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    Colorful Tourist Destinations in San Francisco

    San Francisco is just one of the cities that make up the entire San Francisco Bay Area. San Francisco’s neighbors Oakland and Berkeley, east of the Bay Bridge, in Marin County north of the Golden Gate Bridge and on the peninsula south of the city, are all part of separate counties, each with its own government and transit systems. San Francisco is a victim of crime in some downtown areas such as Tenderloin, Mid Market, 6th Street, Soma and Western Addition. The southeast part of the city is also a victim of violent crime. Visitors should be aware of their surroundings when walking late at night near some downtown hotels. San Francisco also has a high death rate among pedestrians and cyclists. This city is also overrun with colorful and popular destinations to visit.

    Fisherman’s Wharf

    On the north coast, Fisherman’s Wharf is one of the liveliest tourist areas in the city. Souvenir stores and stalls selling crab and clam soup served in a bread bowl appear at every turn, and the views of the bay, the Golden Gate and Alcatraz Island are postcard-worthy. It is possible to see a sea lion colony and visit historic ships. In Ghirardelli Square, stores and restaurants are located in the famous old chocolate factory. Here you can visit the arcade of the Mechanical Museum with its charming building, the National Maritime Historical Park, where you can watch ancient sailing ships and submarines USS Pampanito. At Pier 39, visit the California Sea Lions. Here you can go shopping and try a rotating comedy.

    Barbary Coast

    The Barbary Coast was once one of San Francisco’s famous gambling and prostitution sites. However, this period has been slightly reduced, the Barbary Coast is located near Jackson Square, North Beach and Chinatow. On the Barbary Coast, you can enjoy many historical sites such as the City Lights Bookstore, the Vesuvio Cafe, Saints Peter and Paul Church (the places where Joe DiMaggio and Marilyn Monroe were photographed in 1954 after their wedding at City Hall).


    Chinatown is one of the oldest and most established Chinatowns in the United States. Beyond the iconic Dragon’s Gate, many lively streets and alleys are lined with traditional restaurants and dim sum establishments. They also include herbalists, bakeries, souvenir stores, dark cocktail lounges and karaoke bars. The area also includes richly decorated temples, including the famous Tin How and the Chinese Historical Society of America Museum. San Francisco Chinatown is centered on Grant and Stockton Routes, there are actually four different Chinese environments in this city. And San Francisco itself is the oldest and largest Chinese immigrant city in Asia.

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    The Top 5 Prewedding Spot on Komodo Tour

    Komodo Tour

    As one of the fantastic places on this planet, the island of Komodo offers plenty of excellent attractions, such as natural and cultural attractions. Komodo island is the idyllic destination for those who dream of having the perfect backdrop to capturing the most precious moments of life. Nowadays, many travelers have made the Komodo Tour bring their prewedding dream into reality. There are many best places in Komodo with beautiful panorama. It is great to plan for wedding photography. It starts with Komodo’s fantastic natural scenery, the mountains, hills, and the fantastic beach. Let’s scroll below and pick your prewedding spots right away!

    Padar Island for Exotic Picture

    Komodo Tour

    Padar Island is a beautiful location pity if used for prewedding photography in Komodo Island. The best thing about Padar Island is its natural scenery. It becomes a perfect location for a photoshoot. The view of the blue sea and the surrounding small islands are just breathtaking and perfect. The best time to take a photo at the time of sunrise. You will see ab exceptional beautiful sunrise like no other! The sky will be a perfect and theatrical moment in capture with a camera.

    Komodo Tour to Magnificent Pink Beach

    What better spot to be than strolling along the amazing pink beaches with your lover? Pink Beach is a perfect place for a photoshoot. The site is still beautiful and natural, with a great view above and below the sea. The highlight and the most exciting part of this beach is the color of the sand. It has pink, almost red sand, making for a unique location for a prewedding shoot. 

