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    Most Recommended Romantic Destinations in Indonesia

    kamandalu resort in ubud
    Source : @ninjarod on instagram

    Indonesia is such a versatile travel destination. You can have adventurous travel experience, romantic getaway, leisure stroll, or trips full of parties. Indonesia is endless when it comes to travel destinations since it has one of the largest archipelago. There are many islands you can hop and many interesting attractions to visit. If you are looking for romantic trip, Indonesia has many recommendations for you. Here are several of them  you can consider to put into your bucket list:

    Nihiwatu, Sumba

    Nihiwatu is located in Hobawawi village, Wanukaka, East Nusa Tenggara. This is a resort full of luxury and comforts. Blended with the charms of local cultural elements, this resort is a perfect place for romantic stay with your partner. This resort offer three house room overlooking beautiful scenery of the Indian Ocean. You can also enjoy separate accommodation with private pools with Nihi beach its backdrop. You can even join a social activity with the locals. 

    Kamandalu, Ubud

    Kamandalu is located in Ubud, Bali, one of the most popular travel destinations in Indonesia. This resort is such a perfect place for you to enjoy romantic getaway with your loved one. The concept of this resort incorporates traditional village with luxury accommodation. With natural landscape as its backdrop, this place offers such a peaceful and serene ambience. This place is surrounded by lush greenery and rice field terraces. 

    Pink Beach, Komodo Island

    There is only a few of pink beach around the world and one of them located in Komodo Island. Stunning beach with pretty pink sand have drawn so many attention especially from romance seekers. The pink color is actually caused by the red coral reefs mixed with white calcium carbonate. You will find no life here since it is uninhibited. This place offers such intimacy and privacy you need for perfect romantic getaway. 

    Lengkuas Island, Bangka Belitung

    Lengkuas island is located in the north part of Tanjung Kelayang Beach. It is considered one of the smallest island in Bangka Belitung province. One of the most iconic things about this place is its old lighthouse, a inheritance of the Dutch colonialism. During your romantic getaway in this place, you can find vibrant coral reef with narrow seawater. This place is very much secluded so there are no convenience store or restaurants. You’d better pack your own foods prior to a visit so you have something to munch on while enjoying your time here. 

    Raja Ampat

    This is a destination loved by not only local visitors but also international ones. This is where you get to explore rich biodiversity. Raja Ampat is situated off the northwest tip of Bird’s Head Peninsula on the island of New Guinea, Indonesia. This place is famous for its raw and rugged beauty. It feels like untouchable place to visit. You get to see exotic birds above the ground. Meanwhile, you get to observe vibrant marine life below sea level. This magnificent paradise is truly a perfect place to spend your romantic vacation during summer. 

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    Activities to do in the best family resort in Nusa Dua

    Nusa dua is filled with many resort that can surely provide you with a good time during your vacation. But not all of them have many facilities that are good for kids. Here are the kinds of facilities thats included in when you stay in one of the best family resort in Nusa Dua.

    A room for the whole family

    room full of kids decoration
    source : @thejetsettingfamily

    Did you know, in some of the resort, kids can stay for free without additional charges. With colorfully themed family rooms and suites, which have exciting facilities for kids, will appeal to younger travelers in particular. The room they provide also have a special facilities for the little one, like their own tv and sometimes they have a game console inside the kids room. 

    Meals that the kids will surely like

    delicious burger from the kids menu
    source : eloviee.id

    Beside free charge for the kid stay, some of the best resort in Nusa Dua also give free meals for kids either from the kids menu or the buffet. Of course they should be accompanied by their parents. This would make it easier for parents that were afraid if their kids can also enjoy new kinds of food that maybe have a different taste than what they used to.


    Kids club where the kids can learn and play

    Some resort also have a kids club where kids can play with other kids at the same age and make new friends when their on vacation. Sometimes, theres a Kid’s Club Team that arranged a schedule of indoor and outdoor activities for the Kids Club. Some kids club may be a parent free zone, but usually they have open space so you can safely monitor your kids.

