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How to Enjoy Bali This Summer 2022

How to Enjoy Bali This Summer 2022
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What more could you ask for in a trip than Bali, a paradise on earth with tropical beaches, culture, and waterfalls? Going to Bali, on the other hand, can be rather intimidating due to the vast amount of information accessible on the island and just not knowing where to begin when it comes to vacation planning. From itinerary planning to getting best deal in a secluded beach resort in Nusa Dua, here are our secret tips to enjoy Bali. 

Best Time to Travel to This Island

The months of May through October are the most popular for vacationing in this tropical paradise because there are few rainy days. The island is particularly wonderful at this time of year, with the sun being pretty warm and the weather being dry and pleasant.

October is the cheapest month to visit Bali because it follows the busy season. The monsoon season lasts from October to April, however it has little impact on the island’s appeal. There will still be hours of sunshine on many days, and you’ll be traveling outside of peak season, so there will be fewer crowds and reduced pricing.

Map Out Your Itinerary with Google Maps

Are you planning a trip or a Bali itinerary? Most likely, you use Google Maps to plan your excursions and calculate distances and times. From my experience, don’t believe Google Maps when it comes to estimating journey times in Bali. We’ve been rerouted or are badly delayed due to snarled traffic and religious rituals. So, if you’re intending on seeing a sunset in Bali, allow additional time to account for the risk of traffic congestion so you don’t miss it. Another recommendation is to download either the Google Bali offline Maps or While there is generally adequate coverage in Bali, there have been moments when we have gone without internet access.

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You Might Need to Learn Riding A Motorbike

You Might Need to Learn Riding A Motorbike
Image credit: Instagram/thebaliguideline/veeceecheng

One thing you need to know about Bali: public transportation in the island is virtually non-existent! With no public transportation, this left you with either taxis or driving your own vehicles. If you are staying for long and have quite a long list of itineraries, a taxi cost can mount up. Scooters and motorcycles, on the other hand, are relatively inexpensive; depending on the length of rental, location, and number of cc’s, you may anticipate to pay between $3 and $10 each day, making it a cost-effective method of transportation.

Also, motorbikes and scooters can get you a long way. They allow you to visit as many sights as you like, and get to the most beautiful spots for sunrise without having to arrange a taxi.

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Stay Close to the Beach

Isn’t it the dream of every holiday in Bali? To wake up and stare to the vast ocean, to play at the beach at any whim, and to see the sky’s changing colours and get reflected on the sea. Staying close to the beach is virtually the essence of tropical vacation! There are so many beach towns to choose for your base in Bali. From the hip Seminyak, the backpacker Kuta, the cool Canggu, the humble Sanur, to the secluded five-star resort complex in Nusa Dua beach, the choice is yours!

Look for Resort Discounts!

Save some budget by taking advantage on resort discounts. Many beach resorts in Bali are now reopening post the pandemic-pause, and they are having promotional discounts! Just like this beach resort in Nusa Dua that offers 35% off for staycation in June! Make sure to see other promo that can further save your budget. 

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Avoid the Crowds in Bali

If there’s one thing you should know about Bali, it’s that it’s overrun with tourists. It is difficult, but not impossible, to get away from the mob. Getting up early is an easy method to avoid the crowds. Get up early in the morning, hop on your scooter, and ride around chasing the sun as it rises over the mountains, the beach, or a waterfall. Not only did this mean you’ll have some of Bali’s most magnificent vistas to ourselves, but it also meant you could avoid the island’s hot sun, as you will be already done sightseeing by the time most others arrived.