    Wae Rebo

    Wae Rebo is one of the fantastic destinations on the Komodo Tour. This traditional village is surrounded by panoramic mountains and the dense Todo forest. You’ve probably never thought of taking your prewedding pictures in the small town, and though it sounds like an old-fashioned choice, you won’t regret it! Prewedding in Wae Rebo could be one option to capture your memorable moment during a prewedding. 

    Kelimutu Crater Must be Included in The Komodo Tour

    Kelimutu Crater is also no less beautiful than other areas in Komodo. It’s famous for the different colors of lakes sitting inside its crater. Surrounded by different colors of lakes formations, this wild and daring scenery makes for an incredible photoshoot location, separate from your usual beach scenery. You can visit this place early in time to watch the sunrise over the lakes and the mountains beyond.

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    Spider Web Field

    Spider Web Field is located in Cancar Village, Manggarai Regency, East Nusa Tenggara. This spot is in the form of rice fields. But, in Indonesia, mostly rice fields with terraces shaped terraces. Just as the location name, Spider Web are rice fields whose patterns are shaped like spider webs. You can explore the beautiful panorama of the rice fields surrounded by green hills. This spot makes the perfect backdrop to a prewedding photoshoot!

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    Swaps and Changes to Pack Lights

    Travelling means you need to be prepared with everything you are going to need. Packing is one of the important things to pay attention to because it has everything you need for smooth and comfortable travel, whether it is for long or short trip. Almost every travel experts or seasoned travelers always suggest you to pack light. It is considered best to do because it brings benefits for travelers. However, it is not easy to do and for some travelers, it is one of the most challenging things.

    Packing light hacks

    Travelling light doesn’t mean you have to cut many things especially the ones considered essentials for you. You need to swaps and changes this and that so you get to pack light and travel more comfortably. Packing light has many benefits such as no excess baggage fees, no need to give large tips to porters, no airport trolley fees, make preparation easy and quick, makes multi-destinations trips without so much hassles, and avoid bodily injure due to moving heavy weight.

    Therefore, packing light is not only to save money but also to make your trip easier to do. Also, your body won’t take a toll because moving or carrying such a huge weight throughout the trip. There are many ways you can swap and change to pack light for your trip, such as:

    Always start with small suitcase instead of the big one. If you are currently looking for suitcase, it is recommended to do it more thoroughly. Some important factors to consider when buying suitcase include weight and sturdiness. Choose lightweight suitcase that is also sturdy and durable.

    To make packing process easier, do not rely on what you go through things. Instead, use a packing list and follow it religiously. It helps you to be more organized. Also, it reduces the chance of you forgetting things.

    It is even better if you have compression packing cubes because it can be used to pack your clothes without taking too much space in your suitcase. The con is, it may add the weight to your suitcase even if the space is saved.

    You may need to pack few pairs of shoes for your trip. It is recommended to not use bulky covers. It is needed to cover your shoes so the soles won’t stain your clothes. To do so, you can use shower cap instead. It still delivers the same function.

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    Birthday Celebration with Luxury Liveaboard Indonesia

    Luxury Liveaboard Indonesia

    Do you get excited about your birthday celebration? Birthdays are a special time and a big reason to celebrate. It only comes once a year. Birthdays are celebrated with cake, gifts, special activities with favorite people. So, what is a unique way to celebrate your birthday? A unique way to refer to your birthday is to celebrate on the Luxury liveaboard Indonesia at Raja Ampat. Birthday cruises are a great way to celebrate with the ones you love. You can enjoy your day by waking up to see the beautiful sunrise with the sound of waves. Sounds good, isn’t it? Raja Ampat is considered the heart of the coral triangle due to its richness in marine biodiversity. With all the spectacular wonder beyond its waters, this is indeed the place where beautiful, magnificent, and fascinating words get its true physical meaning. Here are some tips for the birthday idea at sea in honor of your birthday.

    Bring your gang

    There is nothing more fun than celebrating your special day with your best friend and family. Birthdays with luxury liveaboard Indonesia can turn into a memorable and unique party. A liveaboard will give you an unrivaled experience. A perfect morning to watch the sunrise from the depth of the ocean while drinking a cup of hot coffee. Delicious breakfast on board while enjoying the serenity landscape and dancing all night with the ones you love on a cruise birthday party.