    Tumbling Bucket in the kids pool

    If you’re lucky you can even found a resort that have a mini waterpark or a kids pool. That would enhance the experience of the kids by a lot. They can swim and enjoy fountain, waterslide and play with the tumbling water bucket at the top. Compared to just a pool without any attraction it would be a great experience for the little one.

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    Enjoy thrilling water sport

    If you’re staying at a family resort in Nusa Dua, one of the best acivity is to try the watersport. You can enjoy the view of the coast while enjoying many water rides. There are many kinds of water sport like jetski, speedboat, banana boat, flying fish, or even parasailing. Most of these activities can be done with your kids, you can even consult the personnel if you want to be sure. If you’re not a fan of adrenaline rush, you can also ride a glass bottom to see the view under the sea, or do a walk under the sea with the fishes.

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    Organize The Best Well-Being Staycation For Yourself

    Organize The Best Well-Being Staycation For Yourself

    A vacation might not remove all the stress in your life. However, going on a vacation can at least help you to relax and refocus your mind. With clearer mind, it tends to get easier to find solution for the problems you may have. The problem with travelling for a vacation is that sometimes it requires you to travel too far from your home, creating other stressors in your life. You have to carry heavy luggage while moving from one flight to another. Hence, you may find another alternative, staycation. It is where you can have a relaxing vacation without being too far from your home with less-stressful preparation. 

    How to plan for meaningful staycation

    You don’t have to take multiple flights for staycation. As long the place gives you the best space and moments to relax and enjoy your vacation, it works. Here are some tips to help you plan a well-deserved staycation for yourself:

    Set an intention

    Set an intention of a staycation to benefit your well-being. From the length to the activities you want to do, make sure you set clear intention in mind to reach some goals. Think of something you want to get the most out of your staycation. With clear intention, it is easier to make other decision such as choosing your destination, the duration of the staycation, itinerary, etc. Your focus for this staycation is your well-being. Make sure to make decision with it as your basic guidance. 

    Consider a serene place

    It is advised to have a staycation in a serene place if your focus is to nurture your well-being and clearing your mind. The lesser the distraction the better. Choose a place that will help you gain inner peace. The space that usually work for well-being staycation is  the one that closer to the nature. The environment should be calm and far from nosy crowds. You may choose a hotel, property, or area near your home with those characteristics. A new level of serenity can be achieved by choosing the right space. 

    Practice mindfulness

    The combination of serene space with mindfulness practices can do wonder to your well-being. It brings more opportunity for you o draw more focus on your present. There are many activities you can consider as mindfulness practices including meditation, silent reading, yoga, etc.

    Consider consuming only clean foods

    What you eat can influence your inside like how nutritious foods make your body feel good. Hence, you can use this opportunity to eat clean foods more. It means, you avoid processed foods, alcohol, and sugar. Try more organic produce and healthy fats during your staycation and see if it affects your body positively. 

    Get close to the nature

    Staycation doesn’t you have to stay in all day long. Allow yourself to go out and meet nature. Spend time with nature by walking outside, visiting garden, climbing a mountain, or something else you prefer. Nature has healing properties to help you recover and rejuvenate. It helps a lot in uncluttering your mind so you understand yourself better. 

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    10 Things You Should Do for Your Skin in Your 20s

    10 Things You Should Do for Your Skin in Your 20s

    Your skin, like most other areas of your body, changes in a variety of ways during your life. Despite the fact that women in their 20s have a lot on their plates, it is critical to maintain a solid skincare routine during this time. When it comes to skincare, your twenties are the perfect time to take care of your skin. This decade is the perfect moment to reevaluate your routine and make significant changes, but where do you begin? There’s also the anti-aging stuff, which many experts recommend starting sooner rather than later. Your skin care routine in your 20s can have a big impact on how your skin looks in a few decades, so now is the best time to start laying the groundwork for a happy, healthy complexion that lasts for years. Not sure where to start? From cleansing to finding organic moisturizer for your face, here is every skincare routine tips you need to do in your twenties. 

