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Tourism in Indonesia: The beaches are brilliant!


Currently, tourism in Indonesia is managed by the Minister of Culture and Tourism. International tourist campaigns have been largely focused on the tropical destination aspect, with the white sand beaches and the blue sky imagination as its image. The resorts and hotels were developed in some Indonesian islands, with the islands of Bali, as the main destination. Cultural tourism is also an important part of the country’s tourism industry. The temples of Toraja, Prambanan and Borobudur, Yogyakarta and Minangkabau are known destinations for cultural tourism. Since Indonesia is well known for the proper beaches, here below you will find beaches in Indonesia that are worth visiting all year long!

Pantai Derawan, Kalimantan

This beach is located in the beautiful region of Derawan Island and has been designated as one of the most beautiful islands by UNESCO. Since this has been proven by the inclusion of this beach in the list of the 100 best beaches in the world by CNN. Imagine, this beach which has a very good accommodation is ranked 63rd out of 100 beaches in the world.

Tourism in Indonesia: the beaches are brilliant!
Pantai Derawan, Ask fm/beach-in-indonesia

It’s not wrong if you visit this beach and make it your favorite vacation spot. The extraordinary excitement in this place is that tourists can swim with a group of turtles in a clear and fresh sea. There are also rays that can be found on this beach.

Karimunjawa, Jawa Tengah

The Karimunjawa Islands, whose beaches are truly extraordinary, are among the vacation spots sought by many people, both at home and abroad. In Karimunjawa, visitors can sunbathe freely on the beautiful white sands, fish, visit fishing villages or enjoy a unique culinary tour of Karimunjawa around the beach.

Tourism in Indonesia: the beaches are brilliant!
Karimunjawa via tokopedia

tThe Karimunjawa archipelago, located about 80 kilometers northwest of Jepara, is made up of 27 rocky islands in the Java Sea. Its population is about 8000 inhabitants. Administratively, the archipelago is part of the kabupaten of Jepara, in the Indonesian province of Central Java.

Raja Ampat, Papua

In addition to Karimunjawa, which many people talk about, Raja Ampat is another place that includes appalling. The advantage of tourism Raja Ampat has a beauty so charming that it is difficult to express it with words. The sunsets at Raja Ampat are an attraction that is favored by domestic and foreign tourists.

Tourism in Indonesia: the beaches are brilliant!
raja ampat papua via geo-media

In addition, the underwater life is so spectacular that even the divers feel hooked to continue to come explore the nature of the sea at this place. The Indonesian Raja Ampat Archipelago (“The Four Kings”) is located near the northwestern coast of New Guinea. It is made up of some 1,500 islands, often mountainous, the largest of which are Waigeo, Batanta, Salawati and Misool. The first three are in the Pacific Ocean, Misool being in the Seram Sea. Raja Ampat is a destination for scuba diving. The Raja Ampat Archipelago contains many dive sites like Melissa’s Garden, Manta Sandy, Black Rock, Chichen Reef.