    Dress up your luxury liveaboard Indonesia cabin

    Decorating a birthday room is a lot of fun. Once you have booked your luxury liveaboard Indonesia, tell the crew that you celebrate a birthday and request birthday decor for your cabin.  Hang streamers on your cabin door. Order some balloons, bubbles, and confetti and add some sparkle to your room to the liveaboard crew. Don’t forget to request beautiful roses to make your day more memorable.

    Birthday Dinner at Luxury Liveaboard Indonesia

    It is an excellent idea to celebrate your birthday with a fabulous dinner with your gang. The moments spent around the dinner table are always exciting ones, and you can enjoy the delicious food, the sound of the water, the beauty of the sea at night. Don’t forget to wear your birthday matches outfit with your gang and order a birthday cake. No birthday celebration would be complete without a cake, blow the candle and make a wish too!

    Night Entertainment

    When you celebrate your birthday with your gang, it wouldn’t be a party without a night entertainment. At night time, you celebrate your birthday party by dancing and singing on the boat. Grab some drinks and enjoy every moment with your best friend. Don’t forget to capture every moment.

    Group Activities

    Another unique aspect of having a birthday on a liveaboard is you can enjoy all the fun experiences. A liveaboard offers various diving activities, snorkeling, exploring a beautiful place, and spa day on the boat. Make your birthday truly unforgettable with fun activities with your group. Be sure to enjoy and relax!

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    Komodo Island Scuba Diving; 5 Reason to Make It this Holiday

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    Komodo Island Scuba Diving; 5 Reason to Make It this Holiday

    Komodo Island Scuba Diving; 5 Reason to Scuba Dive in Komodo Island for Holiday

    Komodo Island was listed as the one of the New seven Wonders of Nature in the world. Komodo Island is famous for its unique natural beauty and fauna. The island is notable as the habitat of the Komodo dragon, which is considered the world’s largest living lizard. Not only that, Komodo Island is one of the best scuba dive sites on this planet. Today, Komodo Island is well known one of the richest marine environments. Scuba diving is an exciting and fun experiences because you can explore the rest part of the world. At Komodo, there are variety of fish, millions of reef fish of all size and colors. The highlights for the diver are being able to see amazing things like blue ringed octopus, sea horse, crocodile fish and more. Very fun and interesting holiday isn’t it? So, why you need to have a vacation for scuba diving in Komodo Island?

    Explore a Whole Different of The World in Komodo Island

    Komodo Island Scuba Diving allows us to see more of the world. There are currently around 1.000 species of fishes discovered in the ocean at Komodo Island, 260 types of corals and 70 species of sponges. Discovering the underwater world is truly amazing journey to fill your heart and get you into the joy of diving. 

    A Place for Healing

    When you dive into an underwater, you are welcomed to filled with colour, life and beauty. Komodo Island Scuba Diving is a great way to get away and let go of your land stresses. Morever having a calm mind helps achieving a positive energy and reduces the feelings of depression and you would able to feel quiet and peace. 

    Scuba diving Adventures in Komodo Island

    Adventure Komodo Island Scuba Diving

    Another reason why Komodo Island Scuba Diving is so much interested is the adventure. Being able to interact underwater and swim with the marine creatures is an adventure you will never forget instead of standing in front of aquariums. 

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    Learn a New Skill

    Wonderful way to combine amazing holiday with developing your new skill is learn something new like scuba diving. During scuba diving, you will learn about physics and equipment and also about environmental underwater.

    Scuba Diving in Komodo Island is Great to Make a New Connection 

    Scube diving is a great way to meet new people with the same passion. You will able to connect with new people from all over the world. People who are interested in scuba diving can be fun and attractive.

    If you are looking for an adventure you have to try scuba diving. There is no better way to explore Komodo Island than scuba diving! Scuba diving is amazing things you should give a try at least once in a lifetime. 

