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    Enjoy Your Vacation in Natural & Luxury Concrete Villa Bali

    Due to the lack of brick or a timber frame, concrete villas are regarded as being out of the ordinary. Some individuals might consider them to be unattractive and less aesthetically pleasant than a brick house. But architects and designers have made sure that a contemporary concrete villa can nevertheless appear beautiful. 

    Enjoy Your Vacation in Natural & Luxury Concrete Villa Bali

    Concrete villa construction pros and cons

    Because they are stronger than poured concrete, concrete blocks are ideal for foundations and basement walls. Concrete blocks can be used to quickly build partition walls in any home, and their cores or voids can be filled with steel reinforcing rods and concrete for added strength. As a result, this can save time. Furthermore, acoustic concrete is advantageous because it is virtually soundproof. Concrete blocks also provide insulation against cold and heat, potentially lowering a home’s energy consumption.

    Villa development in Bali is usually located on rice fields with moving land contours. For the quality of buildings in paddy fields, concrete building is the best way for building quality in the long term. When most people think of a concrete villa, the first thing that comes to mind is probably how they look. Although a concrete structure may appear commercial, it is possible to create something visually appealing.

    Tourist comfort during holidays is important in business. An attractive and artistic villa design will be very supportive and an attraction for villa owners to get as many reservations as possible. Design services are very important to make a concrete villa look beautiful.

    The concept of a green environment will be very appropriate to be applied to concrete villas to provide guests comfort. As well as being able to save energy, concrete homes are also fire-resistant. If in the unfortunate event that a fire spreads throughout the home. There is much less chance of extensive damage than there might be in a home built by other methods.

    The advantages of the concrete green villa concept

    Concrete is now widely regarded as a sustainable and environmentally friendly building material. However, some of the reasons for the increased demand from property owners are not as obvious to contractors.

    • Several factors contribute to the suitability of green concrete in structures, including:
    • Reduce structure dead load and crane age load; allow handling and lifting flexibility with lighter weight.
    • CO2 emissions will be reduced by 30%.
    • Waste product use in the concrete industry has increased by 20%.
    • Better thermal and fire resistance, as well as sound insulation than traditional concrete.
    • Improve the building’s damping resistance.
    • There will be no pollution and development will be sustainable.
    • It requires less upkeep and repairs.
    • The compressive strength behavior of concrete with a higher water-cement ratio is superior to that of conventional concrete.
    • Green concrete has nearly the same flexural strength as conventional concrete.

    The point is that the green concrete villa concept will greatly benefit the building owner because of minimal maintenance. Concrete villas last a very long time if the construction is carried out properly by a professional artist. The green concrete villa construction concept also offers super-premium comfort for tourists who want to enjoy a super premium vacation.

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    Wooden Construction, The Future of Sustainable Building

    The environment’s long-term viability has become a worldwide concern. Countries and corporations are becoming more conscious of the harm they create and are seeking ways to reduce it. Environmentally harmful construction methods and materials have sparked interest in developing environmentally friendly techniques and materials. Wooden construction is essential for long-term sustainability and environmental protection. Wood is a renewable resource that can help build a more sustainable construction in the future.

    Wooden Construction, The Future of Sustainable Building

    Wood as a sustainable construction material

    Because wood is associated with deforestation, it may be difficult to consider it a sustainable material. Using wood instead of steel or concrete has a lower environmental impact as well as lower construction and operating costs. 

    Wood is a versatile organic material that is also the only renewable building material for eco-friendly construction. Certain properties of wooden structures make them durable and strong. Wood, when properly treated, can be a dependable construction material with long service life.

    Benefits of wooden construction

    Wood does not expand significantly when heated. Insulation is also provided by the combination of low thermal conductivity and high specific heat.

    Depending on its orientation, wood can either amplify or dampen sound. Sound travels along the grain direction and is reduced in the perpendicular direction.

