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    Stay Safe during Your Trip in Komodo National Park

    Visiting Komodo National Park can be new experience and a refresh for your getaway ritual. You can still have some perks of travelling in an exotic island. However, this place offers more. This is the only place where you can meet Komodo Dragons, the ancient, lethal creatures. If you are adrenaline junky and seek for adventure, this place is just perfect for you. Where else can you see deathly animals in close distance?

    Understanding your safety when you are in Komodo National Park

    Komodo Dragons are wild and lethal animals. You cannot just carelessly pat their head or feed them. They will bite you off even before you can do any of it. You cannot even get too close to them. Wrong moves then you may get attacked. Remember that these creatures have deathly tongue not only teeth. Komodo Dragons are obviously not herbivores. They are predators so even if you seek for the thrill, you still need to be cautious of your own safety. Here are some tips for you to stay safe during your travel in Komodo National Park:

    • You need to report your arrival to the komodo National Park office. Then, you will be able to explore the area when you have ranger to guide you. The rangers play important part of your journey in the island. They are the one to make sure the visitors, locals, and Komodo safety. You need to follow their suggestions throughout your trip. They usually bring safety stick with Y-shape to keep the distance with the Komodo. If they attack, the rangers use the stick to hold their necks and mouth.
    • Don’t bring too much stuffs during your trip on the island such as plastic bags, backpack, camera bags, etc. If you drop it accidently, The Komodo may think it is food for them because the rangers feed them by throwing the foods to the ground. Make sure to be five meters away from the Komodo.
    • If you have open wound on your body, or are in period/menstruating (for women), you need to tell your condition the rangers beforehand. If you are in one of those condition, you need to stick with the rangers throughout the trip. This is because Komodo Dragons can smell blood very well which attract them.
    • When you are around Komodo, make sure to not move around because it can provoke them. If you want to take pictures, make sure to not too close either. Keep your distance at least 2-3 meters away. You also need to be quiet and always in group. It is more recommended to not use any perfume.
    • Make sure to wear comfortable clothes during your trip. Thus, you will be easy to move here and there without restriction. Just in case of emergency, you need to be able to run freely without any obstacles coming from your own clothes. If the Komodo try to catch you, run in zigzag and go to higher places but don’t climb the trees since young Komodo like to roost on them.
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    How To Plan Scuba Diving Vacations For Beginners?

    Not many people think that diving opportunities are when holidays arrive. Most people don’t think there is a minimum of dives in a year to increase certificate levels. Generally they try to dive just to have fun and enjoy the holidays. If you live in a place where diving is not available throughout the year, it’s time to find the right location for diving. Deciding where to go for scuba diving vacations for beginners is hard.

    Scuba Diving Vacation For Beginners Plan

    Many planning preparations for scuba diving vacations for beginners. Lodging, transportation, and including finding the best dive operators is an important part. The right planning ensures your holiday is very pleasant and memorable. Search for tourist destinations where you can enjoy other pleasures, ranging from the natural scenery, sunset, sunrise, to the underwater scenery itself.

    Choose Dive Resort For Your Vacation

    Diving doesn’t have to stay in a dive resort. This allows you to pay more than usual accommodations. But making things easier. Many dive sites that offer not only offer you to enjoy the others. If you are a professional, dive resorts are the best. They offer morning, evening and even night dives. Since you are planning a scuba diving vacations for beginners, then let the local dive operators make the best planning for your first dive.

    Dive Live aboard Scuba Diving Vacations For Beginners

    Thinking about a dive board might be very fun. Especially for beginners, live aboard diving might make them curious. But there is a need to remember and rule out the planning of a live board dive. The best Scuba diving vacations for beginners are to start with the theory then train in the pool and proceed to the high seas. Meanwhile, dive live aboard should be for professional divers so as not to waste diving time. It will be very satisfying to do as many dives as you can, whether morning, evening or night.

    When live aboard is usually used to catch fish, live aboard dives are now more luxuriously designed for the convenience of divers. Think back if you want to have fun and want to take a vacation live aboard dive. Don’t waste time and budget on something that beginners can’t do.

    Plan your scuba diving vacations for beginners correctly so that your vacation does not become a nightmare. Look for dive operators who are able to serve and provide the best facilities for beginner divers.

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    3 Top Reasons to Hike A Mountain That Are Rarely Discussed

    Hiking a mountain can be an alternative destination you can choose when you are in holiday. The only thing you have to make sure is that how long does your holiday is since many of the mountains are taking times (days) until you can reaches the top.

