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How To Optimize Your Vacation At Komodo National Park


Komodo National Park is one of the most impressive places to visit in Indonesia. It is located between the islands of Sumbawa and Flores in the East Nusa Tenggara province. This extraordinary park encompasses a total of 19 volcanic islands which also include the 3 major islands Padar, Rinca, and Komodo. In this national park live 2,500 Komodo Dragons as well as other terrestrial fauna from mammals, reptiles, to birds. Not to mention that the park’s terrain is very diverse consisted of tropical rain forest, mountainous hillside, and grass-woodland savannah. Don’t forget the pristine white sandy beaches harboring rich marine biodiversity. 

How To Optimize Your Vacation At Komodo National Park - trekking padar island

Making the most of your time at Komodo National Park

Here are several ways you can consider to fully experience all beautiful things at Komodo National Park:

See Komodo Dragons with your own eyes

Komodo Dragons are such an impressive creature with approximately reach 3 meter in length and weigh over 70kg. They are considered the largest lizard and reptile in the world. They are dangerous predators with excellent vision and deathly, poisonous saliva. The thing is, you won’t be able to see them anywhere else but at Komodo National Park and the surrounding Flores island. Get to see them in real life but make sure to follow the instructor from the guide (ranger) because they are to keep at a distance with caution. 

Witness other intriguing animals

Aside from the Komodo Dragons, the park is also home to various intriguing animals from land and sea. Get to witness them roaming freely in their natural habitat. There are wide ranges of reptiles, mammals, and birds. Land creatures you can see including water buffaloes, lizard species, snakes, horses, wild boars, Rinca rat, fruit bats, and various species of birds. There are also marine fauna that are diverse and astonishing you can witness. 

Consider diving

It is recommended that you dive into various sites at Komodo National Park. You will get to see an array of beautiful biodiversity since the park sits in the heart of the Asia Pacific Coral Triangle. Aside from travelers and tourist, there are more people who come to this national park to experience rich biodiversity such as scientists, professional divers, and even photographers. 

Hike up Padar Island

Consider hiking up Padar Island to enjoy breathtaking landscape and take spectacular photos. Ascending one of the many grassy hills, you will be presented with surrounding green, white and blue hues. You will get to see the stunning view of four crescent-shaped sparkling beaches from the vantage point of the tallest peak. Get as many pictures as you want to immortalize the beauty. 

Visit Pink Beach

This is a must visit place when you travel to Komodo Island. This beach has unique sand in pink. It is in fact one of the only seven pink beaches in the world. Th soft pink tinge is caused by the red corals combined with white pristine sand. Surrounded by luscious green hills, this beach is such a perfect place to take your breath away.