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    Budgeting for Wedding Vendor in Bali

    Wedding may sound exciting at first. But until you get to the planning part that can drive you nuts, be prepared. Budgeting for every single one of the wedding vendors you’re going to hire can become overwhelming. If you’re not hiring a professional wedding planner then everything is going to be all up to you to organize. So how do you actually budget for a wedding? 

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    Having a budget estimate for wedding vendor in Bali 

    Everything starts with a draft. And so does your wedding vendor budget. First off, you need to talk it out with your partner; how much do you actually have? Then decide how much you’re actually willing to spend on your wedding. If you don’t have a dedicated wedding savings, you’ll be surprised the two are not exactly the same thing. 

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    Do not let yourself fall in love yet!

    And we don’t mean with your partner. We really meant those gorgeous wedding venues and those fancy dresses you’re already browsing in your spare time. Do NOT fall in love with those yet before you actually have a sit down like an adult and have a real talk about numbers

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    Venues are going to cost you a lot. It’s one of the biggest funds you’re going to have to take out your wallet for. The next in line can be your wedding caterers or any of the wedding vendor in Bali that you fancy. This is why setting your priorities is important. Any vendors could take up so much of your budget if you’re not careful with it. So make sure that you have a list of which wedding vendor in Bali you’re actually willing to pay serious money for. 

    Have a style or a theme and stick to it

    Develop a style for your wedding or create a theme together with your spouse-to-be. Creating a theme will put you in a clearer direction on what your wedding would look like. This is best planned with a wedding planner or a professional wedding organizer. Investing on a professional service for it would pay off in the end. 

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    Food is going to cost a lot 

    Catering can easily become the most expensive wedding vendor in Bali compared to other elements of your wedding planning. It’s a huge expense. The only thing that’s going to top off catering is only when you decide to take on a super expensive venue. 

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    How do you save money on wedding caterers? 

    As we’ve established the fact that wedding catering Bali is going to take a huge chunk from your wedding vendor budget, is it possible to cut cost on that part? Since wedding caterers is a serious vendor expense from the start, here’s some of the tips that you can do in order to cut cost: 

    • Remove any venue that does not allow off-site catering and/or require you to purchase a catering service from them. 
    • Reduce the cocktail hours. Alcohol is one expense that will quickly rack up. Either encourage your guests to bring their own booze or make it clear that you’re only going to serve cocktails on a limited time.