    Start Wearing Sunscreen Religiously

    You probably already know that you should use high-quality sunscreen whenever you go to the beach, the pool, or the hiking trails, but using sunscreen whenever you go outside is one of the finest things you can do for your skin. If you live in a city (or will be visiting one for a long), you should also choose a sunscreen that protects against infrared and environmental toxins to ensure that your skin is protected from everything that could harm it.

    Keep Your Skin Hydrated with Organic Moisturizer

    Keep Your Skin Hydrated with Organic Moisturizer

    Even if you don’t think you have dry skin, you should moisturize twice a day—once after each cleansing and once before bed.

    The first step to having healthy skin is to stay hydrated. Moisturized skin strengthens the skin barrier, preventing inflammation, irritation, and dryness, as well as plumping the epidermal cells, making the skin appear supple and smooth rather than parched and wrinkled. Choose an organic moisturizer that is designed for your skin type, whether it is dry, oily, acne-prone, or combination.

    Drink Lots and Lots of Water

    Drinking water is beneficial to your overall health, but it can also improve the appearance, feel, and health of your skin. Keep your skin moisturized by drinking plenty of water, but also by using organic moisturizer products that include hydrating elements that help your skin retain moisture. Humectants like hylauronic acid, sodium pca, and glycerin help to keep moisture in the body. Choosing a product that either adds hydration to your skin or delays dehydration can help you seem revitalized and refreshed by increasing the overall moisture levels of your skin.

    Make Exfoliate Routine

    Make Exfoliate Routine

    Exfoliate on a daily basis to keep collagen renewal going. Salicylic, alpha, and/or beta hydroxy acids exfoliate dead skin cells and dirt from the surface of the skin, as well as penetrating beneath the surface to unclog pores, prevent future breakouts, smooth texture, and accelerate cell renewal.

    Exfoliation does not have to be a time-consuming skincare procedure. To remove dead skin cells, you can use something as basic as a microfiber towel. Chemical exfoliants including glycolic and lactic acid can also help to lighten the skin. Chemical exfoliants weaken the lipids that bind the top layers of the skin together, eliminating dull and dead skin cells and uncovering fresh skin cells.

    Start Using Retinol

    Dermatologists think that retinol, commonly known as vitamin A, is a vital element for slowing down the aging process of skin cell turnover, especially when it comes to photoaging (from the sun). It boosts cellular turnover, which exfoliates dead skin cells, reduces acne, and reduces fine lines and wrinkles, making it the gold standard in antiaging.

    Incorporate Vitamin C to Your Skincare

    In your morning routine, you must use a vitamin C serum. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that helps to prevent skin cancer by neutralizing free radicals. You should expect to have brighter, firmer, and healthier skin overall if you use a serum containing vitamin C.

    Treat Your Adult Acne

    Treat Your Adult Acne

    It’s all too easy to pick at blemishes on your face, but as Elias pointed out, it’s far preferable to take action and treat them. You don’t want to scar if you don’t treat your acne. In comparison to acne, scarring is far more difficult to treat. It’s easier to treat acne before it scars, so start clearing it up now, rather than waiting till you have cystic lesions that you’re picking at. Picking at lesions is not a good idea!

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    Wash Your Skin Twice A Day

    Some people only wash their faces at night, figuring that their skin couldn’t possibly get so dirty overnight. There is a substantial quantity of detritus on your skin overnight, including dead skin cells and dust mites. Scrubbing your face in the morning is just as necessary as cleansing your face at night. Perspiration and sweat occur during the night as well, which is another reason to wash your face periodically when you wake up.

    Clean Your Makeup!

    You’ve probably heard it before, but it bears repeating since it’s critical. Before crawling into bed, always remove all of your makeup, no matter how exhausted you are. Some women skip removing their eye makeup before going to bed, but this is also vital.

    Keep Healthy and Balanced Lifestyle!

