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    What To Consider For Renting A Motorbike While Travelling

    Renting a motorbike is one of the common options many travelers choose to explore while travelling. You get the freedom of visiting as many places as you want by yourself or with a companion. You can also set your own pace and enjoy the trip as you prefer. Some travelers rent a motorbike while travelling to simply ride out of the city with no set of direction or plan. You may also get interested to do the same and discover more than you expected. 

    The risks of renting motorbike

    Any option has its own risk especially when you are travelling. Renting a motorbike is considered efficient and convenient. However, it also carries its own risks, one of the biggest is an accident occurring. Therefore, it is best to have some knowledge first about the local rules of road, driving customs, and how to ride a motorbike safely and responsibly. 

    Inspect the safety

    When renting a motorbike, you need to consider a rental company with good reputation. It can e seen from how they take care of their motorbikes as well as the policies they apply. It is because you need to prioritize your safety. A bike in poor condition will only increase the risk of accident and injury. Therefore, make sure to be more selective when choosing rental company, and inspect the motorbike before using it. 

    Consider the price

    You may also want to consider the price since you don’t want to waste your money renting worn out motorbike. If you choose the wrong company, they also may blame any damage of the bike on you. You may end up being the one who is forced to take responsibility for the repair. Choose a rental company that offer only motorbikes in good condition and set reasonable price. 

    Read your rental contract carefully before 

    It is a must to read the rental contract before making any deal with the rental company. In the contract, there are important things you should highlight such as if you have to fill the tank up with gas, insurance of the bike, deductible, maximum amount you have to pay if the bike is damaged or lost, etc. 

    Conduct multiple checks on motorbike

    Make sure to check everything of the motorbike you are going to rent. Check the brakes, horns, light, tires, and everything to make sure the bike is in good condition to hit the road. Do a test spin in step 2 to ensure the bike is riding straight as well. 

    Stay prepared and careful 

    Have copies of all rental agreement and the save the owner’s phone number. Also, it is recommended that you take pictures of the motorbike before using it. The photos will be the proof  if there are any damages or scratches you didn’t cause but the owner try to blame you. Also, stay safe and responsible when riding the motorbike to ensure your own safety and others. Always follow the local rules and stay away from unnecessary troubles on the road.

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    Enjoy Your Vacation in Natural & Luxury Concrete Villa Bali

    Due to the lack of brick or a timber frame, concrete villas are regarded as being out of the ordinary. Some individuals might consider them to be unattractive and less aesthetically pleasant than a brick house. But architects and designers have made sure that a contemporary concrete villa can nevertheless appear beautiful. 

    Enjoy Your Vacation in Natural & Luxury Concrete Villa Bali

    Concrete villa construction pros and cons

    Because they are stronger than poured concrete, concrete blocks are ideal for foundations and basement walls. Concrete blocks can be used to quickly build partition walls in any home, and their cores or voids can be filled with steel reinforcing rods and concrete for added strength. As a result, this can save time. Furthermore, acoustic concrete is advantageous because it is virtually soundproof. Concrete blocks also provide insulation against cold and heat, potentially lowering a home’s energy consumption.

    Villa development in Bali is usually located on rice fields with moving land contours. For the quality of buildings in paddy fields, concrete building is the best way for building quality in the long term. When most people think of a concrete villa, the first thing that comes to mind is probably how they look. Although a concrete structure may appear commercial, it is possible to create something visually appealing.

    Tourist comfort during holidays is important in business. An attractive and artistic villa design will be very supportive and an attraction for villa owners to get as many reservations as possible. Design services are very important to make a concrete villa look beautiful.

    The concept of a green environment will be very appropriate to be applied to concrete villas to provide guests comfort. As well as being able to save energy, concrete homes are also fire-resistant. If in the unfortunate event that a fire spreads throughout the home. There is much less chance of extensive damage than there might be in a home built by other methods.

    The advantages of the concrete green villa concept

    Concrete is now widely regarded as a sustainable and environmentally friendly building material. However, some of the reasons for the increased demand from property owners are not as obvious to contractors.

