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    How To Swap Your Your Regular Workout Routine For A Travel Routine

    How To Swap Your Your Regular Workout Routine For A Travel Routine
    Man and woman running together

    Staying active during your travel journey is important to keep your body in shape and maintain your well-being in general. You can do your regular workout routine even when you are travelling around the world. There are hotel gym you can take advantage of. It sounds easy to maintain your workout routine while travelling but in reality, it might be more challenging. Sometimes, it feels like your workout routine can be paused so you just enjoy the trip and continue your routine once you are back at home. However, it may not be the best choice to take. 

    Staying active without compromising your travel experience

    The main goal of your travel is to get out and explore. It is the moment you experience life. Maintaining your well-being is important but you can stay active without compromising your travel experience. And here are some tips to help you do it:

    Pack two pairs of trainers

    Most athletic coaches agree that you are more likely to work out if you put on workout clothes. So for the trip, pack two pairs of trainers in your suitcase. Those shoes will help you feel more motivated to do your workout routine. Or, you can simply go running or jogging every morning throughout your trip while also exploring the places around.

    Get around on foot

    You can stay active while travelling by developing healthy practices such as walking more to get around places. Exploring various corners of the city on foot is also much more fun because you won’t miss out anything such as lovely hidden restaurants, interesting coffee shops, beautiful bookshops, etc. 

    Don’t forget to stretch

    Sometimes your trip won’t allow you to do much more than sitting such as when you have a long flight, train ride, or bus ride. To avoid any physical discomfort such as muscle cramp or back and neck pain, stretch your body from time to time to release those tensions. 

    Consider booking an active tour

    Instead of signing yourself up for a tour where you just can sit and watch, might as well booking an active tour where you can move your body more actively. Book a tour that offer you opportunity to interact more with the locals, learn their ways of living, and contribute in any way. By getting out and enjoying an active tour expands your travel experience, making it more meaningful and memorable while also keeping your well-being balanced. 

    Create your own adventure

    You can plan your itinerary choose what kind of travel experience you want to get. Don’t be afraid to get out of the box. You can explore your destination in your own way. For example, most tourists prefer leisure walk but you can up your game by hiking to the mountain. It gives you a strong sense of adventure while you can also enjoy physical activity that helps maintain your health. Being close with nature and enjoying it becomes a way to enhance your travel experience as well. 

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    8 Things to Do in Family Resorts That Will Change Your Life

    8 Things to Do in Family Resorts That Will Change Your Life
    Image credit: Instagram/the_nathananda

    Going for your family vacation to Bali soon? You might be thinking about sleeping in some resorts at a nice beach like the Nusa Dua, Sanur, or Seminyak. But a trip with young kids could get complicated fast. Here are eight tips to help your family trip a bit easier. 

    Consider Sleeping in Nusa Dua Family Resorts in Bali

    Compared to other areas of Bali, the Nusa Dua enjoys serene ambience, less traffic, less crowds, and calmer beach. Also, all the beaches along the Nusa Dua coastline are consistently blessed with white sugary sands and low-current water. A perfect playing ground for young kids! What possibly a travelling family could ask for more? Take a look to some of the best Nusa Dua family resorts in Bali where your family could relax and enjoy the nice tropical weather. 

    Take A Look at the Kids Club

    Take A Look at the Kids Club
    Image credit: Instagram/the_nathananda

    For any parents who take a family vacation, the presence of a kids club at the family resort feels like a saviour. A win win solution that lets kids play their heart out, do exciting activities, and tire themselves when the parents enjoy some quality couple time or just lie back for a moment. 

    Many family resorts make the idea that their particular clubs or camps will keep your children occupied while you relax in the sun and sip a pia colada. However, any hotel can label a room as a camp by placing two arcade games and a Yahtzee set in it. Call the hotel directly to receive more information. Inquire about the specifics of the children’s program (including whether there is a fee), the minimum age requirement for participation, and the level of experience of the club’s counselors.

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    How to Enjoy Bali This Summer 2022

    Book A Room at Bali Family Resort with A Balcony

    Book A Room at Bali Family Resort with A Balcony

    When traveling with children, a hotel room with a balcony is ideal. While traveling, we don’t always adhere to our regular bedtimes, but we still find ourselves wanting to put the kids to bed earlier than we would want to. The balcony is the ideal spot for adults to hang out and speak after children have gone to bed, so you will enjoy it when a room has one.

    Book A Family Suite at the Nusa Dua Resort

    Requesting a suite is an alternative to a room with a balcony. Having multiple spaces to spread out is great. Additionally, you will appreciate that you can sleep in one room while the kids sleep in another. This way, you won’t need to go to bed as early. Bring some headphones or a book lamp if you can’t reserve a suite or a room with a balcony so you’ll have something to do when the kids are asleep.

