Most Stunning Places On Earth To Be Put In Your Bucket List


While the global pandemic has restricted us from travelling around the world, we can start planning for our dream trip. We have to stay positive because the outbreak will end sooner or later. Even if some of us cannot truly travel now, at least we can plan for our first post-pandemic vacation now. Even if you cannot go anytime soon, you can do some research to make plan. 

Stunning Place on Earth
Photo by Sonaal Bangera

Stunning places for your dream vacation

Finding some inspiration for your next vacation is a great thing to do now especially with travel restriction and stay at home order. You can plan your next vacation thoroughly in slow pace to fill your days during isolation. Our planet is beautiful and there are so many stunning places you can explore. When things get better, you may be able to fulfill some of your dream trips by visiting places marked in your bucket list. Here are the most stunning places you can put in your bucket list for your next getaway:

Granada is located in Spain and one of the most stunning places on earth. Things to enjoy during a visit to this place include the foods, architecture, and the locals. However, the thing you should put a highlight on is none other than the Alhambra. The sunset over the Alhambra is one of the most beautiful ever. You can go watching the sunset by climbing up the skinny streets of the Albayzin neighborhood to the Mirador de San Nicholas. It is said to be the most breathtaking sunset to watch.

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Krka National Park in Croatia is a great place with many stunning elements to enjoy. Thus, it should be in your bucket list. This place is more than just a small pit stop on a trip to Split. It is the highlight of a trip to Croatia indeed. You can enjoy your time by navigating through the forest. You will also see the rivers and streams flow beautifully from the elevated wooden pathways. This place will make you feel more connected to nature. Only the sound of the nature and your footsteps will be heard during your adventure. 

Haputale Tea Country is Srilanka is also a stunning place worth visit for. You can mark this place on your map for your post-pandemic trip. Even if the photos don’t do justice to describe how stunning the place is. Things to experience during a visit to Haputale is a humble train ride, beautiful views of the nature, as well as friendly interaction with the local tea pickers in a cloud forest. The views from there are very dream-like.

Great Bear Rainforest in British Columbia, Canada offers you stunning wilderness which of course worth travelling for. You can create your own adventure to explore all the beauties this place offers. Go for a hike through the temperate rainforest or go paddling bays by kayak. Do not skip a visit to the beautiful waterfalls rushing in the inner part of the rainforest. It exhaled the rainforest into the sea amazingly.