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How Architecture Bali Combines Modern And Traditional Concept Villa


Traditional Balinese architecture is inseparable from the inherent philosophy and cultural elements. Over time the development of villas or even private homes is an amalgamation of architecture Bali with the addition of modern elements. The way to maintain it is to use structural elements and construction of traditional Balinese houses, especially wall, floor, and ceiling elements. While the material uses typical Balinese materials like wood, bamboo, rattan, and rocks, and uses Balinese decorations.

How Architecture Bali Combines Modern And Traditional Concept Villa

The advantage of hiring an architecture Bali

The selection of an architect & builder Bali is the right choice for the development of villas for both business and residential homes. The construction of Balinese villas must follow local regulations where the building height must not exceed 15 meters. An experienced Bali construction company must have known local regulations before starting construction.

Finding an architect Bali is crucial. You have to find an architect Bali who really listens and realizes your concept and desire for a villa in the tropics. The fact is that more than tens of thousands of villas make the price competition for lodging prices in Bali quite tight. Therefore, if you want to build a new villa for commercial purposes, you must have a unique concept that is different from the others.

Villa development Bali depends on your wishes. Do you want a villa that has a special theme or specialization. Or an open-air Bali villa development with a swimming pool filled with sunlight? A family-friendly villa, or a villa that presents a Santorini-style atmosphere? You can convey everything to your architect to be the basis for making the ideal villa concept in Bali that reflects your personality.

Villa development Bali is inseparable from a characteristic. Builder Bali knows exactly that villa owners want lots of open space. Another characteristic is the local tropical plants typical of Bali such as Japanese trees, Calathea, and bananas.

Builder Bali for profitable villa

How does the Bali contractor build a profitable villa? The first is the existence of a guest area that will later be rented out. The guest area should have a separate entry from the private area to maintain privacy. Provide public facilities to support guests’ activities such as a pool or bale as a place to relax and enjoy the atmosphere of the villa.

Architecture villa development Bali knows exactly how to design a low-maintenance villa. One of them is to make the corner of the villa as simple as possible by minimizing the curve so that it is easier for you when clean.

Building a profitable living villa in Bali cannot be separated from a material selection. Professional Balinese architects should be able to adjust building materials to your budget. If you have determined a budget or have a budget limit, choosing the right material is the solution.

Tips for choosing materials to save your budget:

Selection of bricks with factory standard sizes. Door & window materials with a size of no more than 1 meter can minimize the development budget. Custom sizes require higher manufacturing costs than factory standards.

Minimizing ornaments attached to buildings. The reason is still the same, custom ornaments will require additional costs.

Selection of raw or unfinished materials as in Scandinavian and Industrial type buildings so that no finishing costs are required