    Dry wood is a good electrical insulator and does not collect static electricity. It is important to note, however, that the electrical resistance of wood is inversely proportional to its moisture content.

    Wood is extremely strong and long-lasting. It also has a long breaking length, which is the length at which a material breaks under its own weight when suspended.

    Wood is thought to be warm, rustic, and decorative. It also comes in a variety of colors, shapes, smells, and textures. To achieve the desired finishes, wood can be painted. With this level of adaptability, this material is also an excellent choice for creating outdoor furniture for the interior of your home. Simple wood projects, whether for decor or practical use, can be built by a DIY enthusiast.

    Wood, unlike metals, does not rust and can be repaired and maintained. Although old wood can be restored, the process can be costly.

    Wooden construction fire safety

    One of the most common arguments against wood as a suitable building material is that it is easily damaged by fire. However, most wood-building contractors use Cross-Laminated Timber, or CLT, which behaves more like concrete than wood. CLT is harvested from sustainably managed forests and prefabricated into highly durable, long-lasting wood panels with excellent fire resistance.

    CLT chars slowly and predictably, rather than quickly burning and disintegrating, giving occupants more time to plan an emergency exit strategy. Overall, timber is a particularly appealing option for environmentally friendly construction. Timber is much more energy efficient, uses less water, and has a lower carbon footprint than other woods.

    Wood is an important part of our environment because it consistently meets our needs and is always willing to do more. We can continue to foster a mutually beneficial relationship between ourselves and our forests by implementing sustainable building practices. The more environmentally conscious we are in all aspects of our lives (including construction), the easier it will be for our most valuable resources to continue to grow and thrive.

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    Important Management A Luxury Villa Rental Owner in Bali Must Know

    Important Management A Luxury Villa Rental Owner in Bali Must Know

    Purchasing a luxury villa rental Bali could be a significant investment that promise a lucrative income if you know how to manage it. However, not every villa owner can be a good host—which could severely impact their business. Being a successful villa owner is not only about presenting the best hospitality—but also micro managing every little detail in the property. Here are five typical errors rental property owners make, as well as suggestions on how owners can improve the situations.

    When Accepting the First Booking in Your Luxury Villa Rental Bali

    After all the hard works you pour to furnish your luxury villa rental Bali, getting your first booking is truly exciting! However, if you don’t have certain policies in place, it could not work out as well as you had anticipated. Accepting a group without properly establishing how many of them there are, including their day visitors, is a common blunder, as is accepting a weekend booking in the heart of high season without realizing this has blocked the possibility for a full week’s rental before and after.

    How to improve the situation: Create your booking terms ahead of time, write them down, and display them on your website so that all visitors are aware of them. Set a limit on the number of people who can stay (including youngsters) and stick to it.

    The Problematic One-Night Stay

    The Problematic One-Night Stay

    There’s always confusion following a one-night stay booking. In one side, booking is a booking. It gets you customers and income. Turning down a one-night stay booking could disappoint the guests and result in bad review. In the other side, one night stay could potentially affect villa maintenance and future bookings. First, it can impact on future reservations. You can’t take a three-night booking if one of the nights isn’t available (booked by one-night guest), and canceling the reservation would reflect negatively on the property. Second, your employees need to work extra when visitors check in and out of the villa on a regular basis. Third, guests must spend at least two days in a villa to properly enjoy it. If they only stay for one night, the experience will be similar to that of a hotel, and they won’t see the best of your property.

    How to improve the situation: Allow one-night stay during the low or shoulder season. Give clear schedule of when the one-night stay is available. For example, state that “This property will accept one-night stays from Monday to Wednesday during February to March”. Out of these months, require a minimum stay of three nights for your guests.

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    Imposing Rental Agreement or Terms & Conditions at Your Luxury Villa Rental Bali

    You have little recourse if something goes wrong if you don’t have a clear contract that spells out each party’s duties. Many people who are renting for the first time have no idea what is required of them until you set out what you want them to do, the limitations of your obligations as an owner, and the conditions of the contract. You expose yourself to the possibility of counter-claims if something goes wrong.