    Your skin is your body’s largest organ, and it, like other organs, performs best when you eat healthily, exercise regularly, get enough sleep, and are less stressed. To have attractive skin, you should avoid smoking, which causes wrinkles and dry skin second only to sun exposure.

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    How To Stay Organized During A Trip

    It is challenging to travel around the world with a suitcase full of essentials you need to survive. The real challenge is to keep everything organized. For some travelers, staying organized during a trip can cause extreme anxiety. Meanwhile, it might not be something to be worried about for some travelers. Sometimes, it is also about how many items you bring for the trip. The more items you put into your bag may require more effort to organize them all. 

    Source : Unsplash.com

    Keep everything organized when travel

    The benefit of staying organized during a trip is that you won’t have to worry about losing things because you know everything is in the right place. You don’t have to take out of all the items in your bag just to search for passport. Keeping everything organized when travelling is not impossible with these useful tips:

    Make a packing list ahead of time

    Before putting anything into your luggage, make a packing list so you know what items you pack. Packing list will help you find out if there is items left or lost when you have to pack everything back before returning home. There is downloadable packing list available online you can use to help you make perfect packing list. 

    Use packing organizers

    If you have difficulty to arrange your packing, use organizers such as packing cubes, known for their saving spaces, time, and sanity. Having several of packing cubes will help you to organize everything easier and you will find any items as easy. You may separate different categories of items into separate cubes. For example, one cube is for toiletries, one cube is for clothes, one cube is for medications, etc. 

    Keep your documents organized

    You don’t want to dig into your suitcase to find the travel documents you need. Hence, make sure to also organize you travel documents properly since there is also a risk of losing them or having them damaged throughout the trip. You may consider using index card to keep your documents safe. Also, have backup data that you can save online on Google Drive or Clouds. 

    To unpack or not to unpack

    If you are unsure whether to unpack or not once you arrive at your destination, consider the length of your trip. For example, you can live out of your suitcase if it is a short trip and you have everything organized in separate cubes. However, it is more recommended to unpack and organize your belongings to reduce travel stress. It also helps you to feel more at home. 

    Consider using the safe provided

    If you bring important items such as car keys, gadgets, jewelry, etc, you may consider using the safe provided by the accommodation you stay at. If the room has a safe for this purpose, you can use it so you know where to find those items that are easily forgotten. Even if you are in the room, keep those items in the same place to prevent you from scrambling around trying to find where they are. 

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    Cenderawasih Bay, where whale sharks gather with the fishermen

    Cenderawasih Bay, here on the east coast of West Papua, Indonesia, is the next frontier in distant Indonesian diving offering whale shark as the main attraction. Whereas Raja Ampat in West Papua, is still considered a remote location by many, Cenderawasih Bay is much more off the track. Diving is only allowed here for five months a year, thus the dive spots are relatively unspoiled and untouched.

    Cenderawasih Bay offers clean, serene waters and a diverse range of diving opportunities, including encounters with whale sharks and marine animals, outstanding macro, and some noteworthy Japanese WWII wrecks. Expect spectacular cliffs with extensive sponge life and schooling fish on the outer archipelagos, while numerous and healthy reefs could be found throughout the area’s 18 islands.

    whale shark gathering in bagan for food.
    source : terumbukarang.kompas.id

    How to go to Cenderawasih Bay

    Access to Cenderawasih Bay is limited only to liveaboards, so the only way to go there is by a liveaboard cruise. Liveaboard cruise usually start from Manokwari so you need to make a domestic flight from international airport to Manokwari. Cruises usually only go there when the weather is good, which is at around July to October when the water is clear and calm. Still, expect some rain in your journey cause rain can happen anytime.

    What you can do in Cenderawasih Bay

    Source : www.yourcupofseas.com

    In Cenderawasih Bay, the main attraction is swimming with the whale shark. But if you’re not into swimming, you can also view them from above the water. The whale shark came to the bagan by themself to get some fish from the fishermen. And the fishermen would hand feed some puri fish to the whale shark for good luck. You can also dive into the action and feed them yourself, by paying a sum of fee to the fishermen. If you’re lucky you can meet a school of whale shark when you visit there. The whale shark come to these area all year long. Unlike in other places where they can only be found at a certain time.

