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Check Out These 7 Most Popular Cities Around The World


There are thousands of cities in the world but not all of them are enjoyable for a visit. Each city may have its characteristics that make it more appealing to visit than the others. Visiting interesting, international cities can be great idea if you aim for something different that can help ou refresh your hectic mind. Spending time exploring various cities can be beneficial in some ways. Not only is it entertaining but you may also find something beyond what you expected for. 

Plaza Espana on sunny day. Seville (Sevilla), Andalusia, Southern Spain.

7 favorite cities worth visiting for

Among thousands of cities in the world, it is kind of challenging to choose the best one. However, there are some cities that are more popular than others and have become favorite among travelers and tourists alike. And here are 7 of them:

Sydney, Australia

Sydney is definitely on the list of one of the most favorite cities in the world. Its popularity comes from its duality. Visiting Sydney, you can enjoy both the natural setting and the buzz of actual city. The combination of those two different elements make Sydney more special and interesting to visit. There are various man-made and natural charms that draw people into this city. 

Seville, Spain

Seville is the capital of the region of Andalucia. One of the most interesting part of this city is its white-washed villages. You can explore various things around the city such as the cathedral and the Alcazar. However, Seville also has many hidden gems you must find out because those are parts of the city’s charm. 

Venice, Italy

Some people may think Venice is overrated but we can agree that the city is beautiful and its popularity just makes sense. This is where you can enjoy romantic trip and try one of those gondolas. Its streets are replaced by canals which make exploring around the city much more interesting. 

Athens, Greece

This is also such a popular city and loved by avid fans of ancient Greek history. It is also a great place to visit for those who love classic architectures. It is not hard to find the evidences of the ancient Greek history in Athens.

London, England

London is also popular and has been a favorite city to visit by many type of travelers. There are many interesting things to explore during your visit to this classic city from free museums to bookstores all within walking distance. 

Paris, France

Some people consider Paris to be overrated but it keeps attracting tourists and travelers alike almost on daily basis. It is one of the most visited destination especially for romantic getaway. Not to mention that this city is home to the world’s largest museum, The Louvre. 

Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok is also one of the most visited cities in the world. This place is situated in southeast Asia which means you can expect for tropical endeavor. You can enjoy variety of authentic dishes that full of cultural and historical background. In addition, travel budget to visit Bangkok is pretty cheap.