    • Several factors contribute to the suitability of green concrete in structures, including:
    • Reduce structure dead load and crane age load; allow handling and lifting flexibility with lighter weight.
    • CO2 emissions will be reduced by 30%.
    • Waste product use in the concrete industry has increased by 20%.
    • Better thermal and fire resistance, as well as sound insulation than traditional concrete.
    • Improve the building’s damping resistance.
    • There will be no pollution and development will be sustainable.
    • It requires less upkeep and repairs.
    • The compressive strength behavior of concrete with a higher water-cement ratio is superior to that of conventional concrete.
    • Green concrete has nearly the same flexural strength as conventional concrete.

    The point is that the green concrete villa concept will greatly benefit the building owner because of minimal maintenance. Concrete villas last a very long time if the construction is carried out properly by a professional artist. The green concrete villa construction concept also offers super-premium comfort for tourists who want to enjoy a super premium vacation.

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    How To Optimize Your Vacation At Komodo National Park

    Komodo National Park is one of the most impressive places to visit in Indonesia. It is located between the islands of Sumbawa and Flores in the East Nusa Tenggara province. This extraordinary park encompasses a total of 19 volcanic islands which also include the 3 major islands Padar, Rinca, and Komodo. In this national park live 2,500 Komodo Dragons as well as other terrestrial fauna from mammals, reptiles, to birds. Not to mention that the park’s terrain is very diverse consisted of tropical rain forest, mountainous hillside, and grass-woodland savannah. Don’t forget the pristine white sandy beaches harboring rich marine biodiversity. 

    How To Optimize Your Vacation At Komodo National Park - trekking padar island

    Making the most of your time at Komodo National Park

    Here are several ways you can consider to fully experience all beautiful things at Komodo National Park:

    See Komodo Dragons with your own eyes

    Komodo Dragons are such an impressive creature with approximately reach 3 meter in length and weigh over 70kg. They are considered the largest lizard and reptile in the world. They are dangerous predators with excellent vision and deathly, poisonous saliva. The thing is, you won’t be able to see them anywhere else but at Komodo National Park and the surrounding Flores island. Get to see them in real life but make sure to follow the instructor from the guide (ranger) because they are to keep at a distance with caution. 

    Witness other intriguing animals

    Aside from the Komodo Dragons, the park is also home to various intriguing animals from land and sea. Get to witness them roaming freely in their natural habitat. There are wide ranges of reptiles, mammals, and birds. Land creatures you can see including water buffaloes, lizard species, snakes, horses, wild boars, Rinca rat, fruit bats, and various species of birds. There are also marine fauna that are diverse and astonishing you can witness. 

    Consider diving

    It is recommended that you dive into various sites at Komodo National Park. You will get to see an array of beautiful biodiversity since the park sits in the heart of the Asia Pacific Coral Triangle. Aside from travelers and tourist, there are more people who come to this national park to experience rich biodiversity such as scientists, professional divers, and even photographers. 

    Hike up Padar Island

    Consider hiking up Padar Island to enjoy breathtaking landscape and take spectacular photos. Ascending one of the many grassy hills, you will be presented with surrounding green, white and blue hues. You will get to see the stunning view of four crescent-shaped sparkling beaches from the vantage point of the tallest peak. Get as many pictures as you want to immortalize the beauty. 

    Visit Pink Beach

    This is a must visit place when you travel to Komodo Island. This beach has unique sand in pink. It is in fact one of the only seven pink beaches in the world. Th soft pink tinge is caused by the red corals combined with white pristine sand. Surrounded by luscious green hills, this beach is such a perfect place to take your breath away.

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    Wooden Construction, The Future of Sustainable Building

    The environment’s long-term viability has become a worldwide concern. Countries and corporations are becoming more conscious of the harm they create and are seeking ways to reduce it. Environmentally harmful construction methods and materials have sparked interest in developing environmentally friendly techniques and materials. Wooden construction is essential for long-term sustainability and environmental protection. Wood is a renewable resource that can help build a more sustainable construction in the future.