    You can also meet another animal beside whale shark. You can also spot another smaller creatures like dolphins and turtles decorated with colorful corals and fishes. There are also tiny seahorse called pygmy seahorse filled with little spots on its body.

    A collection of haunting WWII-era shipwrecks surrounding Manokwari and Biak depict West Papua’s stormy past. The Shinwa Maru, the most impressive of the wrecks, is located in 30 meters of water. The wreck can be viewed by less experienced divers, but only suitably trained divers should attempt to enter the wreck. More difficult wreck diving sites is available in these seas, with numerous sites well exceeding recreational diving restrictions. You’ll have plenty of time to tour Cenderawasih’s lesser-known local landmarks when you’re not diving the wrecks. Shallow, light-filled coral gardens, muck diving-friendly slopes, and infinite mangrove-studded coastal spots await.

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    Accessible Options For Senior Travelers

    In the past, travelling for senior citizens were not as accessible for the young ones. Not many operators catered to what seniors need for comfortable and safe travel. However, it is different today as the travel industry pay more attention to senior travelers and provide the type of trip they want. Today, senior travelers are provided with more options that can help tackle all those accessibility and mobility issues. If you are looking for travel ideas for seniors, here are some of the most recommended options to consider:

    Senior group are doing a local tour in Northumberland with a guide. They are outside of Hexham Abbey Cathedral.

    Group tour

    This is the type of travel that can be providing and fulfilling for senior travelers. You can even opt for group tout that is specified for seniors. Travel companies are now offering full assistance to senior travelers who have difficulty hearing, seeing, or even mobility. These issues can be tackled by travel companies more easily because they have proper support system and resources. Another best thing about group tour is that it can be customized to your needs. Being with people that share similar interests and ages will be helpful to make senior travelers more comfortable throughout the trip. 

    Domestic road trip with RV or caravan

    It is also possible for senior travelers to go domestic road trip using RV or caravan. In fact, it is such a fun thing to do without limiting any of their mobility and comfort. Not to mention that you can drive the vehicle yourself while you let your senior parents enjoy the trip. The vehicle is in your control so you get to decide the timetable, locations, as well as activities. Travelling with seniors, you don’t have to choose overseas destinations. Travel domestically to the place unknown around you. 


    This can be such a healing option for senior travelers. To be in the open ocean with the people who share the same interest is comforting. Cruising is also one of the most popular ways of travel for people above fifty. It is a comfortable trip where senior travelers don’t have to take multiple flights or rides. It is great option where they can see multiple destinations without needing to check out of their rooms in the ship. They also don’t have to unpack and repack their luggage. This is a type of option travel where senior can get fun, rest, and relaxation at the same time. 

    Is solo travel good for senior travelers?

    There are people above fifty who still like travelling on their own freely. For those seniors who don’t have any medical issues, it is possible to travel solo. It is a great activity to have adventure while making friends. However, you need to be more mindful in letting your senior parents travelling all alone. You need to pay attention on their safety and comfort. Always seek out advice from doctors to know what to decide about your senior parents going solo. If it is not possible due to medical issues, find another alternatives that can give your senior parents the same fun and meaning of travel.

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    Komodo Island Tour, Traveling Around East Nusa Tenggara

    Are you thinking about visiting Komodo National Park? Everything you need to know about getting a Komodo island tour! Staying in Labuan Bajo, the best scuba diving, trekking, and sailing experiences are right here! With so many boats, day cruises, and scuba diving choices to select from. How to get to Komodo Island, planning a vacation to Komodo National Park can be rather difficult. Komodo Island, Rinca Island, and Padar Island should definitely be on your list of places to visit!

