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How To Pick Your Komodo Island Trip Package


For lovers of diving and nature adventurers, exploring Komodo Island for 2 days is not satisfying. The village, located in the Komodo District, is an area that has been developed into a super priority destination. Labuan Bajo is the gate before you start your Komodo island trip. The strategic spot in Labuan Bajo is very interesting for you to enjoy the sunset before enjoying the Komodo island boat tour. 

Komodo Island Trip boat

Komodo island trip, Journey to Heaven on Earth

Labuan Bajo and Komodo National Park are inseparable entities. Both are interconnected where you have to go to Labuan Bajo to reach Komodo National Park. The park which is listed as a UNESCO world heritage site consists of Komodo island, Padar island, Rinda island, and many other small islands. 

Considering Komodo National Park consists of many islands, you have to rent a boat to reach it. For those of you who are visiting for the first time, you should know in detail how to reach Komodo National Park.

Komodo island trip with Aliikai Voyage

Boat provider operators are easier for you to find online and offline. Price competition between boat operators will benefit tourists to compare and get a great deal for Komodo island trips.

Boat operators usually offer different types of boats, ranging from standard to luxury. The facilities for each boat are also different. There are several types of boats such as Aliikai Voyage which offers luxurious facilities and Magia II Liveaboard which provides Jacuzzi facilities for you to enjoy during the cruise.

Komodo island boat tour with Magia II Liveabaord

If your budget is limited you can choose standard but comfortable boats such as Jakare liveaboard, Tanaka Liveaboard, and many others. Do Komodo island trips have to charter a private boat? Not! Boat rentals are highly recommended if you are going to sail with your family or group in large numbers. If you are solo or traveling with 2-3 people, it is recommended to take an open trip to Komodo island

Travel regulations to Komodo National Park

The pandemic is not over yet, but many countries have opened their doors to tourist arrivals, including Indonesia. Government regulations remove quarantine rules for domestic and international tourists who want to come to Bali. 

The requirement is that the traveler has received a booster vaccine. For those who have just been vaccinated once, they must do a PCR test and an antigen test for those who have been vaccinated twice.

Make sure you keep your health by wearing a mask when in a crowd and washing your hands using hand sanitizer.