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Building Bali Family Villas: What You Need to Know

Building A Bali Family Villas

Traveling families are a huge part of the vacation rental growth, and it’s no secret. Every year, an increasing number of parents prioritize a family trip. Families appreciate the opportunity to have more space than a typical hotel room gives. Most families look forward to vacations, with 88 percent of families taking at least one vacation each year. To attract more families with children to your property, try to make your Bali family villas a true family-friendly accommodation.

What Family-Friendly Means in Bali Family Villas

To ensure that a house is family-friendly, it is no longer enough to click the box that says “children welcome” on a listing site. In actuality, many of those so-called “kid-friendly” homes lack the amenities that parents require, leading to disappointment and despair. Families want vacation rentals that live up to their billing, and they want to know exactly what to anticipate from each one. But how do you go about doing it? What can you do to make your holiday rental scream “families welcome”?

Make More Flexible Rooms for Bigger Family Group

Make More Flexible Rooms in Your Bali Family Villas

Making your vacation rental more family friendly by adding extra sleeping choices to your bedrooms and living spaces. Many families choose vacation rentals over hotels because hotels do not provide the space they require without causing them to purchase additional room.

Trundle beds and couch beds are fantastic ways to make your bedrooms more livable without turning them into kids’ quarters. But don’t go overboard. Bunk beds are fantastic for kids, but they’re not so much for grownups. If you add bunk beds to all of your rooms, you risk losing groups of adults who don’t want to sleep on the top bunk.

Provide Entertainments for the Kids

Many children have so much energy that parents may need a little help figuring out how to keep them occupied. First and foremost, ensure that your home has stable internet access. This will enable parents to stream Netflix to their children and download internet games to keep them entertained. Having a TV, DVD player, and/or a streaming device, such as an Apple TV or Roku, can also make it easy for parents to stream movies and shows for their children. Having a bin of kid-friendly toys, books, and movies would be an extra step that would be greatly appreciated by the family staying at your home. Moreover, these game rooms may help your Bali family villas to stand out against your competitors.

Strip All Sharp and Fragile Furnitures

Keep an eye out for any fragile, precious, or sharp objects in your Bali family vacation rental and, if necessary, remove them. Breakable or potentially harmful things, such as glass or crystal artifacts, china, vases, and so on, should be protected and stored properly. Knives and other sharp kitchen utensils should be kept out of reach of children.

You not only bring tension and worry to your guests, but you also add stress and anxiety to yourself as the host, by leaving out goods that can shatter or cause damage. By keeping these objects out of reach, you may dramatically lessen the likelihood of accidents while also alleviating parental concerns.

Show Parents on How You Cater Young Kids 

Show Parents on How You Cater Young Kids

Relaxation is one of the main reasons people go on vacation. Childproof your Bali family villas to make it easier for the parents who are staying with you to do so. Consider acquiring safety gates for stairwells and coverings for wall outlets, as well as storing pricey, fragile things like your grandmother’s antique vase. The more secure a child is while staying at your rental, the more their parents can unwind and enjoy their vacation.

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Proofing All Sharp Corners in Your Bali Family Villas

Children can be very energetic and having all the fun, especially when they are on vacation in a different location! They can sprint around and quickly collide with things, especially sharp corners, because to their excessive energy. As a result, it’s critical to safeguard sharp corners so that they don’t endanger tiny children. This includes all types of tables, TVs, and cupboards, as well as walls, which can be sharp and dangerous! Invest in plastic or rubber tips that you can quickly add or remove depending on the number of people that will be arriving.