    Komodo island tour - view of the coral reef and bay from the top of Gili Lawa Darat,

    Komodo Island Tour, How To Get There?

    To begin your Komodo trip you’ll need to figure out how to go to Komodo National Park. There are overnight boats from places like Lombok and Sumbawa. Taking internal airlines is the most cost-effective and time-efficient alternative. 

    The most common way to get to Komodo National Park is to fly to Labuan Bajo on Flores Island, which serves as the island’s major gateway.

    Flying direct from Bali (DPS) to Labuan Bajo Airport (LBJ) is possible, with airlines such as NAM Air, Wings Air, and Garuda Indonesia offering multiple flights every day. There are a variety of airline choices to Komodo from other parts of Indonesia, including direct flights and flights with a stopover in Bali.

    What Hotels Are Available In Labuan Bajo?

    Although Labuan Bajo is a small town, it is the main entry to Komodo Island and the National Park. Labuan Bajo offers a wide selection of accommodation options within walking distance of restaurants, dive shops, and, of course, the port for boat tours to the islands.

    Due to the increased popularity, dorm rooms are no longer as inexpensive as they are in other Indonesian destinations, with most dorm rooms costing around 265,000 IDR (around $20USD) per night.

    If you want to enjoy the Komodo tour in a different way, then the best choice is liveaboard. There are many boat charter options that can suit your budget. Various prices are adjusted based on the facilities of each liveaboard. Most travelers end up staying on a phinisi boat to save time reaching many of the best dive spots and enjoying the experience on land. Several choices of ships that might be an option for you to enjoy the Komodo tour:

    Jakare Liveboard

    Capacity: 10 quests + 2 kids

    Cabin: 2 standard front cabins, 1 family suite cabin & 2 premium cabins

    All guests on the Jakare yacht have ample living space.

    There is a solarium, relaxation, and yoga space where the parents may relax and breathe in the pure ocean air. While the kids are having fun with their new pals inside.

    jakare liveaboard - cabin with view

    A diving deck where you may rent diving and snorkeling equipment to continue your exploration of Flores’ beautiful island

    Alexa Liveaboard

    Capacity: 4 quest

    Cabin facilities:

    • Air-conditioning
    • Keen-size bed
    • En-suite bathroom with shower
    • Double wardrobe
    • Balcony relaxation area
    alexa liveaboard - sundeck

    Alexa has a library, a lounge, and an indoor dining space.

    An expert cook prepares the meals. A spa therapist will be ready for you aboard to introduce you to the pleasures of a distinctive Alexa massage, which can be enjoyed on board or on a local beach.

    Alexa is also a fully licensed PADI dive center, with an onboard diving instructor who will teach everyone from novices to advanced divers how to dive in the best conditions and see the most marine species.

    Top Destination During Komodo Island Tour

    Komodo Dragon

    You’ve definitely heard of this one because it’s the main attraction in this part of Indonesia, and the Komodo Dragons on Komodo Island are famous all over the world!

    You can see them on both Komodo Island and Rinca Island; Rinca is less crowded and offers a better overall experience, but if you’re wanting to cross something off your bucket list, either choice will suffice!

    Padar island

    Padar Island is Indonesia’s most famous view! The views from Padar Island’s overlook are extremely breathtaking, and I can honestly say it’s the nicest view I’ve ever seen! 

    White sand beaches, clear blue oceans, and a plethora of islands. It’s the picture-perfect picture of paradise!

    The hike itself isn’t too tough, and anyone with a basic level of endurance will be able to fill their camera with amazing images!

    Pink Beach

    The entire Komodo National Park is brimming with amazing beaches to visit, many of which are tinted pink.

    Millions of bits of red coral have been mingled with the sand to create this effect, and the tide line is the greatest place to see it.

    The Pink Beach, on the other hand, is by far the best of them all, so make sure you include it in your itinerary. If you want to catch these stunning colors, either stand up high and shoot down the beach or get up close to the sand.