    Wooden Construction, The Future of Sustainable Building

    Wood as a sustainable construction material

    Because wood is associated with deforestation, it may be difficult to consider it a sustainable material. Using wood instead of steel or concrete has a lower environmental impact as well as lower construction and operating costs. 

    Wood is a versatile organic material that is also the only renewable building material for eco-friendly construction. Certain properties of wooden structures make them durable and strong. Wood, when properly treated, can be a dependable construction material with long service life.

    Benefits of wooden construction

    Wood does not expand significantly when heated. Insulation is also provided by the combination of low thermal conductivity and high specific heat.

    Depending on its orientation, wood can either amplify or dampen sound. Sound travels along the grain direction and is reduced in the perpendicular direction.

    Dry wood is a good electrical insulator and does not collect static electricity. It is important to note, however, that the electrical resistance of wood is inversely proportional to its moisture content.

    Wood is extremely strong and long-lasting. It also has a long breaking length, which is the length at which a material breaks under its own weight when suspended.

    Wood is thought to be warm, rustic, and decorative. It also comes in a variety of colors, shapes, smells, and textures. To achieve the desired finishes, wood can be painted. With this level of adaptability, this material is also an excellent choice for creating outdoor furniture for the interior of your home. Simple wood projects, whether for decor or practical use, can be built by a DIY enthusiast.

    Wood, unlike metals, does not rust and can be repaired and maintained. Although old wood can be restored, the process can be costly.

    Wooden construction fire safety

    One of the most common arguments against wood as a suitable building material is that it is easily damaged by fire. However, most wood-building contractors use Cross-Laminated Timber, or CLT, which behaves more like concrete than wood. CLT is harvested from sustainably managed forests and prefabricated into highly durable, long-lasting wood panels with excellent fire resistance.

    CLT chars slowly and predictably, rather than quickly burning and disintegrating, giving occupants more time to plan an emergency exit strategy. Overall, timber is a particularly appealing option for environmentally friendly construction. Timber is much more energy efficient, uses less water, and has a lower carbon footprint than other woods.

    Wood is an important part of our environment because it consistently meets our needs and is always willing to do more. We can continue to foster a mutually beneficial relationship between ourselves and our forests by implementing sustainable building practices. The more environmentally conscious we are in all aspects of our lives (including construction), the easier it will be for our most valuable resources to continue to grow and thrive.

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    How To Take Overnight Bus Safely While Travelling

    How To Take Overnight Bus Safely While Travelling

    Taking an overnight bus to get to your destination can be a great option. You can cover a lot of ground without losing your precious time. Not to mention that it is more budget-friendly than booking a flight or hotel room. However, the journey of taking an overnight bus can be pretty challenging, especially if it is your first time. 

    Taking overnight bus safely for travelling

    Overnight bus is great option to have for more efficient travel since you can reach your destination without suffering from the heat. You can also use the time for rest and wake up arriving at your destination feeling refreshed. And here are several tips to take overnight bus safely while travelling:

    Choose safe routes

    It is essential for you to check the local travel advisories in advance to make sure that the routes your bus going to take are safe. Make sure the routes are not where robberies and accidents commonly occurred. Opt for a day bus if you see warnings about it. 

    Consider booking a first-class bus

    To make your journey more convenient and enjoyable, consider splurge on a first-class bus since it usually provides more features. Not to mention that it usually has more than one drive to take turn with the driving. Hence, you will feel less worried about the bus navigated by exhausted driver.  Buying a cheap ticket for cheaper overnight bus might be tempting especially when you travel on budget. However, you need to prioritize your own safety. 

    Opt for best seat

    Opt for best seat

    Picking your seat is necessary especially when it is such a long-haul trip. Choose based on what you prefer and feel comfortable the most. However, middle of the bust is considered the safest area to pick since the chance of serious injury would be minimized if an accident occurred. Most accidents usually involve head-on collisions or rear-ending, so the middle area is considered safer. 

    Don’t flaunt your valuable belongings

    It is recommended to look as humble as possible. There is no need to impress anyone while on the bus. Hence, hide your belongings especially if they are expensive. Also, split up your valuables in several different places. Put your cash and credit cards in separate places. 

