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What is a Parachute Hammock and Why are They So Popular


Parachute hammock is no doubt the most popular type of hammock sold in the market today.

This type of hammock is particularly well-liked amongst the community of campers, outdoor enthusiasts, and nature lovers alike. They are definitely here to stay.

What is parachute hammock and why it is so popular?

The community of campers love them for a number of reasons. Among them, those the reasons are; 

Parachute hammock: the most widely manufactured type of hammock

Virtually all manufacturers of hammock producing it.

In particular, this type of hammock is very popular for camping. Lightweight, durable, and affordable, these are the main qualities that these camping hammocks have in offer—and people totally dig them. 

Materials used in parachute hammock 

Parachute hammocks can be more accurately described as parachute nylon hammock.

The materials of this hammock use parachute nylon, which is not exactly the same materials used in the making of parachutes.

These parachute nylons made for hammocks are slightly heavier and sturdier compared to the regular parachutes. That being said, the weight of a single or even a double hammock is generally still going to be lighter compared to a minimum set up of a tent. 

They do the great value for money!

Compared to hammocks made of polyester, for example, nylon parachute hammocks are cheaper. This is also one of the significant supporting factors why the parachute nylon as hammocks are extremely popular.

These days, they are not simply in demand for those who are into camping and trekking.

Aside from outdoor and nature lovers, this parachute hammock is started to gradually increase in demand by households as well.

Hammocks have long been a popular part of the backyard. They make a great outdoor daybed to hang around. The conventional ropes and spreader bars have never been an ideal replacement for beds because they compromise comfort and balance.

However, any well-designed camping hammock can easily remedy this. 

These popular hammock is very lightweight

The fact that these hammocks made of parachute nylon very lightweight make it a popular choice for backpackers and campers alike.

Weight is an important consideration. With the decrease in weight, there is a huge potential decrease in expense as well.

Especially when these hammock campers are going to camp abroad. 

Nylon parachutes are durable 

Although this type of parachute nylon hammocks is lightweight, the materials are definitely not easy to tear.

The parachute nylon hammock is one of the most durable types that are mass-produced today in the market. A lot of manufacturers listed the capacity for a single hammock as 180 kg or approximately 400 lb. 

Quick drying, perfect for outdoor activities 

The nylon materials of these hammocks made them not just durable, but also very quick to dry.

Most of the nylon parachute materials manufactured in the market are water-resistant. This also makes these parachute nylon hammocks perfect for outdoor activities, where nature’s elements such as rain, wind, and humidity would not easily seep through.

Water resistant materials are ideal compared to waterproof materials, as the elements, especially water and dew, would not pool inside the hammock.