    Sometimes, hiking can also takes no longer than a day, but surely that will be not how you want to spend your holiday, isn’t it? If you can be at the mountain for some days, at least 2 days, you can then really enjoy your time up there.

    But if only you could be there for hours, that won’t be any problem at all but you should realized that you may not experience much things and see many things on the top.

    Reasons why you’d like to hike a mountain at holiday

    As there are many reasons why you should get a holiday, hiking a mountain is also has some reasons that should be concerned.

    Is is a sport, it can be done by whoever you are, and it is actually has been one of the option where you want to spend your holiday since the first place like any other destinations.

    Reasons to hike a mountain

    The different thing is that, it needs your energy and times more than before. Depending on how high the mountain is and how difficult the terrains of hiking are, but mostly you will spend at least a day to be on the peak and to get down the mountain.

    Yet, it’s still one place you can ever be which brings different experiences and beautiful views you’ve never seen before.

    1. Hiking mountain encourages us to respect nature even more

    You will never know the journey you are going to get when hiking a mountain. But if that will be the first time for you, it is possible that you will see things differently.

    The forests you are going to passing through in a hike are no more than just the trees and all the living creatures inside. But, things will change differently when you are start hiking the mountain.

    You will really thankful for seeing the green forests over the land and it is something really special to experience no matter how tiring you are.

    Your respect for the environment will be bigger than before since you will realized that is is something important that also needs to be experienced by the future generations.

    2. Hiking can also be your spiritual journey

    Rather than just considering it as one of the trip and sport you are getting through in your life, for some reasons, being at outdoor like this has its own spiritual side for ourself.

    It is not only about the spiritual paths or trees or spots that may have been sacred by the local people living around the mountain. But hiking can also be the thing you can do to find yourself, to restore your inner balance or experience the pure peace at nature.

    3. Unplug yourself from the world

    Have you been thinking before to stay away from the social medias, networking, mobile phones or internet things? Hiking a mountain can be the 100 % way to getaway from all of those since all the networks are probably forbidden up there.

    Hiking truly is the welcome break to the stress release and doing things differently as your everyday routine to get closer to nature and forget all the things at home and work.

    It is really the best thing you can do without being trapped to another stress in life and relief yourself to many things that can’t be considered as the burden for your shoulders.

    There are more benefits you can get by hiking a mountain but the top 3 reasons above are rarely being told to us so I try to written them down. If you are agree with me, hope this post will deserves a share as well.

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    What Is Hammock Camping and Why You Should Care?

    Have you been experienced the hammock camping before or do you know the reasons why you should know about it for your life?

    There’s not a single compulsion at all that you must be experienced in camping with a hammock or to know about it to say the least. It won’t be a sin you are actually don’t know about it.

    But when it comes to something that can make your life be more better than before, then have a sit and read along of what I am going to inform you in the next few moments.

    As we all might known that hammock for camping is now has becoming the popular camping activity where mostly you will experiencing it at outdoors, nevertheless you can also getting it done inside your own bedroom.

    Camping may not the favorable activity for many of us, but when it coexists with the use of the hammock, what you didn’t like before can be changed.

    Many of us now, realized or not, are in love with hammock camping especially as one of the best thing you can do to spend your quality time. Spending time while doing nothing is no longer the boring activity you can experience when using a hammock.

    Using a hammock can really equivalent to a trip itself when you are starting to sleep on it or simply read the book you just bought moment ago. It can be your personal retreat for relaxation where you can make use of it anytime you’ve got.

    That’s what the hammock camping is to me and to many of the others as well that I have been seen before.

    What if you can really experiencing relaxation every single day in your life by using a hammock for camping at home

    Camping shouldn’t be always at outdoors, right? What can stop you from making your own camp inside your home? Nothing!

    Everyday relaxation at home and anywhere by using the hammock camping

    You are free to setup your own camp at anywhere and use any type of tools and gears you’ve got.

    Many people are believing that a holiday is a chance to chill out, to relax.

    While that can’t be wrong for most of the times in our life, holiday itself can be spent anywhere with any activities, including to spend the whole holiday at home while resting your body and mind by using a hammock at your own backyard if that will be available.

    If sleeping on the couch can even brings you the relaxation moment on the weekend, then a hammock itself can do more than that.

