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Common Mistakes Seasoned Travelers Could Do


The more you travel, the less likely for you to make rookie mistakes because you learn so many things along the way. However, mistakes and mishaps sometimes happen to the most seasoned travelers because we are all human after all. Making errors during your trip are sometimes inevitable and the most important thing is stay level-headed and find the best solution. 

expired invalid passport damaged after expiration day with holes on black table

Mistakes that even seasoned travelers could do

Navigating travel seamlessly and perfectly is almost impossible even for seasoned traveler. It is because each travel has its own moment. You might have visited one particular destination for few times already but it’s still possible for you to make mistake. That is how unique and predictable travel could be. It is also possible for even seasoned travelers to make rookies mistakes as follow:

Cram everything

We all know that first-time travelers tend to want everything packed in their limited schedule. Trying to do too much is a rookie mistake that even seasoned travelers do from time to time. One of the most common reasons is limited time and resource so travelers often want to cram everything in their schedule to make the most of the trip.

Bring expired passport

It is pretty common to happen to seasoned travelers especially when they are too busy planning a visit to different places. Forgetting the expiry date of passport can lead to serious problem because then you might have to reschedule everything you have planned. It is recommended to check passport prior the trip to ensure it is still valid. 

Leaving for the airport too late

It is  mistake seasoned travelers might make because they feel less worried about their trip. Hence, they usually chill and avoid rushing. However, it might often end up of them being late instead. It is recommended to leave for the airport three hours prior your flight to make sure you are not late for boarding.

Didn’t pack the right gear

This kind of rookie mistake can happen to seasoned travelers. It can be due to lack of research of the destination or update information. That is why it is important to do a research about your destination prior your leaving so you know exactly what to pack to survive the trip. Sometimes the weather change so suddenly so make sure to stay updated with the information.

Wandering around looking for your gate

This might sound very rookie mistake but even seasoned travelers could experience it. Gates often change periodically so it is possible that you don’t where they are even if you travel a lot. It is recommended to check periodically. And if you are already at the airport and don’t know where your gate is, don’t hesitate to ask around. 

Still hesitate to buy travel insurance

The more you travel, the more you understand how important travel insurance is. However, there are seasoned travelers who are still considering whether or not to buy travel insurance. It is worth to buy because it can cover costly expenses from unexpected emergency that you might experience during a trip.