    Get That Cart ASAP

    Before having children, you (and your spouse) would probably just carry your bags to the hotel room and pack very little. But taking a family on vacation means packing a LOT more. To make it simpler to transport all of the bags to the room, get friendly with the luggage cart as soon as you check into the hotel. Your youngsters would like the cart ride, too!

    Unplug the Phone ASAP

    When we arrive in the hotel room, we unplug the phone immediately. On this, TRUST ME. A phone that plugs into the wall today fascinates children. (Or, more broadly speaking, any phone that isn’t a cell phone.) The hotel phone is always a favorite toy for my kids, which is okay with me as long as it’s unplugged!

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    Kid-Friendly Destinations Worth Travelling For

    Bring A Foldable Shoe Basket 

    Ah, the messiness of shoes. As each person in the family probably bring at least one pair of sandals and one pair of shoes, the doorway could soon be cramped with footwears! For 4 people, even two pairs of shoes is a lot of footwear to manage in a hotel room! Bring a foldable laundry basket as a shoe basket to save more space in the entryway. 

    Check Out the Dining Option at the Resort

    The majority of eateries in family resorts and hotels have children’s menus, which is always a nice place to start. A buffet, however, would be preferable as it would provide picky diners with more options and potentially healthier choices like fresh fruit. Additionally, find out if the chef would gladly accommodate particular requests and dietary restrictions. Additionally, confirm if the restaurant offers convenient family-dining hours. 

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    Best Destinations With Interesting Funiculars To Visit

    It may sound odd to travel to certain places just to see or ride the funicular. But hey, every individual has different preference and we get to respect each other, right?

    So funiculars, many people are interested in them for various reasons. It may be the history behind them, the weird mechanics, or maybe just a simple genuine curiosity. If you fall into one or two of the categories, buckle up because there are several destinations around the world where you get to see interesting funiculars. 

    Traditional junk boat sailing across Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong.

    Best places to find funiculars

    Funiculars can be found mostly in Europe. They often lead up a hill to a castle or fortification. One of the best thing about riding funicular is that you are presented with great views to enjoy. It also allows you to connect to another town in a more interesting way. So here are several funiculars around the world that you can find:

    Budapest, Hungary

    Budapest is already known for its spectacular architecture. And here, you are also going to find funicular that takes sightseeing-wary travelers up Buda Castle Hill. This funicular is Europe’s second-oldest which was made in 1870. The carriage has three-tier arrangement which allows view across Danube and its bridges to the other side, Pest. This funicular can go up to 164 foot elevation.

    Hong Kong

    You can also find such an interesting funicular in modern destination, Hong Kong. In fact, Hong Kong has the one of the most spectacular funiculars called the Peak Tram which as constructed in 1888. this funiculars can take residents of Victoria Peak and guests at the Peak Hotel to get to the top of the 1,811 foot tall Mount Austin. The locals often call it The Peak. This funicular looks interesting with its bright red color. Throughout the ride, you will get to enjoy stunning views of the skyscrapers, residencies, and forested oasis of The Peak. 

    Zagreb, Croatia

    Funicular you can find in Zagreb, Croatia is the world’s shortest one which is only 216 feet long. It was constructed in the 1890s, and was the first mode of public transport in Zagreb. It took one minute to reach the end of the line but it was really efficient and practical for the locals to use for everyday routine. 

    Naples, Italy

    Another funicular in Europe can be found specifically in Naples, Italy called the Funicolare Centrale. And this one is considered the busiest funicular in Europe. There are four line of funicular which take around 10 million passengers up the steep hills of Naples. Each train can carry 450 passengers and it takes around five minutes to reach the end of the line. 

    Valparaiso, Chile

    The funicular you can find in Valparaiso, Chile can connect the lower port side of Valparaiso with the upper residential and town with vibrant decoration. The locals call the funiculars ascensores. It was built back then between the late 1800s and early 1900s. Try taking a ride of the funiculars since each will give you different experience from fun, scary, to peaceful.

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    How To Pick Your Komodo Island Trip Package

    For lovers of diving and nature adventurers, exploring Komodo Island for 2 days is not satisfying. The village, located in the Komodo District, is an area that has been developed into a super priority destination. Labuan Bajo is the gate before you start your Komodo island trip. The strategic spot in Labuan Bajo is very interesting for you to enjoy the sunset before enjoying the Komodo island boat tour. 

    Komodo Island Trip boat

    Komodo island trip, Journey to Heaven on Earth

    Labuan Bajo and Komodo National Park are inseparable entities. Both are interconnected where you have to go to Labuan Bajo to reach Komodo National Park. The park which is listed as a UNESCO world heritage site consists of Komodo island, Padar island, Rinda island, and many other small islands. 