    Yes. I am saying that sleeping or resting and whatever you are going to do on the hammock can contributes to make your body and mind being relaxed every single day in your life if you are using it everyday.

    It only takes a small space of the room at your home and the stands to set it up since it is an item whose use is hung.

    Just for your information, being relaxed with the hammock camping will positively affect your physical and mental or mind. So, you’ll get advantages for both side of yourself.

    Swinging gently while start laying your head down on the hammock can make you fall asleep faster than sleep on the regular position as usual. That will really great if you are experiencing it in an outdoor camping where resting can be troublesome for some times.

    You won’t also hard to find the spot for your shelter since you can creates it anywhere possible.

    Through the faster way to fall asleep, the sleep positions that are also available when using a hammock will contribute to heal the back pain as many have been experienced it.

    It is truly perfect to spend the time while relaxing your body and to get the deeper sleep that is also has many advantages for your soul. Chance to get the peaceful state of resting is higher than before and that should be good for everyone.

    Since hammock have been proven to be easy to use anywhere, don’t you think that now you have chance to relax yourself everyday at anywhere as well?

    Getting it once can be really one of the best investment in your life knowing that you can uses it everyday and no longer need to spend any other money at somewhere else. Or at least you can save more of your budget for now.

    Those are why having and using the hammock can be a necessity for some, including you.

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    Tourism in Indonesia: The beaches are brilliant!

    Currently, tourism in Indonesia is managed by the Minister of Culture and Tourism. International tourist campaigns have been largely focused on the tropical destination aspect, with the white sand beaches and the blue sky imagination as its image. The resorts and hotels were developed in some Indonesian islands, with the islands of Bali, as the main destination. Cultural tourism is also an important part of the country’s tourism industry. The temples of Toraja, Prambanan and Borobudur, Yogyakarta and Minangkabau are known destinations for cultural tourism. Since Indonesia is well known for the proper beaches, here below you will find beaches in Indonesia that are worth visiting all year long!

    Pantai Derawan, Kalimantan

    This beach is located in the beautiful region of Derawan Island and has been designated as one of the most beautiful islands by UNESCO. Since this has been proven by the inclusion of this beach in the list of the 100 best beaches in the world by CNN. Imagine, this beach which has a very good accommodation is ranked 63rd out of 100 beaches in the world.

    Tourism in Indonesia: the beaches are brilliant!
    Pantai Derawan, Ask fm/beach-in-indonesia

    It’s not wrong if you visit this beach and make it your favorite vacation spot. The extraordinary excitement in this place is that tourists can swim with a group of turtles in a clear and fresh sea. There are also rays that can be found on this beach.

    Karimunjawa, Jawa Tengah

    The Karimunjawa Islands, whose beaches are truly extraordinary, are among the vacation spots sought by many people, both at home and abroad. In Karimunjawa, visitors can sunbathe freely on the beautiful white sands, fish, visit fishing villages or enjoy a unique culinary tour of Karimunjawa around the beach.

    Tourism in Indonesia: the beaches are brilliant!
    Karimunjawa via tokopedia

    tThe Karimunjawa archipelago, located about 80 kilometers northwest of Jepara, is made up of 27 rocky islands in the Java Sea. Its population is about 8000 inhabitants. Administratively, the archipelago is part of the kabupaten of Jepara, in the Indonesian province of Central Java.

    Raja Ampat, Papua

    In addition to Karimunjawa, which many people talk about, Raja Ampat is another place that includes appalling. The advantage of tourism Raja Ampat has a beauty so charming that it is difficult to express it with words. The sunsets at Raja Ampat are an attraction that is favored by domestic and foreign tourists.

    Tourism in Indonesia: the beaches are brilliant!
    raja ampat papua via geo-media

    In addition, the underwater life is so spectacular that even the divers feel hooked to continue to come explore the nature of the sea at this place. The Indonesian Raja Ampat Archipelago (“The Four Kings”) is located near the northwestern coast of New Guinea. It is made up of some 1,500 islands, often mountainous, the largest of which are Waigeo, Batanta, Salawati and Misool. The first three are in the Pacific Ocean, Misool being in the Seram Sea. Raja Ampat is a destination for scuba diving. The Raja Ampat Archipelago contains many dive sites like Melissa’s Garden, Manta Sandy, Black Rock, Chichen Reef.

