How To Stay Organized During A Trip


It is challenging to travel around the world with a suitcase full of essentials you need to survive. The real challenge is to keep everything organized. For some travelers, staying organized during a trip can cause extreme anxiety. Meanwhile, it might not be something to be worried about for some travelers. Sometimes, it is also about how many items you bring for the trip. The more items you put into your bag may require more effort to organize them all. 

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Keep everything organized when travel

The benefit of staying organized during a trip is that you won’t have to worry about losing things because you know everything is in the right place. You don’t have to take out of all the items in your bag just to search for passport. Keeping everything organized when travelling is not impossible with these useful tips:

Make a packing list ahead of time

Before putting anything into your luggage, make a packing list so you know what items you pack. Packing list will help you find out if there is items left or lost when you have to pack everything back before returning home. There is downloadable packing list available online you can use to help you make perfect packing list. 

Use packing organizers

If you have difficulty to arrange your packing, use organizers such as packing cubes, known for their saving spaces, time, and sanity. Having several of packing cubes will help you to organize everything easier and you will find any items as easy. You may separate different categories of items into separate cubes. For example, one cube is for toiletries, one cube is for clothes, one cube is for medications, etc. 

Keep your documents organized

You don’t want to dig into your suitcase to find the travel documents you need. Hence, make sure to also organize you travel documents properly since there is also a risk of losing them or having them damaged throughout the trip. You may consider using index card to keep your documents safe. Also, have backup data that you can save online on Google Drive or Clouds. 

To unpack or not to unpack

If you are unsure whether to unpack or not once you arrive at your destination, consider the length of your trip. For example, you can live out of your suitcase if it is a short trip and you have everything organized in separate cubes. However, it is more recommended to unpack and organize your belongings to reduce travel stress. It also helps you to feel more at home. 

Consider using the safe provided

If you bring important items such as car keys, gadgets, jewelry, etc, you may consider using the safe provided by the accommodation you stay at. If the room has a safe for this purpose, you can use it so you know where to find those items that are easily forgotten. Even if you are in the room, keep those items in the same place to prevent you from scrambling around trying to find where they are.