    How to improve the situation: Write a contract that specifies all of the agreement’s conditions, including maximum occupancy, arrival and departure times and days, your policy on day visitors, pets, and housekeeping, and a liability release. Searching for ‘vacation rental agreement’ on Google should provide some results, or go to www.laymyhat.com and look for postings on the subject.

    Keeping Up with Vacation Trends

    Keeping Up with Vacation Trends

    Nothing is more saddening than an old vacation rental that stuck in the past. Not every villa has to be new, but you need to know that there’s a difference from a villa that aged gracefully with time and a villa that plainly looked outdated. A villa that was extremely desirable ten years ago may not be so appealing today. As time goes on, the preferences of travelers constantly shifted.

    How to improve the situation: Sometimes it just take a simple (and inexpensive) restyling of the villa décor to rejuvenate your old, luxury villa rental Bali. Take cues from Instagram to know the latest trends that travelers wants!

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    Respecting the Local Area Where Your Bali Villa Stands

    Once you’ve acquired your home, keep in mind that the culture and lifestyle of your new neighborhood may be unlike anything you’ve ever known. It may take some time to adjust to a cultural shift, but you should always be prepared to learn and adapt as needed – and you should also advise your visitors on this.

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    How to Maintain Pool at Your Exclusive Bali Villas

    How to Maintain Pool at Your Exclusive Bali Villas

    What is villas in Bali without pool? Pool is almost the bone of every holiday rental in Bali—even smaller villas has one. Afterall, that’s what travelers looking for when they are vacationing in a tropical island. However, to make your swimming pool safe and pleasant, you must maintain it on a regular basis. Upkeep might be time-consuming, but it’s well worth it to protect your investment. Continue reading for information on how to clean the pool at your exclusive Bali villas, as well as other critical swimming pool care activities to perform.

    Skimming the Pool at Your Exclusive Bali Villas as Frequent As Possible

    At least once a week, clean the pool at your Bali villas to maintain its exclusive status. No exclusive villas can maintain its reputation with green, dirty pool. Remove leaves, insects, and other debris from the pool with a pool leaf skimmer. Drains, filters, and skimmer baskets should all be cleaned of dirt. Remove any filth and debris that has accumulated at the pool’s bottom with a pool vacuum cleaner. Keeping particles out of the pool improves the effectiveness of the circulation system and reduces the quantity of chlorine required to keep the water clean.

    Vacuuming the Pool

    Aside of skimming the water, you will need to regularly vacuum the pool. This will assist maintain the pool water clear while also reducing the amount of chemicals needed. Also, when vacuuming your pool, remember to brush the walls and tile once a week. Calcium and algae buildup will be reduced as a result of this. Make sure you brush the pool properly—including the waterline, stairs, and corners—before treating it with chemicals.

    Check If Your Pool is Leaking

    Pool can leak anytime, especially if your exclusive Bali villas is popular and the pool is frequently used by many people. So, make sure that your pool is not leaking at every inspection. See the water levels as your indicator. If the water levels falls below the skim, you know there’s a problem. Fortunately, pool leak can be easily sealed by technician.

    Checking the Chemical Level of Your Pool

    Skimming the Pool at Your Exclusive Bali Villas as Frequent As Possible

    You should monitor and test the chemicals in the pool water once a week. To begin, ensure sure the pH is between 7.2 and 7.8. To properly balance your water, follow the instructions on the pool test kit. You can also take a sample of your pool water to your local pool supply store for testing and advice on pool upkeep.

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    Testing the PH Level Regularly

    Use a pool testing kit to determine the pH, hardness, and chlorine concentration of the water. Test kits are divided into two categories. One needs you to take a sample of pool water and add chemicals to it in order to assess the pH or chlorine levels. The other contains test strips that are dipped in water to obtain results. Before adding water balancers (acids, alkalis), chlorine, or other chemicals to your pool, follow all product recommendations to acquire an accurate measurement.