    Pack energy drink and snacks

    To stay hydrated without needing to use bathroom too often, it is recommended to pack energy drink such as Gatorade. Also, pack your own snacks just in case you don’t have any opportunity to have meals properly. 

    Sleep comfortably and safely

    It is also important to have enough sleep so you can wake up feeling more recharged. Use ear plugs and eye mask to help you sleep better. Use a neck pillow to help support your neck and prevent it from hurting. 

    Set boundaries

    You can be friendly with anyone you meet during your overnight bus travel. However, you should also set boundaries so you still have time to socialize and rest. Also, don’t give any personal information to the stranger no matter how friendly and harmless they look. 

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    8 Reasons Why We Love Scuba Diving

    8 Reasons Why We Love Scuba Diving

    Unlike any other things people do for recreation, diving is really different. You will not use your foot to walk to the destination, snap anything straight with your smartphone, or feel any texture from the place you visited. Unlike anything you have done before, you will submerge deep into the water. See the world of blue, and learn to move like the fishes. A lot of beginners are fascinated with scuba diving, and continue their underwater adventures years after their first dream.

    So, why we love scuba diving and why you will, too?

    Discovering A Whole New Beautiful World

    Every dive begins with the first breath underwater, when you realize you’ve warped into a new beautiful world, leaving all the commotion and stress above. It’s so quiet and peaceful down there, and after a while, it becomes your safe haven.

    When you dive deep into the ocean and are surrounded by fish and other aquatic life, you realize you have entered an entirely new world. When the fishes get close to your face and look at you with interest, you can’t help but smile. When you witness so-called dangerous sea species like sharks and stingrays in their natural habitat, you realize they’re just ordinary animals trying to save themselves when they feel assaulted.

    A Moment to Just Unwind and Be Present

    A Moment to Just Unwind and Be Present

    Another reason scuba diving enhanced my travels is because it provides a ‘zen’ experience. Scuba diving requires you to concentrate on your breathing. Inhale slowly and exhale slowly. In your beginners scuba diving class, you will learn breathing technique for breathing underwater. Some of the techniques are also applicable for de-stressing in your daily life. 

    It’s also quite serene in the underwater. No phone calls or emails are received. It’s completely silent. This makes a dive quite relaxing!

    It Allows You to Enjoy the Moment

    Scuba diving is everything of these and more: the colors, the marine life, being out in nature, the sensation of practically flying underwater. And when you dive, you are immersed in the present moment and gain a sense of tranquility that you may carry with you into your daily life.

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    The Sense of Weightlessness

    There’s something about the sense of weightlessness that comes with being underwater that we love. It’s almost like flying. With little movement, you will get to move in the water. 

    The Same Site Gives You Multiple Adventures

    Any theories why scuba divers frequently return to the same dive site? Because every dive is unique! Underwater, you will always come across different creatures and situations. During a dive, you may encounter a variety of creatures, including turtles, sharks, stingrays, and sea horses!

    Plenty of Scuba Diving Sites for Beginners

    Plenty of Scuba Diving Sites for Beginners

    Another thing we love from diving is that, unlike other “extreme” sports, diving has plenty of shallow site with almost no currents that are just rewarding as deeper sites! There are lots of easy scuba diving locations for beginners that every new divers can explore confidently. 

    Learning A New Skill is Always Exciting

    It provides you excellent energy to learn new things. Scuba diving teaches you about physics and equipment, as well as undersea life, environmental protection, and other topics. With each dive, you enhance your own abilities!

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    Opens Up Possibilities to Travel 

    Getting SCUBA certified gives up a whole new world of vacation possibilities. While it may not be the primary purpose of your next vacation, it can be a fun addition to your agenda.

    If you live in the Americas’ north, central, or south, you already have access to hundreds of incredible diving spots that may take a lifetime to see. From the Gulf of Mexico to the Florida Keys and the Bahamas, the southeastern United States has some of the best reef and wreck diving in the world. Come to Bali, Indonesia, and you will get see some of the richest water in the world, beaten only by Raja Ampat—diver’s paradise. Basically Indonesia is an underwater heaven as it sits right in the heart of the world’s Coral Triangle.