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    3 Highlights to Remember in Liveaboard Labuan Bajo

    Choosing to take Liveaboard Labuan Bajo for your upcoming trip to the Komodo National Park, Labuan Bajo, Flores, is a great way to experience some of Komodo’s secluded beaches and best dive sites that are further away from resorts and hotels back in the land. Here in Labuan Bajo, sailing is the main option—if not the only one—to get into places within the national park. Obviously, Labuan Bajo has abundant of liveaboard boat of all class and style to take you around. There’s always a liveaboard to suit a range of budget, intended sailing duration, number of passengers, even type of holidays. Some of these liveaboard are especially intended for dive trip with complete diving essentials, and some are more focused on islands exploration featuring a snorkel (or dive) session, some of them even specialise themselves to honeymoon holidays. You can share the liveaboard with a dozen of random passengers from all around the world or rent the whole just for yourself. 

    3 Highlights to Remember in Liveaboard Labuan Bajo

    Here are some important highlights to remember if you want to sail around Komodo with liveaboard boats:

    Three Liveaboard Labuan Bajo Main Highlights

    Divers: Pack Your Log Book

    People forgetting their log books is one of the most common problem in liveaboard trip. We can’t stress you enough about the importance of log books. Especially when Komodo gives rather challenging diving situation. Though the underwater landscapes are insanely beautiful, Komodo is known for having quite strong currents. Dive masters agrees that minimum of 50 logged dives is necessary to join a diving session in Flores and Komodo. 

    A lot of waters in Komodo presents beautiful coral reefs and fantastic marine life in shallow depth. However, some of the recommended sites are located below 18m depth, so you may required to show Deep Diver certificate beforehand. Also, bringing in log books with you makes it easier to pair you up with a diving buddy of the same level. 

    Compact Packing—Limit to the Essentials 

    Travelling with Liveaboard Labuan Bajo is not the same with other means of travel. Remember that you are sailing in a boat with limited number of weight capacity. That means you can’t drag along two big suitcases as you would do in resort holiday. Well, except if you book a private liveaboard where you (and your travelling partner) would be the only passenger. On the other hand, liveaboard cabins are not as big as hotel room, so you would have very limited storages to put all your belongings. We highly recommended you to pack only the essentials; swimming suits, dive suits, and three pair of t-shirts and shorts (if you are a woman and want to bring sundresses, one or two pieces are enough). Most of the travelers we see in Komodo spent a lot of time in the boat just in their bikini/ swim wear—before changing into shirts when it comes to island excursion. So really, you don’t have to pack that much. 

    Other things that should be in your bag are reef-safe sunscreen, toiletries, sunglasses, hats, and trekking shoes. Always bring the strongest and comfiest shoes you have for the hot and steep trekking on Padar and other islands around Komodo. We also strongly suggest to bring your travel insurance and first aid kit anywhere.  You know, just in case

    Bring in Dive Light

    One of the joy of sailing with liveaboard is the possibility to reach secluded dive sites and having almost unlimited chance for diving. Oftentimes, night dives are offered in many liveaboard Labuan Bajo trip. If you don’t want to miss the chance of seeing marine’s night life under whole new perspective, bring in your dive light. You will absolutely love it. 

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    Worst Countries for traveling that you should avoid

    There are the best countries for traveling and there are the worst ones as well. Of course, you would always fall in love with your destination. However, these countries prove otherwise. As a disclaimer, this article does not have the intention to discredit the countries mentioned below but rather as a way to provide travelers with unbiased information. 

    • Somalia

    Illegal guns, drugs, human trafficking, a high level of crime, pirates, and poverty are things that most countries in the world would do anything to get rid of. However, the reason why Somalia is put into the top of the list is that it has all of those things mentioned earlier! Although a beautiful sea is a thing that most people would imagine when visiting a country in the continent of Africa, we warn you since such a thing is nowhere to be found in this country. Instead of sunbathing on a beach, you would encounter smugglers and pirates instead. Instead of shopping around the downtown, you would be stunned by the sight of the slum area in Bosaso. The crime rate is also depressing since it is virtually very high all around the country.

    • Bangladesh

    If the worst country in Africa to visit is Somalia, then, we will now head to Asia to figure out the next country that you should avoid. The next of the list of the worst countries for traveling is Bangladesh and it has several reasons why. Well, we all know that the people who live here are friendly and nice, but the true problems are caused by the country itself since it has poor city management. It is evident due to its overcrowded daily traffic and awful overall road conditions. Commuting here is a bad idea since you can get stuck in the traffic for many hours! Also, corruption has made it into a pretty bad country and having a decent travel experience here is a privilege that is almost impossible to grasp. 

