Open Trip Flores With Luxury Phinisi


Flores open trips not only to explore the underwater but also the natural beauty and variety of cultures from the past. One of the cultural heritage that is still preserved today, the village of Waerebo with 7 cone houses. Located in a valley in the interior of Manggarai where you have to travel through the forest for 3 hours. Another traditional village is in Bajawa which has been around for 2 millennia.

Open Trip Flores, enjoy your live onboard

open trip Flores - live onboard - sequoia liveaboard

Live onboard is the choice of tourists to explore Labuan Bajo, Flores, Komodo National Park, and its surroundings. It seemed impossible to land in many tourist spots in such a short time. Flores trip is an option to enjoy a luxurious, comfortable trip and enjoy the charm of nature.

You will stay on the ship for the open trip Flores, enjoying the comfort and facilities that are available. The boat crew has prepared all the needs of the guests during the trip to Flores, from breakfast, lunch, dinner, diving equipment, and WIFI.

Where To Go During a trip to Flores?

Wae rebo Village
image source:Nusae

If you choose the open trip Flores for 4-5 day, you can explore Waerebo Village, Cancar Rice Field, Liang Bua Cave, Bena Village, Manalage Hotspring, Blue Stone Beach, Mount Kelimutu, Koka Beach, Bukit Nilo, the old church of Sikka, and Sikka Maumere weaving process.

You can also visit Rinca Island, Komodo Island, Kelor Island, and its surroundings. Seeing the habitat of ancient animals, Komodo is a destination for tourists. Requirements to explore the Komodo dragon’s habitat, women are not allowed to travel during menstruation. Komodo dragons smell very sharp and komodo will think that you as their food. Do not be separated from the group or guide as it endangers your safety.

On Padar Island, you can see the best sunrise as the main icon in the Komodo Islands. At Pink beach, you can swim, snorkel or just sunbathe. Meanwhile, to see the sunset, you can visit the island of Sebayur.

For diving lovers, there are many dive spots such as Manta Point. But you need to know about the undercurrent in the Komodo islands. Many beginner divers do not know the underwater conditions of Komodo National Park and end up endangering their own safety. Make sure you are certified advanced or master where you have acquired the skills to save yourself from undersea currents.

Open trip Flores offers a lot of fun and unforgettable experiences. Exploring many tourist attractions, diving spots, seeing endangered Komodo dragons, and getting to know various cultures from the past. Open trip Flores opens your eyes that Indonesia is not only an archipelago but has a million charms that we can be proud of.