Have A Bite Of The Most Delicious Dishes In The World


It might be a little bit impossible to travel around the earth especially nowadays when the pandemic has not fully contained. However, you can still have a taste of a culture by sampling their signature dishes. You can to the nearest restaurants near your house but make sure to keep following the protocols to stay safe. And if you feel like in the moment to cook, why not trying to recreate authentic dishes from the country you would like to visit someday. And here are considered the most delicious dishes in the world worth a bite and more:

Peking Duck

This dish is originated in China, specifically Beijing. It has been there for generations, specifically since the Imperial era. The original version of Peking duck was by roasting it in a closed oven. However, there had been an invention of more developed open-oven style to cook several ducks together at the same time, making it more efficient and faster to serve. This duck is best served with steamed Chinese pancake, along with spring onion, cucumber, and sweet bean sauce. You can find this mouthwatering dish in almost any Chinese restaurant.


This is a perfect meat dish originated in Hungary. In across Europe, it is often cooked as meat sauce or stew. However, the original version from Hungary, Goulash is a soup. This dish consists of beef shin, shoulder or shank and variety of vegetables (mostly carrots, peppers, and celery). it is then seasoned with lots of paprika and slowly simmered in broth over open fire in cauldron. This is traditional way of cooking Goulash to create the original flavor. It is often served in  a bread bowl or spaetzle noodles. 


Who doesn’t know this delicious food nowadays? This is getting popular and more people want to have a taste. Shakshuka is from the Middle East and also claimed as one of their own throughout North Africa. The most important thing is that this dish is tasted heavenly in the mouth. This is actually a simple dish made by reducing down tomatoes, onions, and variety of spices before adding eggs to be poached on top of it. Most people around the world enjoy this savory dish for breakfast or brunch. 

Onion soup

Soup is like a go-to meal whenever you feel like you need extra warmth or comfort for that day. And one of the most delicious and heartwarming soup is Onion soup from France. This is cooked by caramelizing onions in broth laced with cognac and white wine. It is said that the original onion soup has been existed since Roman times. However, Paris was where it was modernly originated in the 18th century. This soup is often served with a ramekin and topped with a slice of baguette and melted grilled cheese. 

There are many more delicious dishes around the world you should try including Beef Wellington from England, Laksa from Malaysia, Poutine from Canada, Rendang from Indonesia, Barramundi from Australia, and more.