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    Most Common Mistakes Done By Solo Female Travelers

    Women should not feel scared to go outside and travel the world. However, the world we are living is not as ideal as we try to picture. There are so many dangers here and there, making us, especially women feel unsafe to travel alone. However, it should not discourage you to take your dream solo trip. With common senses and taking precautions, your trip will be safer and more enjoyable even when you are doing it alone. 

    Scene with a female tourist who is walking on the street of Iberic city and poses in a famous, most recognizable places with breathtaking view

    Avoid these mistakes when you are solo female traveler

    When you are a woman and plan on taking solo travel, it is a must to take extra precaution. It is not because you are weaker than men, it is just because the world often sees you as a more vulnerable target. Therefore, make sure to avoid these common mistakes when travelling as a solo female traveler:

    Not being assertive enough

    Keep in mind that there are people who will be persistent to offer you something especially when they see you are travelling solo. You don’t want to disrespect the locals but if you are getting unwanted attention, you should be assertive to refuse. Build your confident and tell them that you are not interested in a more assertive manner. Try to remain friendly but ask them to leave you alone firmly. 

    Not trusting the locals

    It is understandable that you want to be more cautious of your surroundings including the locals. However, it is also a great opportunity for you to get to know them better. Keep in mind that not all locals are rude or scammers. They might be just interested in your culture as you are in their own culture. 

    Not sharing travel plans

    You should not share your travel plans on social media since it is too risky. However, you need to share it with your closed ones such as families. Make sure they know your itinerary and keep in touch with them regularly. Hence, it will be easier for them to track you down just in case something goes wrong with your plan. 

    Flashing expensive items

    As mentioned multiple times earlier that when you travelling solo, it is a must to take more precautions. It also includes what you wear and carry around. Avoid carrying around or wearing expensive items because you can become the target for theft or robbery. It is dangerous especially when you are alone in foreign place. Keep your valuable items at home and try to blend in more with the locals. 

    Not packing your confidence

    Travelling solo can be challenging but it is something you can go through seamlessly with a little bit of confidence being sprinkled on it. Hence, make sure that you not only pack your clothes and toiletries with you but also your confidence. This way, you are able to face any challenges and find your trip empowering instead. Show your most confident-self so you get to experience life-changing moments. Stay friendly, keep your frown away, and make the most of your solo adventure confidently.

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    Raja Ampat Liveaboard Diving & What Makes It So Special?

    Raja Ampat is located in West Papua on the western tip of the Bird’s Head Peninsula. The region gets its name from the archipelago’s four main islands, known as the “four kings” in Indonesian. These islands are Misool, Salawati, Batanta, and Waigeo. More than a thousand other islands dot the region, ranging in size from jagged giants to tiny rock pinnacles rising from turquoise lagoons. Nobody wants to spend their entire vacation traveling, right? The majority of Raja Ampat liveaboard diving operators have their itineraries down to a science. Allowing for three or four dives in a single area during the day, followed by an overnight journey to the next stop. Who wouldn’t want to wake up every day in a different world-class diving destination? 

    Raja Ampat Liveaboard Diving & What Makes It So Special?

    The advantages of a moving hotel do not end there. Raja ampat liveaboard diving can take guests to more remote areas in search of better conditions, and seasonal gatherings of species like manta rays. Non-diving activities such as snorkeling, lounging on hidden beaches, and jungle trekking in search of rare endemic birds are also popular on the Raja Ampat trips.

    Raja Ampat Liveaboard Diving Routes

    Because Raja Ampat’s two distinct diving regions are so far apart and have slightly different seasons, there are two main liveaboard routes – north and south. But don’t worry, they frequently visit the same famous central dive sites before sailing off into the distance.