     Establish Pool Rules at Your Exclusive Bali Villas

    To keep the pool safe and clean for everyone, you might need to establish some rules. Post a pool safety signs that contains at least; no diving, no glass, or no food. Diving in residential pool, due to its shallow depth, can cause back injuries to careless divers and lead to paralysis below the neck. The “No Glass” rule means to discourage guests to use glass cups around the pool. The scenario of broken glass in the pool is not ideal for anyone. Not only will the pool be hazardous to use, but removing the glass from the pool will take time and money for you, the homeowner.

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    Building Bali Family Villas: What You Need to Know

    Building A Bali Family Villas

    Traveling families are a huge part of the vacation rental growth, and it’s no secret. Every year, an increasing number of parents prioritize a family trip. Families appreciate the opportunity to have more space than a typical hotel room gives. Most families look forward to vacations, with 88 percent of families taking at least one vacation each year. To attract more families with children to your property, try to make your Bali family villas a true family-friendly accommodation.

    What Family-Friendly Means in Bali Family Villas

    To ensure that a house is family-friendly, it is no longer enough to click the box that says “children welcome” on a listing site. In actuality, many of those so-called “kid-friendly” homes lack the amenities that parents require, leading to disappointment and despair. Families want vacation rentals that live up to their billing, and they want to know exactly what to anticipate from each one. But how do you go about doing it? What can you do to make your holiday rental scream “families welcome”?

    Make More Flexible Rooms for Bigger Family Group

    Make More Flexible Rooms in Your Bali Family Villas

    Making your vacation rental more family friendly by adding extra sleeping choices to your bedrooms and living spaces. Many families choose vacation rentals over hotels because hotels do not provide the space they require without causing them to purchase additional room.

    Trundle beds and couch beds are fantastic ways to make your bedrooms more livable without turning them into kids’ quarters. But don’t go overboard. Bunk beds are fantastic for kids, but they’re not so much for grownups. If you add bunk beds to all of your rooms, you risk losing groups of adults who don’t want to sleep on the top bunk.

    Provide Entertainments for the Kids

    Many children have so much energy that parents may need a little help figuring out how to keep them occupied. First and foremost, ensure that your home has stable internet access. This will enable parents to stream Netflix to their children and download internet games to keep them entertained. Having a TV, DVD player, and/or a streaming device, such as an Apple TV or Roku, can also make it easy for parents to stream movies and shows for their children. Having a bin of kid-friendly toys, books, and movies would be an extra step that would be greatly appreciated by the family staying at your home. Moreover, these game rooms may help your Bali family villas to stand out against your competitors.

    Strip All Sharp and Fragile Furnitures

    Keep an eye out for any fragile, precious, or sharp objects in your Bali family vacation rental and, if necessary, remove them. Breakable or potentially harmful things, such as glass or crystal artifacts, china, vases, and so on, should be protected and stored properly. Knives and other sharp kitchen utensils should be kept out of reach of children.

    You not only bring tension and worry to your guests, but you also add stress and anxiety to yourself as the host, by leaving out goods that can shatter or cause damage. By keeping these objects out of reach, you may dramatically lessen the likelihood of accidents while also alleviating parental concerns.

    Show Parents on How You Cater Young Kids 

    Show Parents on How You Cater Young Kids

    Relaxation is one of the main reasons people go on vacation. Childproof your Bali family villas to make it easier for the parents who are staying with you to do so. Consider acquiring safety gates for stairwells and coverings for wall outlets, as well as storing pricey, fragile things like your grandmother’s antique vase. The more secure a child is while staying at your rental, the more their parents can unwind and enjoy their vacation.

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    Proofing All Sharp Corners in Your Bali Family Villas

    Children can be very energetic and having all the fun, especially when they are on vacation in a different location! They can sprint around and quickly collide with things, especially sharp corners, because to their excessive energy. As a result, it’s critical to safeguard sharp corners so that they don’t endanger tiny children. This includes all types of tables, TVs, and cupboards, as well as walls, which can be sharp and dangerous! Invest in plastic or rubber tips that you can quickly add or remove depending on the number of people that will be arriving.