    Gili Lawa

    It’s not as well-known as Padar, but it still has spectacular vistas. The hike to the top of Gili Lawa is unquestionably more difficult. You’ll be rewarded with breathtaking 360-degree panoramas of Komodo National Park, so bring your camera!

    Scuba Diving Komodo Trip!

    If you’re a seasoned diver or want to attempt scuba diving for the first time, Komodo Island dive sites are second to none, and scuba diving in Komodo National Park is an experience you’ll never forget! This is the reason why most tourists end up staying on boats during Komodo trips. Enjoy the mainland and see the spectacular underwater world. Learn more bout scuba diving at Komodo National park!

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    Unique Traditions In Japan That Make You Want To Visit The Country

    Unique Traditions In Japan That Make You Want To Visit The Country

    Japan is one of the busiest and most visited countries in the world. One of the main reasons why people love to visit this country is because of unique culture Japanese people have. Even though they are known to be one of the most advanced countries, the people living in Japan don’t forget their origin, culture, and traditions. They embrace them all in their daily lives even with how modern the world has become. 

    Japanese unique traditions to learn more about during your visit

    Japan has such a remarkable and rich culture with deep historical background. If you plan on visiting this country, here are unique traditions Japan you might want to know about:


    This is a unique Japanese tradition of taking off shoes. In Japan, you don’t wear outside shoes inside. They consider it as rude and unclean if you do it instead. The Japanese people believe that the outside is dirty and the inside is clean. Hence, wearing outside shoes inside can transfer something dirty. Hence, you need to take off your shoes upon entering someone’s house or place when visit the country. You can leave your shoes on the little porch available in every house in Japan. You will be provided house slipper by the hosts to wear inside the house. 



    Hanami is a Japanese tradition of flower viewing. The flowers the Japanese people adore the most is Sakura. It is unofficial flower of the country which usually blooms between mid-March and early May. The Japanese love to celebrate this occasion and they have been doing it for centuries as part of their culture. Families and friends gather around under the trees to admire blooming Sakura up close. The flower itself symbolizes hope and new beginnings. 


    In Japan and some of Asian countries, bowing is part of the culture. Japanese people greet each other by bowing and  the bow itself can be varied. It can be a simple nod of the head to a complete bend of the upper body. To greet a friend, they give slight bows since it is considered casual encounter. As for showing respects, saying thanks, apologizing, or making a request, people give a deep full bow. 

    Kurisumasu ni wa Kentakki

    This is a tradition Japanese people have been doing to celebrate the merriness of Christmas. They love to visit KFC and order some chicken to celebrate Christmas since turkeys are very rare to find in the country. The KFC Christmas buckets are not your usual fried-chickens. Instead, it is a package full of meals filled with whole-roasted chicken including sides, wine, and cake. 


    This is a Japanese tradition to celebrate the first sunrise of the year. It is when Japanese families wake up to see the first sunrise of the year. They usually head to a shrine, mountaintop, or a beach to watch the first sunrise. The tradition of watching the first sunrise is considered a good luck of the year for Japanese people. They wish and pray for the year ahead to be full of luck. 

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    A Sunny Week in Seminyak: Your Ultimate Guide

    A Sunny Week in Seminyak: Your Ultimate Guide
    image credit: Instagram/@thebaliguideline@goldie_berlin

    Seminyak is Bali’s cosmopolitan hub, with a bustling atmosphere that draws visitors from all over the world. Dubbed as Bali’s style-mecca, Seminyak is a town on Bali’s west coast that is linked with “luxury.” Expect a lot of upscale restaurants, cafes, and pubs because it’s inspired by many international ex-pats. Furthermore, because it is a seaside town, you will undoubtedly appreciate the water, sand, and vistas. This fashionable neighborhood, framed by a long stretch of soft beach, attracts to foodies, shopaholics, and sunset lovers alike. Seminyak is the place to be if you want to be right in the middle of it all. Here’s our guide to enjoy the vibrant Seminyak, choosing the right villas, and what to do for fun. 