    Dampier Strait

    Your liveaboard can explore the Dampier Strait, Bantanta, and Mansuar after departing from Sorong. Visit the Fam Islands at the western end of the Dampier Strait before continuing north past Pulau Penem towards Gam. The large islands of Gam and Waigeo have a lot to offer before the ship heads north to Kawe and then Wayag. From here, the itinerary will most likely return to Sarong, visiting any iconic dive sites missed on the way out, as well as any repeat dives requested by the guests.


    Before heading south, Misool Itineraries will usually visit the same iconic Dampier Straits sites. When the ship arrives in the south, it will explore Misool as well as the smaller surrounding islands of Pelee, Yellit, and Daram. The Raja Ampat trip itinerary will most likely return to Sarong. You will visit any iconic dive sites that were missed or any favorites that the guests requested.

    Top Luxury Raja Ampat liveaboard review for unique itineraries

    Dunia Baru Liveaboard

    Dunia Baru, at 51 meters in length, provides plenty of space for guests on her three decks. The open kitchen and bar area is where guests can enjoy the chef’s delicious teppanyaki dinner. The ship offers a variety of relaxation options. Whether it’s in front of the wheelhouse for a panoramic view, or in the indoor air-conditioned lounge to escape the midday sun. On the deck at night to see the ship’s lights reflecting in the water, guests will find an idyllic spot to enjoy the sights and sounds of nature.

    Aqua Blue

    Aqua Blu’s spacious outdoor areas will appeal to guests. There is plenty of space for guests to enjoy a delicious meal with two outdoor dining options and indoor dining. The sun deck has a large outdoor seating area with sun loungers. The bridge deck has a jacuzzi where guests can relax after exploring. Aqua Blu also has a watersports platform where guests can rent kayaks, SUPs, snorkeling, and diving equipment.

    Lamima Liveaboard

    Lamima has a total of seven cabins. The master suite, located on the main deck aft is a luxurious space with a king bed and an extended seating area. The other six cabins are located on the lower deck. Four have a kingsize bed and a sitting area, and two have two single/twin beds with plenty of storage space. Each cabin has air conditioning as well as an ensuite bathroom with a walk-in shower, a toilet, and two vanities.

    Silolona Liveaboard

    Silolona has a large outdoor deck with plenty of comfortable lounge areas. Making it ideal for a massage or simply sitting back and watching the world go by. Guests can enjoy a delicious dinner under the stars at two outdoor dining tables.

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    The indoor dining and lounge area is a relaxing retreat from the midday sun. The indoor space flows seamlessly to the outdoor lounge area, which is surrounded by windows that allow natural light to flow in. The expansive deck of Silolona offers guests a variety of places to unwind. There are plenty of places to relax outside, including outdoor lounges, chairs, and day beds.

    Si Datu Bua

    Si Datu Bua has a large outdoor deck with comfortable lounge areas where you can relax on deck chairs or sunbeds. An outdoor dining table allows guests to enjoy chef-prepared al fresco dining. The indoor dining and lounge area is a cozy and comfortable place to eat. The indoor space flows seamlessly to the outdoor lounge area, which is surrounded by windows that allow natural light to flow in. There are day beds and deck chairs located throughout the ship, so there is no shortage of places to unwind.

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    Most Recommended Romantic Destinations in Indonesia

    kamandalu resort in ubud
    Source : @ninjarod on instagram

    Indonesia is such a versatile travel destination. You can have adventurous travel experience, romantic getaway, leisure stroll, or trips full of parties. Indonesia is endless when it comes to travel destinations since it has one of the largest archipelago. There are many islands you can hop and many interesting attractions to visit. If you are looking for romantic trip, Indonesia has many recommendations for you. Here are several of them  you can consider to put into your bucket list:

    Nihiwatu, Sumba

    Nihiwatu is located in Hobawawi village, Wanukaka, East Nusa Tenggara. This is a resort full of luxury and comforts. Blended with the charms of local cultural elements, this resort is a perfect place for romantic stay with your partner. This resort offer three house room overlooking beautiful scenery of the Indian Ocean. You can also enjoy separate accommodation with private pools with Nihi beach its backdrop. You can even join a social activity with the locals. 