    • Afghanistan

    The next country we are talking about here is also located in Asia. Although it has many beautiful landmarks, attractions, and scenes, the Graveyard of Empires is not exactly the destination you would want to go when having a vacation. The reasons why Afghanistan is the country to avoid are its political climate and its economic situation. Afghanistan suffered from numerous regional conflicts and multinational wars over the course of its history (with the US as its latest aggressor) and it has a tough time to rebuild what is left. Unfortunately, although the war had officially ended in 2014 with the withdrawal of the US forces at that year, it is still haunted in chaos since there are numerous of gunfights which happen here almost every day. 

    • Brazil

    This might be not too surprising since the country has been known to have a huge population of cartels and street criminals. Although it could be enticing to visit Brazil due to its wonderful weather, outstanding beaches, and the exquisite tropical landmarks, you should visit other countries instead if you wish not to get robbed when you are on the street. Well, let us hope that their new president would do better. Those are the countries for traveling that you should avoid. 

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    What You Will Get from Solo Travelling

    There are many things you can only learn by solo travelling which is mostly why they want to take trips in the same way again and again. Everyone who try to travel alone may feel daunting at the first time. But, it is definitely preferred for some people since it way simpler.

    What You Will Get from Solo Travelling

    Free to Explore

    You can erase the word of compromise when you are solo travelling. It also means that you are free to explore every elements of the specific place as you please. You don’t need to worry another person when they complaint about mosquitos or appease accompanying person when they accidentally bought an expensive food. 

    Just imagine yourself as lonesome wanderer who is free to do anything as you like. What direction you want to go, when you take sleep and however you want doesn’t have any effect to someone. You can let your indulgence flows as you like and it will totally feel awesome.

    Engage the Locals

    Generally, locals will be more curious and open when they see you walking around by yourself. Whether it’s in a café or just a roadside food stall, there’s bigger opportunity to start talking with local folks. You are free to have light conversations or even a deep and heartfelt story that you could hear from them. 

    On some rare chances, you may even meet certain people who actually have relation to your family or someone you know. They will obviously be happy to host and welcome you for the night. These experiences may wouldn’t have a chance to be happen when you are with someone. 

    Deeper Understanding

    Solo travelling will allow you to be immersed with your surroundings. With a more intense contact with locals, you will be able to understand unique quirks that origin from the place. You’ll also notice even the subtle characteristics that actually make the place as it is. 

    However, when you are having trip with someone, you may walk the same road and chatting, but your mind has probably wandered elsewhere. Sometimes solitary jaunts will help you grasp better understanding of what the place is.

    Alone is Rare

    You may not notice it when you are at home, but being alone is actually healthy. It lets you to have rare chance of reflecting about your whole life. You may remember of some experiences that you had recently and everything else until you may end up to ask where all things are heading on. 

    These thoughts often are not the pleasant ones which is exactly why you need time to be alone. You don’t want to make anyone worry while you have your own fighting. Solo travelers will learn that solitude is struggling choice at times but, they can grow stronger because of this. 

    Value People

    Having distance with important persons in your life makes you value them more. Particularly those you have taken for granted which is usually hard to realize while you are with them. Being alone in faraway will make you promise to appreciate every second you can spend with them when return home. 

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    4 Best Destinations for Solo Travelling

    With enough courage, solo travelling can be a great way to explore the other side of the world. Remember to not being afraid with the local since they can lead you to the most exciting spot. There’s always risks wherever you go, but these places are best choice to be visited alone.

    4 Best Destinations for Solo Travelling
    • Indonesia; Lombok and Gili Islands

    If you find that Bali is already overrun with tourists, you can prefer to visit another two wonderful islands in Indonesia. Lombok and Gili islands are actually located right to the next of Bali if you check on map. Its reputation has raised to be more popular since it still has sterling beaches.  

    The two islands are perfect choice for solo travelers when they want to learn surfing, diving or snorkeling. The beaches offer beautiful views with clear water while you can enjoy the lush green field of paddy in the land. The easiest accessed coast is located at the northwest called Trawangan.

    You can also experience a great hiking to Mount Rinjani which is categorized as active volcano. Do not skip all beautiful spots of hot springs as well as waterfalls. 