    The Best Time to Go to Seminyak

    You may visit Seminyak at any time of year, and I guarantee you will not be disappointed. The average temperature in this area has not changed significantly. They have a tropical climate all year. If you don’t like dry heat, stay away from the hottest months of the year, which are May through September.

    The rainy season lasts from October to April. Monsoon simply refers to the wind, and although if it rains a lot during those months, there are still plenty of bright and sunny days to relax on the beach and enjoy the outdoors. And even if it does rain, it never lasts long. Seminyak is a great place to visit if you want to get away from the snow and cold.

    Finding the Best Villas for A Week of Stay in Seminyak

    Finding the Best Villas for A Week of Stay in Seminyak

    There are numerous and almost limitless lodging possibilities. Beachfront resorts, budget hotels, private villas, luxury hotels, and Air BnB are all available in Seminyak. We highly recommend you to choose a private pool villa where you can have all the privacy to swim all day—even at the middle of the night—and enjoy the house all for yourself. For those who’re travelling with friends and plans to do all about shopping and club hopping, try to look at minimum 4 bedroom villa in the heart of Seminyak, so you’ll be in close distance to go to everywhere else. 

    Further Tips on Renting A Vacation Rental in Seminyak

    Remember to always check details on your villa. Choose villa near Kayu Aya or Petitenget if you want a close distance to beach clubs and nightclubs. Search for more hidden Seminyak villas if you want a serene stay in Bali. Check the reviews of every villa in Seminyak that you’re interested in. 

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    Beachfront Villa Bali to Satisfy Your Ocean Craving

    Things to Do in Seminyak

    Things to Do in Seminyak
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    Seminyak is alive with people and activities. The beach is a great place to spend an entire day. Alternatively, you can get Balinese massages and other spa treatments. Alternatively, you may go shopping. Or you could eat. Or a little bit of everything. Seminyak’s breakfast and brunch options are very appealing to us.

    Watching a gorgeous sunset on the beach or at one of the many beach bars is something you should not miss. Seminyak has something for everyone, however we recommend combining your trip to Bali with a visit to another part of the island. If you’re just in Bali for a few days, this is probably a good place to start. If you have more time, go to Ubud, Uluwatu, or the north or east coast of Bali.

    Visit Some Art Galleries

    Seminyak is home to a plethora of beautiful art galleries. They not only have works by Indonesian artists, but also works by international artists. You can go through them and, if you find something you want, buy it and take it home with you. In this area of Bali, you’ll find Nyaman Gallery, Purpa Fine Art Gallery, Nacivet Art Gallery, and Reservoart, to name a few.

    Shop ‘Till Drop

    Shop ‘Till Drop

    Seminyak has a wonderful mix of international boutiques, local brand stores, and quaint souvenir shops. Jalan Kayu Aya (also known as Eat Street), Jalan Raya Seminyak, and Jalan Petitenget are lined with a variety of shops ranging from fashion boutiques to surf shops, swimwear brands to jewelry stores. In Seminyak, you may get wonderful homewares and spa products in addition to clothes and accessories. All well-known boutiques and shops have set prices, making shopping a breeze. Local vendors sell everything from T-shirts to flip flops, sarongs to jewelry, allowing bargain seekers to hone their negotiating talents.

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    Spend the Afternoon in Seminyak Beach Clubs 

    Seminyak is known for its long, beautiful beach, which is lined with many trendy beach clubs. All of them include drinks, meals, and occasionally even a pool where you may spend the day. Some of the most famous beach clubs in Seminyak are Potato Head, W Bali, La Plancha, and Ku De Ta.

    Balance It Out with Yoga 

    Seminyak has a number of yoga studios and fitness centers to help you balance off all of that great feasting. Yoga studios that specialize in hot yoga and gyms that cater to the CrossFit population can be found in trendy Seminyak, as one would anticipate. Aside from pumping iron, the gyms provide well-instructed group classes at low prices. If you prefer not to share, a yoga instructor or personal trainer can come to your villa for a private session.