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    Most Stunning Places On Earth To Be Put In Your Bucket List

    While the global pandemic has restricted us from travelling around the world, we can start planning for our dream trip. We have to stay positive because the outbreak will end sooner or later. Even if some of us cannot truly travel now, at least we can plan for our first post-pandemic vacation now. Even if you cannot go anytime soon, you can do some research to make plan. 

    Stunning Place on Earth
    Photo by Sonaal Bangera

    Stunning places for your dream vacation

    Finding some inspiration for your next vacation is a great thing to do now especially with travel restriction and stay at home order. You can plan your next vacation thoroughly in slow pace to fill your days during isolation. Our planet is beautiful and there are so many stunning places you can explore. When things get better, you may be able to fulfill some of your dream trips by visiting places marked in your bucket list. Here are the most stunning places you can put in your bucket list for your next getaway:

    Granada is located in Spain and one of the most stunning places on earth. Things to enjoy during a visit to this place include the foods, architecture, and the locals. However, the thing you should put a highlight on is none other than the Alhambra. The sunset over the Alhambra is one of the most beautiful ever. You can go watching the sunset by climbing up the skinny streets of the Albayzin neighborhood to the Mirador de San Nicholas. It is said to be the most breathtaking sunset to watch.

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    Krka National Park in Croatia is a great place with many stunning elements to enjoy. Thus, it should be in your bucket list. This place is more than just a small pit stop on a trip to Split. It is the highlight of a trip to Croatia indeed. You can enjoy your time by navigating through the forest. You will also see the rivers and streams flow beautifully from the elevated wooden pathways. This place will make you feel more connected to nature. Only the sound of the nature and your footsteps will be heard during your adventure. 

    Haputale Tea Country is Srilanka is also a stunning place worth visit for. You can mark this place on your map for your post-pandemic trip. Even if the photos don’t do justice to describe how stunning the place is. Things to experience during a visit to Haputale is a humble train ride, beautiful views of the nature, as well as friendly interaction with the local tea pickers in a cloud forest. The views from there are very dream-like.

    Great Bear Rainforest in British Columbia, Canada offers you stunning wilderness which of course worth travelling for. You can create your own adventure to explore all the beauties this place offers. Go for a hike through the temperate rainforest or go paddling bays by kayak. Do not skip a visit to the beautiful waterfalls rushing in the inner part of the rainforest. It exhaled the rainforest into the sea amazingly. 

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    Get Your Car Ready For A Road Trip

    Car travel is considered one of the safest alternatives to take during this global pandemic compared to travel with public transport such as bus or train. Car travel may still put you at risk of contacting the virus especially if it is a long drive. You have to take bathroom breaks, filling your gas, etc. However, can prevent you from being involved in a crowd for so long. Getting your supplies ready including foods, drinks and sanitary supplies is important. However, auto maintenance should be on your list as well. 

    Things to check for a safe road trip

    A long road trip can put your car in a test. You can see its strength. However, it is also possible for you to not notice anything is off prior to your trip. Therefore, it is always wise to have your car serviced beforehand. Thus, you know that your car is in good shape for a long drive. Here are things you need to check for a smooth road trip:

    Tires are often forgotten to check prior a trip. However, tires with good condition are essential for smooth trip. Not to mention that it is important factor for your car’s safety, fuel efficiency, traction, and performance. You can check the pressure of all tires and take a look at the tread depth to see any damage. Replace if there is any. 

    Oil change is necessary thing to be in your checklist prior to your trip. Oil is like the lifeblood of your car. Thus, it is essential for your car to have oil change. Timely oil changes are necessary according to professionals. And you have to make sure of it before the trip especially when your vehicle is not used to be driven at highway speeds.

    Brakes are essential to check for your own safety. If you keep delaying to service your brakes, there might be more serious damage which can also cost a lot higher than you expected. Usually, brakes send some signals to let you know if there are any upcoming issues. Do not dismiss those signals and repair your brakes immediately. Even if the brakes are fine, having them checked by professional won’t hurt to ensure your safety while on the road later. 

