet this prehistoric predator, the most popular highlight of a Komodo boat charter. Aside from the reptiles, the islands near Komodo provide a plethora of diving and snorkeling opportunities. Large pelagic fish, as well as dugongs and whales, are frequently seen.

    Manta Rays may be found on practically every one of the Komodo cruise boat tours. If you enjoy land-based activities, you will not be disappointed. Enjoy panoramic views over the Island Archipelago from Komodo’s most spectacular peak viewpoints. The most popular observation point is Padar Island, however, there are many other impressive peaks to climb.

    It’s crucial to understand the sort of boat being utilized because it will give you an idea of the amenities, the number of people, cabin style, and the size of the boat you’ll be traveling and sleeping on. Air conditioning in the cabin is a pleasant bonus for the visit to Komodo National Park! Because the room is so small, having some air circulation is essential. Even when the windows are open, the breeze does not always get in. Choose your private boat charter wisely and smartly!

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    Snorkelling Destinations in Bali You Won’t Regret Visiting

    One of the most recommended things to do when visiting Bali is to have adventure in the water. There are so many beautiful beaches in Bali where you can do your favorite activities including snorkelling. There are plenty of places accessible for snorkelling in Bali which also provide natural wave barriers suitable for snorkelling. Beach holiday experience in Bali is highly recommended, and here are some of the best recommendations of places for snorkelling during your visit to Bali:

    Snorkelling Destinations in Bali You Won’t Regret Visiting

    Nusa Lembongan

    This is one of the most recommended places for snorkelling especially if you want to be in more tranquil area and less crowded. Nusa Lembongan is about forty minute boat transfer southeast from Sanur Beach and Benoa Harbor. The water here is relatively calm which is great for snorkelling around. This place is also a tending field of local fisherman and seaweed farmers, along with its sister island, Ceningan. During high tide, the beaches here get no deeper than a meter with clear visibility. Hence, it is considered very safe for snorkelers even the beginners. 

    Amed and Tulamben 

    There are many interesting sites in this area where you can snorkel freely. Amed especially has immense spread of coral reefs. There is also Banyuning, which is a site where Japanese shipwreck located. It has become home to tropical fish, reef sharks and napoleon wrasses. There is also Tulamben, where the USAT Liberty wreck offers the main attraction snorkelers can enjoy. 

    Nusa Dua

    Nusa Dua is home to exclusive resorts so the areas tend to be more private and calm. The beaches are considerably quiet and well kept because of the lack of crowd. The waters are also calm which is why this place is perfect for snorkelling. The water is calm due to the long-stretching Nusa Dua reef that breaks the big swells surged from the open sea. The most favorite spot for snorkelling is a bay with blue water. Or, you can also go further south to Greger Beach and enjoy natural blue pool surrounded by white sand. 


    Padangbai offers interesting areas where you can go diving and snorkelling. It is the quiet east coast retreat of Candidasa that where you can find best spots for snorkelling included Bias Tugel, Blue Lagon, and Padangbai itself. You can snorkel in Jepun, located within Blue Lagoon, that features white sand bottom and artificial coral garden. You can see amazing marine life while snorkelling around various sites. However, be careful of the possible strong currents in some areas. It is recommended to visit these snorkeling sites during dry season which falls between may and September. 

    Menjangan Island and Pemuteran

    This is where you can find tranquil seascape and perfect site for snorkeling. Menjangan Island offers coasts featuring shallow waters and great visibility. You can enjoy the thriving coral garden along with tropical marine habitats. You can also go 3km east and find Pemuteran, which is another snorkeling hot spot. It is where you can also see a bio-rock coral reef project as well as pearl farms.

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    Asmat Papua & Destinations You Must Visit

    Asmat Papua is diverse, from its attractive and beautiful places to its culinary delights. This type of tourist attraction in the district which is very famous for its carvings can be grouped into three types, namely natural, cultural and social tourism. However, some people still don’t know what places to visit in Asmat Regency. The district, which is located in Papua Province, with its natural beauty and cultural charm makes Asmat the target of tourists and foreign tourists.

    Asmat Papua & Destinations You Must Visit

    What interesting places in Asmat Papua should you visit?

    Agats City, Free Air Pollution Motorbike

    The capital city of Asmat Regency is a city known as the city above the mud. There are no roads in this swampy area with many rivers, all using bridges. Uniquely, you will find it difficult to find a motorized vehicle here. Agats residents use electric-powered motorbikes which are guaranteed to be free of air pollution. In addition, there are many interesting places that can be found in Agats.

    Asmat Culture and Crafts Museum

    This museum is located in Agats City with a unique shape. The Asmat Museum stores various art and original works of the Asmat tribe that you must know. If you visit, you will know more about the history of culture that has never faded from time to time. If you want to visit this place, it is recommended during the Asmat Cultural Festival.

    Tiga Island

    The attraction of Pulau Tiga lies in the friendliness of the people who live there. This island is also the boundary between Asmat Regency and Mimika Regency, precisely in Joerat District. The means of transportation to visit this island in the form of boats or ships.

    Rawa Baki

    The tourist attraction in Asmat that is no less beautiful is in Rawa Baki, Sirets District. For tourists who want to visit, the location is in a protected forest area. Here there are various types of biodiversity, including rare species. There is no doubt about the cool air in this place because this place is almost surrounded by beautiful green trees. You can enjoy the pleasant atmosphere of the swamp.

