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Enjoy Your Vacation in Natural & Luxury Concrete Villa Bali


Due to the lack of brick or a timber frame, concrete villas are regarded as being out of the ordinary. Some individuals might consider them to be unattractive and less aesthetically pleasant than a brick house. But architects and designers have made sure that a contemporary concrete villa can nevertheless appear beautiful. 

Enjoy Your Vacation in Natural & Luxury Concrete Villa Bali

Concrete villa construction pros and cons

Because they are stronger than poured concrete, concrete blocks are ideal for foundations and basement walls. Concrete blocks can be used to quickly build partition walls in any home, and their cores or voids can be filled with steel reinforcing rods and concrete for added strength. As a result, this can save time. Furthermore, acoustic concrete is advantageous because it is virtually soundproof. Concrete blocks also provide insulation against cold and heat, potentially lowering a home’s energy consumption.

Villa development in Bali is usually located on rice fields with moving land contours. For the quality of buildings in paddy fields, concrete building is the best way for building quality in the long term. When most people think of a concrete villa, the first thing that comes to mind is probably how they look. Although a concrete structure may appear commercial, it is possible to create something visually appealing.

Tourist comfort during holidays is important in business. An attractive and artistic villa design will be very supportive and an attraction for villa owners to get as many reservations as possible. Design services are very important to make a concrete villa look beautiful.

The concept of a green environment will be very appropriate to be applied to concrete villas to provide guests comfort. As well as being able to save energy, concrete homes are also fire-resistant. If in the unfortunate event that a fire spreads throughout the home. There is much less chance of extensive damage than there might be in a home built by other methods.

The advantages of the concrete green villa concept

Concrete is now widely regarded as a sustainable and environmentally friendly building material. However, some of the reasons for the increased demand from property owners are not as obvious to contractors.

  • Several factors contribute to the suitability of green concrete in structures, including:
  • Reduce structure dead load and crane age load; allow handling and lifting flexibility with lighter weight.
  • CO2 emissions will be reduced by 30%.
  • Waste product use in the concrete industry has increased by 20%.
  • Better thermal and fire resistance, as well as sound insulation than traditional concrete.
  • Improve the building’s damping resistance.
  • There will be no pollution and development will be sustainable.
  • It requires less upkeep and repairs.
  • The compressive strength behavior of concrete with a higher water-cement ratio is superior to that of conventional concrete.
  • Green concrete has nearly the same flexural strength as conventional concrete.

The point is that the green concrete villa concept will greatly benefit the building owner because of minimal maintenance. Concrete villas last a very long time if the construction is carried out properly by a professional artist. The green concrete villa construction concept also offers super-premium comfort for tourists who want to enjoy a super premium vacation.