    Interior and exterior light bulbs are important to check so you won’t have trouble with your vision later especially in the places with lack of lighting. Some bulbs can be replaced yourself. If you are unsure whether they need a replace or not, take your car to the professionals. 

    Check for any leak, smell, or noise coming from your car. Those are usually signs when there is something off with your vehicle. A leak under a car is a warning and you have to check it immediately. It is highly recommended to bring your car to a professional two weeks prior your trip. Thus, there is still plenty of time to fix things. You also have time to do a test drive after service.

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    Guide to Plan Your Bali Villas Vacation

    Bali is not only popularly known for its varied landscapes and beautiful scenery but also for its best range of accommodations, from Bali property to Bali villas. Enhancing Bali’s natural beauty will make your getaway a spectacular and unforgettable one.

    bali villas

    Factors to consider selection Bali Villas

    Selecting your next Bali Villas could be a tricky one. Consider the internal and external factors that made your stay more tranquil. Various factors to consider Bali Villas are varied from budgeting, privacy, vacation/stay plan, small detail on the agreement, and the least important location.

    Budgeting helps to list your both expected and unexpected expenses in order to manage the limit, Thus mind to consider the privacy in Bali Villas as which situation would suit your vacation plan. Better knowledge of small details on agreement gives ample protection on both parties when transacting for a leasehold villas and property, this indicates the acceptance to make it valid. These factors will help to determine which next destination to sail, while considering the location.

    Location on vacation

    Every Bali’s location offers its own treasury amid local social life. Several popular ones that provide more attraction and crowd are in the heart of Seminyak and Kuta, while the most favorable option for its tranquility and serenity is Ubud location.

    The highlands of Ubud are described as Bali’s cultural center, arts and crafts hub, its strong local community inherent Balinese’s religious beliefs and culture into daily activities which invite our curiosity. Meanwhile Seminyak offers convenience near a wide variety of shopping, entertainment options, popular restaurants, and sightseeing scenery.

    Planning for a long stay?

    After selecting location, vacation and stay plan are incomplete without referring to the best property and villas. Seminyak and Ubud location deliver exclusive villas for rent for an unforgettable vacation all year extended. It specializes in long-term leasehold with an easy rental procedure and safety in every corner. Showcasing the mix of western and balinese ambiance and its full furnished bali property to match either individual or family-friendly stay.

    The longer stay the more familiar with Balinese culture which offers various attractions and sightseeing. Balinese traditional event usually determined by calendar year and it represents traditions and influences on the island, a mix of Hindu and celebrations that welcome tourist participation in good faith.

    Blend and explore the untouchable island of god as it becomes more exciting overtime. There are unlimited options and opportunity awaits your adventurous journey. So its best to make sure that your stay in Bali villas will be worth it and deliver satisfaction.

    However, selecting Bali Villas and Property for the stay remains a priority when visiting the island. While searching for a place, you’ll find thousands that offer the serenity with a touch of deluxe and astounding views in Seminyak and Ubud.

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    Komodo Boat Trip: Discovering the Wae Rebo Village

    Komodo Boat Trip: Discovering the Wae Rebo Village

    Joining the Komodo boat trip or liveaboard not only give you an amazing water adventure but also a chance to visit Indonesian local tribes. These tribes usually live in the depths of the forest far from human civilization, because of that they only have limited technologies and only capable of speaking their own language. In Nusa Tenggara Timur (NTT), there’s a village located high in the mountain where tourists frequently visit called Wae Rebo.

    The Komodo boat trip also takes you to many cultural places

    Wae Rebo village is one of the highest located villages in Indonesia with a height of 1.200 meters above the sea surface. Because of this, a thick fog covering the village is a normal phenomenon in the morning. To reach this village, tourists have to trek quite a challenging route for about 2 to 3 hours.