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    Developing Personal Brand Story To Lift Your Business

    Brand story is essential to build your business. With personal brand story, you can influence your team as well as potential customers. Many businesses are not taking brand story seriously because some of them think it is not important enough. However, it can help a lot in achieving your business goals even if the impact is not direct sometimes. Today’s customers are smarter and the businesses are now more into ‘relationship revolution’. It means that you need to build both rational and emotional connection with your team and potential customers. 

    Building great personal brand story

    One of the most important things in developing personal brand story is relevancy. It should amplify the connection between what is already believed and known about you and your business. However, there is also just as-if not more important factor which is audience position. When building personal brand story, it is not about you or your business but about your audience. 

    Personal Branding

    Instead of creating brand story that focus on yourself, focus more on how you and your business can empathize, identify, and solve your audiences’ problems. If you focus too much on yourself, your audience will feel less appreciated or valued. It is good to let people know of your expertise. However, let them know about how you can use your expertise to help them as well. This should be the highlight. 

    Also, it is essential to put unique perspective from your side that can make you different from others in positive light. Even if the topic is very common, sometimes it will sound or feel different when being put in different perspectives. Hence, find more about who are you and what makes you different from others. 

    Building trust is important process. To do so, you need to know who you are and what makes you special that can attract people to buy your products and services. People don’t just buy products or services just because they see them in tv ads. Today’s customers buy from the brand they trust. Building a connection and trust with your potential customers should be done from the beginning. Your unique personality can attract audience so you’d better know how to use it.

    Don’t be afraid to ‘brag’ about your expertise and experience. You can use your experience and expertise to let your audience know the story of how you help the other people’s lives. Hence, it is not only about sharing knowledge of your expertise when it comes to personal brand story. Tell the story based on what you believe and address any beliefs that potentially prevent you from creating your personal brand. 

    Use testimonials or feedback from your customers to understand their journey. Thus, you can articulate your brand story better. You will be able to craft a message of transformation well. Appealing brand story is essential for your business. To make it impactful and recognized, identify your customer’s obstacles and challenges so you can empathize with them and offer solution.

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    Bali Family Villas Checklist to Look For

    Whether you’re living individually or seeking for Bali Family Villas, cross-check on lease contract very important. This year projection of Bali visitor who seek for villa leasing is more higher than previous year. This market is definitely a demanding one, so before you sign on and decide the unit type, you need to make a list and do a cross-check. These few reminder may help you get well informed during your leasehold agreement and bring you step ahead in planning.

    Bali Family Villas

    Do Your Bali Family Villas Research

    Treat your commitment to find bali family villas in the same option you would treat yourself with entertainment and buying expensive catalog. Moreover, to do this approach you need to go a further research research. Look through online platform of real estate that list hundreds of bali property. That way, you can indicate the type and what the property could offer for you.

    One of the best platfrom is www.villabalisale.com which provide hundreds of listing with easy system and access. Search under the property information and reach out to the agency so you get to know better about the unit.

    Read the Lease

    This looks like an important and obvious advice, but it’s worth keep reminding. Read the lease and understand the agreement. Ask for advice from someone you trust which expert in the field. They may help you provide better insight and help with any stipulations you don’t understand.

    Bali Family Villas Exterior

    Moreover, its better to get through the list systematically, so you know where to start. Also make sure the lease agreement is clear about the following: What considered yours after it purchased, How is the payroll system, deposit rules and refunds, cancelation and penalties, any villa insurance.

    Maintenance Responsibilities

    Understand and keep aware of your responsibilities in terms of maintenance and who could help you in case of emergency. Whenever you move in, the landlord must write down the condition of Bali family villas. If theres any damage, make sure that it’s recorded in the document before you accept the keys.

