What to Pack for Papua Trip

Papua Trip

A trip to a special destination as remote as Papua might need to bring certain things on your journey that you had not thought of. Or some items that you don’t need there. Packing for a Papua Trip can be a little bit tricky. The climate of Papua is tropical. It means high temperatures, humidity rates, rainfall, and plenty of sunshine come when we least expect it. When you forget to pack the items you need during your trip, you risk ruining your trip. Here are the packing list ideas for what you should bring to Papua.

The Essential Papua Trip Packing List

Shoes: First, you need to bring sandals and hiking boots for this Papua Trip. Hiking boots are recommended if you want to explore the Highlands. Hiking boots will help you avoid cuts or infections, and it would be safe. You can wear sandals in any hotel, restaurant, and on flights.

Sunscreen: Sun protection is a must-have item for this trip. Sunscreen should always be something you think. It is especially true if you’re on a sunny journey.

Sunglasses: One of the most important trip accessories you should pack regardless of your destination is sunglasses. The sun is bouncing off the ocean, but so is your eyesight, so remove the glare and stay protected and wear your sunglasses. You will travel more comfortably if you carry sunglasses in your bag!

Camera: The camera is a must! A small camera is a great solution for Papua Trip since most activities you will take part in are near water. Choose the lightweight camera, and pretty hardy, so you won’t have to worry about damaging it while adventuring.

Raincoat­ – Raincoat will protect you from getting wet on rainy days because the highlands have periodic rain showers.

Bottle: Staying hydrated in the Papua heat is a must, so make sure you bring your water bottle.

Hoodie – You can wear a thin hoodie every morning and evening in the Highlands

Medication: Check with your healthcare provider and talk to a travel nurse about all the vaccines that are mandatory requirements that are needed for the trip. If you have any specific disease, make sure to bring any personal medications you might need during the journey.

Money: Don’t forget to bring enough cash for the whole holiday if you don’t find an ATM there.

Swimsuit: Bring your swimsuit, no bikinis out of respect for the locals. The swimsuit is usually the go-to top of this island trip.

The backpack is always a good choice to bring a separate, smaller bag for daytime use while traveling. In Papua, you must have a backpack that can hold all of your items that you’ll be carrying with you (sunscreen, medication, swimsuit, etc.)

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