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Most Common Mistakes Done By Solo Female Travelers


Women should not feel scared to go outside and travel the world. However, the world we are living is not as ideal as we try to picture. There are so many dangers here and there, making us, especially women feel unsafe to travel alone. However, it should not discourage you to take your dream solo trip. With common senses and taking precautions, your trip will be safer and more enjoyable even when you are doing it alone. 

Scene with a female tourist who is walking on the street of Iberic city and poses in a famous, most recognizable places with breathtaking view

Avoid these mistakes when you are solo female traveler

When you are a woman and plan on taking solo travel, it is a must to take extra precaution. It is not because you are weaker than men, it is just because the world often sees you as a more vulnerable target. Therefore, make sure to avoid these common mistakes when travelling as a solo female traveler:

Not being assertive enough

Keep in mind that there are people who will be persistent to offer you something especially when they see you are travelling solo. You don’t want to disrespect the locals but if you are getting unwanted attention, you should be assertive to refuse. Build your confident and tell them that you are not interested in a more assertive manner. Try to remain friendly but ask them to leave you alone firmly. 

Not trusting the locals

It is understandable that you want to be more cautious of your surroundings including the locals. However, it is also a great opportunity for you to get to know them better. Keep in mind that not all locals are rude or scammers. They might be just interested in your culture as you are in their own culture. 

Not sharing travel plans

You should not share your travel plans on social media since it is too risky. However, you need to share it with your closed ones such as families. Make sure they know your itinerary and keep in touch with them regularly. Hence, it will be easier for them to track you down just in case something goes wrong with your plan. 

Flashing expensive items

As mentioned multiple times earlier that when you travelling solo, it is a must to take more precautions. It also includes what you wear and carry around. Avoid carrying around or wearing expensive items because you can become the target for theft or robbery. It is dangerous especially when you are alone in foreign place. Keep your valuable items at home and try to blend in more with the locals. 

Not packing your confidence

Travelling solo can be challenging but it is something you can go through seamlessly with a little bit of confidence being sprinkled on it. Hence, make sure that you not only pack your clothes and toiletries with you but also your confidence. This way, you are able to face any challenges and find your trip empowering instead. Show your most confident-self so you get to experience life-changing moments. Stay friendly, keep your frown away, and make the most of your solo adventure confidently.