    Furthermore, cross check all the facility, door, windows, and plumbing, etc. Whichever needs attention, list it through and send to the landlord directly so you dont end up cover the expense for it. If your landlord barely keep in touch with you and give a clear villa condition, just prepare one for yourself. To help you, theres various free templates that you could use to list the maintenance and you can ask the landlord to sign it later.

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    Find Trusted Real Estate Agent

    One way for another, you dont want all of your preparation being spoilt with unresponsible agent. Its not a secret that sometimes the buyer interest are defect by those untrusted agent. Thats why, its necessary to find a suitable and trusted agent in town.

    Bali Family Villas Living Room

    To find Bali Family Villas, you could check www.villabalisale.com which have been an expert in real estate market for over a decade. They gives various benefit and protection to the buyer who seek for their dream living unit. Get to know now and add this to your checklist

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    Using New Tools For More Efficient Business Operation

    Business operation needs to run smoothly in order to grow and develop significantly in the long run. One of the most important factor to smooth, efficient business operation is the use of the right tools. When you have only one kind of tool, it is highly likely for you to treat everything the same.

    Business Tools

    Meanwhile, different task needs different tool. In business, many tools have been used for smooth operation such as email, phone, spreadsheet, and more. However, it is not such a bad idea to embrace new tools if it can make your business operation run even better. 

    New tools for the betterment of business operation

    It is understandable to feel a little bit skeptical about everything new. Not all business can embrace new tools directly just because the others say it is beneficial. So here are steps you can follow to embrace new tools for the betterment of your business operation:

    Find out more about critical uses of one of your tools. Ask your staffs to earn accurate opinion especially those who use the tool. Ask them what is useful about the tools, what abilities the tools have you could not do without, what aspect that is not working well with the tool, and what they wish the tools could do. You can document the answer so it is easier for you to gather data. 

    Find out more about tools that you think can make your business operation runs better using the data you collected from your staffs before. It must be hard to find the right tools because technology tools are growing fast. There are different version of the same tool with different brands. If it is hard to find it yourself, seek guidance from others who have more expertise or experience. 

    Once you have recommendations of vendors, choose three to five of them and arrange an interview. Prepare the right questions to ask to the vendor during the interview. Ask important, direct questions such as the unique of their offering. Also, ask questions based on the spreadsheet you gather from your staffs such as about the abilities of the tool, its function, etc. Ask as well about cost and minimum commitment term. 

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    Gather the staffs you interviewed before and present them the spreadsheets containing their answer and the vendor’s. use a new sheet to consolidate all information. This way, it will be easier to compare and sort out the top vendors. Once you have the top vendor at hand, it is time to validate the effectiveness of their tool by doing a test run. Do a real-life simulation using the tool so it is easier to assess. If the tool is failed to meet your requirements and expectation, move to another top vendor and do the validation process. 

    Once the new tool is selected, it is time to adopt it. However, make sure that you put together the procedure for using it. Make sure that the staffs are informed and trained to use the new tools so they get used to it.

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    Best Buy Villa Bali Steps in 2021 For Ownership

    Buy Villa Bali in 2021 could be a best decision for you. A villa could possess a lower cost to purchase in over a individual unit. It can also offer important amenities that a individual unit like condo or flat could never provide you. And, most of the maintenance and facility is prepare for you.

    Buy Villa Bali Swimming Pool

    Meanwhile before digging into a buy villa bali, make sure you aware that you are buying the whole piece. Including all the furniture, facility, its catalog, which might cost you a huge amount. While you finally purchased the unit, you will have the authority and ownership of all of the villa’s structure, facility, etc.

    New year, new market. Theres a lot going on real estate market since the pandemic hit harshly. You should aware various aspect before you make the bold step to enter the market. Especially with your intention to villa unit. So heres few steps to buy in 2021:

    Make Sure You Suit to Buy Villa Bali Living

    Not everyone would fit to a villa living. While the notion of owning a villa is attractive to majority of people, its a turn off for small amount. The major three points to know on living in villa are ethics, control and privacy.