    Kamandalu, Ubud

    Kamandalu is located in Ubud, Bali, one of the most popular travel destinations in Indonesia. This resort is such a perfect place for you to enjoy romantic getaway with your loved one. The concept of this resort incorporates traditional village with luxury accommodation. With natural landscape as its backdrop, this place offers such a peaceful and serene ambience. This place is surrounded by lush greenery and rice field terraces. 

    Pink Beach, Komodo Island

    There is only a few of pink beach around the world and one of them located in Komodo Island. Stunning beach with pretty pink sand have drawn so many attention especially from romance seekers. The pink color is actually caused by the red coral reefs mixed with white calcium carbonate. You will find no life here since it is uninhibited. This place offers such intimacy and privacy you need for perfect romantic getaway. 

    Lengkuas Island, Bangka Belitung

    Lengkuas island is located in the north part of Tanjung Kelayang Beach. It is considered one of the smallest island in Bangka Belitung province. One of the most iconic things about this place is its old lighthouse, a inheritance of the Dutch colonialism. During your romantic getaway in this place, you can find vibrant coral reef with narrow seawater. This place is very much secluded so there are no convenience store or restaurants. You’d better pack your own foods prior to a visit so you have something to munch on while enjoying your time here. 

    Raja Ampat

    This is a destination loved by not only local visitors but also international ones. This is where you get to explore rich biodiversity. Raja Ampat is situated off the northwest tip of Bird’s Head Peninsula on the island of New Guinea, Indonesia. This place is famous for its raw and rugged beauty. It feels like untouchable place to visit. You get to see exotic birds above the ground. Meanwhile, you get to observe vibrant marine life below sea level. This magnificent paradise is truly a perfect place to spend your romantic vacation during summer. 

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    Organize The Best Well-Being Staycation For Yourself

    Organize The Best Well-Being Staycation For Yourself

    A vacation might not remove all the stress in your life. However, going on a vacation can at least help you to relax and refocus your mind. With clearer mind, it tends to get easier to find solution for the problems you may have. The problem with travelling for a vacation is that sometimes it requires you to travel too far from your home, creating other stressors in your life. You have to carry heavy luggage while moving from one flight to another. Hence, you may find another alternative, staycation. It is where you can have a relaxing vacation without being too far from your home with less-stressful preparation. 

    How to plan for meaningful staycation

    You don’t have to take multiple flights for staycation. As long the place gives you the best space and moments to relax and enjoy your vacation, it works. Here are some tips to help you plan a well-deserved staycation for yourself:

    Set an intention

    Set an intention of a staycation to benefit your well-being. From the length to the activities you want to do, make sure you set clear intention in mind to reach some goals. Think of something you want to get the most out of your staycation. With clear intention, it is easier to make other decision such as choosing your destination, the duration of the staycation, itinerary, etc. Your focus for this staycation is your well-being. Make sure to make decision with it as your basic guidance. 

    Consider a serene place

    It is advised to have a staycation in a serene place if your focus is to nurture your well-being and clearing your mind. The lesser the distraction the better. Choose a place that will help you gain inner peace. The space that usually work for well-being staycation is  the one that closer to the nature. The environment should be calm and far from nosy crowds. You may choose a hotel, property, or area near your home with those characteristics. A new level of serenity can be achieved by choosing the right space. 

    Practice mindfulness

    The combination of serene space with mindfulness practices can do wonder to your well-being. It brings more opportunity for you o draw more focus on your present. There are many activities you can consider as mindfulness practices including meditation, silent reading, yoga, etc.

    Consider consuming only clean foods

    What you eat can influence your inside like how nutritious foods make your body feel good. Hence, you can use this opportunity to eat clean foods more. It means, you avoid processed foods, alcohol, and sugar. Try more organic produce and healthy fats during your staycation and see if it affects your body positively. 

    Get close to the nature

    Staycation doesn’t you have to stay in all day long. Allow yourself to go out and meet nature. Spend time with nature by walking outside, visiting garden, climbing a mountain, or something else you prefer. Nature has healing properties to help you recover and rejuvenate. It helps a lot in uncluttering your mind so you understand yourself better.