    Asmat Cultural Festival

    The Asmat Cultural Festival, which is open to the public, is always crowded with tourists. This annual cultural festival has been held since 1981. This activity carried out in Agats City is a form of appreciation for the local community. During the party, many more exciting activities can be witnessed, such as carving exhibitions, various competitions, food festivals and others. In addition, you can also get to know Asmat culture better. If you want to know more about Asmat culture, you must join this festival.

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    Kid-Friendly Destinations Worth Travelling For

    Planning a trip with your kids can be a hassle. It is not because your kids are too young to travel or too spoiled. Sometimes, it is because it is hard to find suitable destinations where your kids can have adventure, history, and culture while staying safe and having fun. It is highly recommended that you plan the trip thoroughly and consider many factors especially their safety and comfort. 

    Kid-friendly destinations to consider

    Keep in mind that travel today can be a little bit more complicated since you have to make sure the situation with the pandemic is already contained. However, you can use our recommendations to plan ahead ahead of your next bucket-list adventure with your family. And here are some of recommended kid-friendly destinations your kids will love:


    The Sphinx of Giza next to the Pyramids in the desert, Egypt.

    Egypt is popular travel destinations for any kind of travelers including kids. This palce is very rich in culture, history, and art that you can elarn more about. Plan a trip to Egypt with your kids to visit the Great Pyramids, have a train travel to Aswan, as well as fun trip to Luxor and the Valley of Kings. Your kids will be delightful to have those adventure that are full of colors and vibrancy of the ornate subterranean tombs at the Valley of Kings. Let them be amazed of the mummy of King Tut that they may have learned from school. It may also inspire them to explore more history for years to come. 


    This exotic palce is not only for couples or lovers. This palce is also kid-friendly especially Quito. Make sure to let your kids explore the Galapagos Islands that are full of history and ancient cultures. Your kids will also elarn a lot more about water conservation and cacao production. Let your kids’ taste buds experience new things such as roasted grubs that taste like bacon. This place is easy to access and there are many fun things you can do with your kids. Even the sunset here is worth travelling for. 


    One of the most recommended kid-friendly destinations in Fiji is The Great Astrolabe Reef. Take your kids to explore it and find variety of bright corals in pink, purple, blue, and red. Let them see it with their own eyes how beautiful the underwater wildflower garden is. Let them learn how to appreciate marine ecosystem and experience natural wonders through fun adventures. Also, there is Coral Restoration Project you can introduce to your kids.You can stay at Kokomo Private Island resort to rest after having fun with your adventures with your kids. 


    Patagonia is located in Chile and has one of the most recommended kid-friendly destinations, Torres del Paine. It is quite long and difficult trek to hike but still achievable. During the hike, you can take your kids to observe wildlife such as pumes, foxes, and fellow travelers or backpackers alike. From the top you will get to see stunning view of sparkling blue-green lake leaving you with a sense of memorable accomplishment to remember together.

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    Dunia Baru Cruise, Papua Liveaboard Exploring Jewel of Indonesia

    Papua’s nature is like a beautiful painting with blue skies, beautiful coral reefs, or dolphins. Papua is like a real-life paradise on earth. Papua’s natural description is real and not a dream. Papua Raja Ampat has been widely known as a gold mine for adventurous enthusiasts, a paradise for domestic and foreign divers. And Papua liveaboard is one way to prove and enjoy the pearls at the tip of Papua.

    Papua Liveaboard From Sorong 

    Cendrawasih Raja Ampat - Papua liveaboard

    Usually, tourists have to go to Sorong first before exploring Papua. Papua liveaboard takes you to explore all tourist spots or dive spots. Raja Ampat has 4 main islands, Waigeo Island, Batanta, Salawati and Misool Island. You need to know, these 4 large islands are the starting point for the distribution of the entire population of Raja Ampat, most of whom work as fishermen. 

    The underwater wealth of Raja Ampat is not the only magnet for tourists. Many interesting things on the surface of the ocean such as beaches with stunning white sand. Papua liveaboard takes you to many places such as Piaynemo, Wayag island, or Sawinggrai village to see Cenderawasih more closely. 

    The decision to join the Papua liveaboard, not only brings you to see a natural wealth but also the unique culture and arts. Arborek Village, as a tourist village, has many arts ranging from traditional dances to pandanus leaf weaving. 

    Luxury Dunia Baru Liveaboard

    Raja Ampat is a world-famous tourist destination, it’s just that access is still limited and to achieve it requires no small amount of money. Raja Ampat always improves itself by providing adequate facilities, from lodging to resorts. But you don’t have to worry about lodging, considering the luxury New World liveaboard, bringing five-star hotel facilities on board. 

    Luxury Dunia Baru Liveaboard

    The cabin is complete with an air conditioner, bathroom, and hot water. The pleasure facilities available are also unmitigated. You can use snorkeling and diving equipment, paddleboards, water ski sets, fishing gear to sea kayaks. 

    Papua tour does offer a unique and memorable sailing adventure. You can enjoy the sunset and sunrise from the boat deck. Romantic dinner while enjoying the beauty of the moon and the scenery along the way. 

    The Dunia Baru liveaboard is a bridge for tourists to enjoy the underwater world and the unlimited views of Papua. Learning about Raja Ampat seems endless and this is what makes this archipelago so successful until now. Raja Ampat is like a sacred place and a kingdom that must be protected from damage and destruction.