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Things To Know About Hot Air Balloon Ride For First-Timers

Things To Know About Hot Air Balloon Ride For First-Timers
Hot air balloons over the valley. Original public domain image from Wikimedia Commons

Trying a hot air balloon ride can be daunting for first-timers. It seems scary because you are only in a giant balloon floating in the air with such a simple engine to support it. However, it is worth trying because while it seems scary, it is fun and addictive. Many people who have tried it want to do it again and again because of the thrill, fun, and overall pleasant feeling. 

What you need to know about hot air balloon ride

Any activities you try for the first time can be daunting no matter how simple they are. And hot air balloon ride is a fun activity you should try because it add more experiences into your travel journey. Fun and new activities are what you need to seek every time you set out on new adventure. They are the real souvenirs that you will always cherish. 

It is worth every penny

Yes, balloon ride can be costly but it also depends on the length of the ride, the popularity of the destination, as well as additional inclusive services such as champagne or special dish. The average cost of hot air balloon ride ranges from $170 to $300 per person. However, the experience you get will worth every penny you spend. You get to enjoy being floated in the air and enjoy the fresh air along with stunning views in your surroundings. 

It is a safe ride

Things To Know About Hot Air Balloon Ride For First-Timers
Free watching hot air balloons silhouette image, public domain experience CC0 photo.

Hot air balloon is considered a safe ride. The balloon is made from ripstop nylon and the basket reinforce with metal. They are built with safety as the top priority. The balloon and each materials are sturdy to keep every passenger safe. Also, the pilots are licensed and the equipment are also regularly inspected. You can find out more information about hot air balloon company‚Äôs credentials if you plan on international ballooning. 

The flight can be delayed or canceled unexpectedly

One of the most common reasons of hot air balloon flight being canceled is bad weather. It is because hot air ballooning must be done in perfect weather. Low-lying clouds, fog, or windy conditions over 8 to 10 miles per hour is considered non-ideal for flying. Hence, the flight will be canceled in this condition. Anything that hampers the visibility will cause flight cancellation. 

Do it at dawn or dusk

From those experienced hot air balloon passengers, the best time to do it is either at dawn or dusk. Several hours after dawn or before dusk are considered the most ideal times for hot air balloon flight. Those are the times when the winds are the most calm. 

Consider your health

Before booking hot air balloon flight, make sure to check your health condition. Most tour companies caution against flying if you have problems with your spine. It is because the landing process may aggravate your spine since it can be abrupt. Check with your physician before booking a hot air balloon flight to see if you are able to do I without any risk of injury.