    In 2012, UNESCO granted a heritage site status to Wae Rebo village for its cultural richness and unique houses. Speaking of house, they have a unique architecture that sure can pique the visitor’s interest. This village only has 7 main houses, each house shaped like a cone with 5 floors and a height of about 5 meters.

    Recognized internationally, Wae Rebo has millions of visitors each year

    One house can fit about 6 to 8 families. Inside, each floor is assigned for different purposes. The first floor is for gathering and sleeping, second floor for food storage, third floor for raw food storage, fourth floor for emergency food storage and the top floor is for a shrine. This unique house is called Mbaru Niang by the locals.

    Let’s talk about the locals now, even though this village is located in NTT but many people said that they are the descendant from Minang tribe, which is located on the far east in Sumatra. One of the elders in there with the name of Empo Maro claimed he did come from Minang descendant. His family came all the way from Sumatra to Labuan Bajo to find shelter and finally ended up in Wae Rebo.

    Even though Wae Rebo popular among the tourists, and the number of visitors keeps increasing throughout the year, none of the locals choose to become a tour guide and instead stick to their original job. The man makes a living by becoming a farmer and the woman stays home to make clothes.

    The coffee bean is the most popular farm goods in there, the coffee has a unique distinct taste and tourists often buy some of them along with the women’s handmade clothes. You can taste the original coffee of Wae Rebo on your Komodo boat trip!

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    Will you get in Komodo Boat Trip?

    Okay, so that’s some information I wanted to share with you about Wae Rebo village, if you’re interested to see it firsthand you might want to join the Komodo boat trip from Labuan Bajo for easy access. Cheers!   

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    How To Avoid Shark Attacks During Vacation 

    Spending your holiday on a beautiful beach sounds great and heavenly. There are also many opportunities where you can explore the sea more and interact with various sea life. However, there have been various cases reporting shark attacks. Some caused minor injury and others are severe. There is also shark sighting programme accommodating by travel agents or companies. It is safe activity as long as you know about shark safety and follow the guides. 

    Avoiding shark attacks when swimming

    The fact is, the number of shark attacks have been decreasing significantly. The chance to get  attacked by a shark is in fact, very low. The cases that were reported are divided into provoked and unprovoked incidents. 

    shark attacks
    Photo by: Ilana Nimz, 2016 NOAA Fisheries Hawaiian Monk Seal Research Program

    Keep in mind that sharks are not there to get you. They are not waiting for you to get into the water so they can attack you mercilessly like what movies tell you. Sharks are not really interested in humans and they don’t see us as foods either. Most cases of shark attacks often happen when they mistake human as seal or food source. 

    Get to know your waters

    Even if the chance of being attacked by sharks is low, you can still learn about the safety tips to avoid it. It is essential to now swimming, surfing, or paddling solo especially in places where it’s clear that sharks population is high. Do those activities in group instead because sharks mostly attack a solo person. If you are afraid of getting attacked by sharks, avoid doing activities in the water at dawn or dusk. Those time are when they are the most active. And for you, those times have low visibility which make you hard to see or identify any signs of danger. 

    Sharks like shiny things

    It is better to not make yourself look so contrast. It is found that sharks like something shiny and sparkly. Thus, avoid wearing jewelry that shines when under water. Avoid wearing too bright clothes. Avoid entering murky water because it makes you unable to see clearly if there is shark. Also, it is best to avoid getting close to water where fishermen carry their activities. Sharks tend to get attracted to the bait. Avoid places where sharks tend to congregate such as steep drop-offs, or any areas near sandbars. 

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    Avoid large school of fish

    If you are afraid of being mistaken as food source by sharks, avoid swimming near seals or large school of fish because they are often the target of the sharks. Also, it is best to avoid any erratic movements such as flailing or splashing while you are in the water. The best way to stay safe from shark attacks is always listen to the lifeguard and always pay attention to all warning flags and signs at the beach. 

    Shark deterrent products

    You may try using some shark deterrent products in a form of electric device, bracelet, etc. However, they are not 100 % effective because most of them are not even tested on a large number of species. A product might be deter one species of shark but that might not work the same to another species.