    Buy Villa Bali Living Room

    Meanwhile you may own the full authority in the buy villa bali, you must respect to the surrounding environment. There are local rules you must abide by and not all kind activities are allow in your unit to make. Also due to the close neighbourhood, there will be several neighbours that mind to live peacefully beside your unit.

    Understand The Villa Ownership

    Understanding the property position and ownership may not be as obvious as you think. For example, several plot area may not be owned by previous villa owner and could belong to the complex management. In addition, you may face a slight problems if someday you may use the size of the plot for your villa needs.

    Or the plot might be a common land that anyone can use, so it left us confuse on which plot to use. Other cases, what if a pipe breaks through the villa, does the previous owner should replace it or do you? So its important to understand the stakeholder and villa’s ownership in avoiding surprises in the future.

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    Study The Financials

    The least step is to review the current budget of buy villa bali. Make sure the budget is met based on the agreement/document. For instance, the fees being collected with at least 10% of the budget goes to the reserves. Moreover, are there huge loans being paid on? And what is it for?

    Buy Villa Bali Interior

    Consider about asking for a history of important assessments and whenever there is a recent reserve study. Bali real estate cheap could be your best purchase but you don’t want to get an additional financial mess into your purchase. Their financial problems is something they should sort before they sell.

    To wrap up, all of these step is essential whenever you consider to purchase villa unit. When that time happens, make sure you buy villa bali with the best realtor and platform. For instance like, www.villabalisale[.]com , which provide hundreds of villa listing to match your demands. Furthermore, they have prepared all the steps to help you secure your unit easily. Head over now and enquire the best villa in 2021.

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    Rebuilding Stronger Business Post Pandemic

    The magnitude of the pandemic caused by covid-19 is beyond what many business can be prepared for. Only few were prepared for such crisis. Even then, there are still people who still have get the brunt of the impacts. Unemployment is one of the worst impact of this crisis caused by the pandemic in 2020. Many people lost their job and business industry are struggling to stay afloat. Even if now the situation of the pandemic is getting better, the future is still unclear. Rebuilding business seems to be something far fetched. 

    How to successfully rebuild stronger business after pandemic

    We are now venturing to new normal with different social practices and rules. Getting back to how it was before pandemic is impossible at this rate. Many industries have already made and developed some plans to adapt to post pandemic reality. Building stronger business post pandemic is still possible and here are some tips to consider:

    Try to recalibrate to new environments. Many people said that what is happening now is too early with how we work remotely and depend heavily on digital devices. The problems arise caused by the pandemic is also supposed to arrive in 5-10 years not now. However, there is nothing we can do unless adapt to the new environment and seek out the best solution. 

    Business Pandemic

    You can start reviewing your business processes, operational tools, product quality, and human resources. Some adjustments may need to keep your business running as well as providing your customers with what they need. You may have to adjust to a remote workforce. Or make some changes to your product lines so it is more on availability factor.

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    Consider new financial plan so you know where your money is going to be allocated. You may have plans already before covid-19. however, the plan might not very suitable with how the situation is going on now. Thus, you can review your plans and alter them if necessary. Also, it is important to modify the plans for future ambitions. Keep in mind that you still have to face post pandemic situation. By having the right plans, you can build stronger business that is ready to face any crisis.

    It is highly recommended to diversify your marketing mix. The shift in the marketing landscape is so significant due to the pandemic. With diverse marketing mix, you won’t have to rely on one marketing mix. Thus, your business will stay afloat even if one source is hit hard by economic downturn or any crisis. Have four or more marketing sources for your business to rely on. 

    Try out paid advertising if you have not done it already. It doesn’t have to be the one that costs you an arm and leg. Advertising costs right now are more affordable. You can use it to test out new market as well as new product lines so your business can keep up with any changing landscape. You may opt for paid social media advertising with ad retargeting as your starter.