Activities to do in the best family resort in Nusa Dua


Nusa dua is filled with many resort that can surely provide you with a good time during your vacation. But not all of them have many facilities that are good for kids. Here are the kinds of facilities thats included in when you stay in one of the best family resort in Nusa Dua.

A room for the whole family

room full of kids decoration
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Did you know, in some of the resort, kids can stay for free without additional charges. With colorfully themed family rooms and suites, which have exciting facilities for kids, will appeal to younger travelers in particular. The room they provide also have a special facilities for the little one, like their own tv and sometimes they have a game console inside the kids room. 

Meals that the kids will surely like

delicious burger from the kids menu
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Beside free charge for the kid stay, some of the best resort in Nusa Dua also give free meals for kids either from the kids menu or the buffet. Of course they should be accompanied by their parents. This would make it easier for parents that were afraid if their kids can also enjoy new kinds of food that maybe have a different taste than what they used to.


Kids club where the kids can learn and play

Some resort also have a kids club where kids can play with other kids at the same age and make new friends when their on vacation. Sometimes, theres a Kid’s Club Team that arranged a schedule of indoor and outdoor activities for the Kids Club. Some kids club may be a parent free zone, but usually they have open space so you can safely monitor your kids.

Tumbling Bucket in the kids pool

If you’re lucky you can even found a resort that have a mini waterpark or a kids pool. That would enhance the experience of the kids by a lot. They can swim and enjoy fountain, waterslide and play with the tumbling water bucket at the top. Compared to just a pool without any attraction it would be a great experience for the little one.

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Enjoy thrilling water sport

If you’re staying at a family resort in Nusa Dua, one of the best acivity is to try the watersport. You can enjoy the view of the coast while enjoying many water rides. There are many kinds of water sport like jetski, speedboat, banana boat, flying fish, or even parasailing. Most of these activities can be done with your kids, you can even consult the personnel if you want to be sure. If you’re not a fan of adrenaline rush, you can also ride a glass bottom to see the view under the sea, or do a walk under the sea with the fishes.