    • Guatemala

    If you are searching places in central and south America to travel alone, do not disregard Guatemala. You have to include this region on your lists since it has the most famous Maya ruins. Furthermore, you will be able to stay here for as long as you wish since it’s rather inexpensive place to explore. Maximize your time while staying by learning Spanish or you can even propose yourself as volunteer. 

    You can do various activities in Guatemala including kayaking, rafting in whitewater and hiking. You can also live up your adventure by exploring the jungle and get yourself familiar with the most active volcano in Central America. Even entering the colorful traditional market and haggling for farm products is another kind of adventure. 

    • Cuba

    If you visit Havana which is the capital city of Cuba, you will be able to witness how they conjure the crumbling colonial architecture. Its characteristics can be determined from the timeless, vibrant and stylish buildings. The view from up far angle is dramatically wonderful, so don’t ever forget your camera.

    Havana is also famous for its 1950s Chevys, cigars and salsa dance. As the political tempest has been lifted, the government encourages its citizen to open businesses and expand it, so it can move the economic wheel. There are many restaurants, art shops and also tiny streets which are worthy to explore. Cuba has various homestays for traveler and it offers low crime. So, going there alone would be safe enough.

    • Japan; Hokkaido

    Every traveler may wish to be able visiting Japan someday. This country is perfect for solo traveling since they are reputable to welcome visitors. Hokkaido is located at the northern and the most remote island among the four other main islands. The capital city becomes famous because it hosted Winter Olympic Games in 1972.

    However, Hokkaido is best recognized for outdoors activities including skiing, hiking and birdwatching. Do each of them, so you can embrace every elements of the untouched landscape. The Hokkaido also offers you an original Sapporo beer. 

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    Culinary You Must Try in New Zealand

    Traveling to New Zealand can be a great option for you who want to witness spectacular landscapes of nature. Besides its breathtaking nature, this kiwi country also has super tasty foods that you must never miss. If you have a chance to visit New Zealand, make sure you try these culinary below.

    Culinary You Must Try in New Zealand

    Marlborough Greenshell Mussels

    Having one of the longest coastlines in the world and various wealth of the sea, New Zealand is a paradise for those who are a lover of delicious and fresh seafood. One of them is Marlborough Greenshell Mussels. Seafood culinary lovers must not ever miss this healthy and super tasty seafood menu. Marlborough Greenshell Mussels are big and able to be found anywhere in New Zealand in all seasons. This seafood menu is not only delicious but also beneficial for the health, which is to relieve arthritis.


    Pavlova is a dessert like a cake. It is crispy and soft at the same time. A cream topping is spread out on the top as well as fresh fruits, such as strawberries, passion fruits, and kiwis. Pavlova is often served during celebration events and holiday seasons, especially at summertime. The name of Pavlova is taken from a ballerina named Anna Pavlova.

    Hokey Pokey

    Hokey Pokey is a typical New Zealand ice cream with vanilla flavor. This ice cream uses honeycomb crumbs as the topping and it is so popular in New Zealand. Hokey Pokey is actually a New Zealand term for honeycomb candies. This Hokey Pokey ice cream is easy to find in various ice cream shops and perfect to enjoy during summer. Make sure you taste this delicious ice cream when you travel to New Zealand.

    Roasted Lamb

    New Zealand lamb is famous for its best quality and it becomes one of the best products exported from this kiwi country. So, it is not surprising that roasted lamb becomes the most favorite culinary of many tourists as well as New Zealand people themselves. The soft roasted lamb is cooked with rosemary seasoning and mixed with various vegetables. This menu will never make you feel disappointed.


    Hangi is actually a unique cooking method which has been used by Maori tribe for more than 2.000 years. This cooking method puts various seasoned raw food ingredients, such as chicken, various vegetables, and seafood, into a wire basket covered with aluminum. The aluminum wire basket then is put into a big hole under the ground that has a volcanic heat for 3 hours to 4 hours. Hangi is very popular in Rotorua. This menu is usually served with music and dances that make Hangi tastes even more delicious.

    Mince Pie

    Some coffee shops in New Zealand usually serves Mince Pie. This menu is a pie filled with meats and broth sauces. Other fillings are sometimes also added such as cheese and mushrooms, depends on the customers’ orders. Mince Pie is best served when it is warm. Do not forget to try this menu when you are traveling to New Zealand.