    Considering Komodo National Park consists of many islands, you have to rent a boat to reach it. For those of you who are visiting for the first time, you should know in detail how to reach Komodo National Park.

    Komodo island trip with Aliikai Voyage

    Boat provider operators are easier for you to find online and offline. Price competition between boat operators will benefit tourists to compare and get a great deal for Komodo island trips.

    Boat operators usually offer different types of boats, ranging from standard to luxury. The facilities for each boat are also different. There are several types of boats such as Aliikai Voyage which offers luxurious facilities and Magia II Liveaboard which provides Jacuzzi facilities for you to enjoy during the cruise.

    Komodo island boat tour with Magia II Liveabaord

    If your budget is limited you can choose standard but comfortable boats such as Jakare liveaboard, Tanaka Liveaboard, and many others. Do Komodo island trips have to charter a private boat? Not! Boat rentals are highly recommended if you are going to sail with your family or group in large numbers. If you are solo or traveling with 2-3 people, it is recommended to take an open trip to Komodo island

    Travel regulations to Komodo National Park

    The pandemic is not over yet, but many countries have opened their doors to tourist arrivals, including Indonesia. Government regulations remove quarantine rules for domestic and international tourists who want to come to Bali. 

    The requirement is that the traveler has received a booster vaccine. For those who have just been vaccinated once, they must do a PCR test and an antigen test for those who have been vaccinated twice.

    Make sure you keep your health by wearing a mask when in a crowd and washing your hands using hand sanitizer.

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    Things To Know About Hot Air Balloon Ride For First-Timers

    Things To Know About Hot Air Balloon Ride For First-Timers
    Hot air balloons over the valley. Original public domain image from Wikimedia Commons

    Trying a hot air balloon ride can be daunting for first-timers. It seems scary because you are only in a giant balloon floating in the air with such a simple engine to support it. However, it is worth trying because while it seems scary, it is fun and addictive. Many people who have tried it want to do it again and again because of the thrill, fun, and overall pleasant feeling. 

    What you need to know about hot air balloon ride

    Any activities you try for the first time can be daunting no matter how simple they are. And hot air balloon ride is a fun activity you should try because it add more experiences into your travel journey. Fun and new activities are what you need to seek every time you set out on new adventure. They are the real souvenirs that you will always cherish. 

    It is worth every penny

    Yes, balloon ride can be costly but it also depends on the length of the ride, the popularity of the destination, as well as additional inclusive services such as champagne or special dish. The average cost of hot air balloon ride ranges from $170 to $300 per person. However, the experience you get will worth every penny you spend. You get to enjoy being floated in the air and enjoy the fresh air along with stunning views in your surroundings. 

    It is a safe ride

    Things To Know About Hot Air Balloon Ride For First-Timers
    Free watching hot air balloons silhouette image, public domain experience CC0 photo.

    Hot air balloon is considered a safe ride. The balloon is made from ripstop nylon and the basket reinforce with metal. They are built with safety as the top priority. The balloon and each materials are sturdy to keep every passenger safe. Also, the pilots are licensed and the equipment are also regularly inspected. You can find out more information about hot air balloon company’s credentials if you plan on international ballooning. 

    The flight can be delayed or canceled unexpectedly

    One of the most common reasons of hot air balloon flight being canceled is bad weather. It is because hot air ballooning must be done in perfect weather. Low-lying clouds, fog, or windy conditions over 8 to 10 miles per hour is considered non-ideal for flying. Hence, the flight will be canceled in this condition. Anything that hampers the visibility will cause flight cancellation. 

    Do it at dawn or dusk

    From those experienced hot air balloon passengers, the best time to do it is either at dawn or dusk. Several hours after dawn or before dusk are considered the most ideal times for hot air balloon flight. Those are the times when the winds are the most calm. 

    Consider your health

    Before booking hot air balloon flight, make sure to check your health condition. Most tour companies caution against flying if you have problems with your spine. It is because the landing process may aggravate your spine since it can be abrupt. Check with your physician before booking a hot air balloon flight to see if you are able to do I without any risk of injury. 

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    The Essentials of Seminyak Vacation Tips

    The Essentials of Seminyak Vacation Tips

    On the western side of the Indonesian island of Bali, there is a posh tourist destination called Seminyak. It is one of Bali’s coastal town that is often associated with “luxury.” Expect a lot of upscale restaurants, cafes, and pubs since it is heavily affected by ex-pats from other countries. You will also undoubtedly appreciate the sea, sand, and vistas because it is a seaside town. For more information on what to do, where to eat, and villas to stay in Seminyak, Indonesia, be sure to read on!

    Why You Will Love Seminyak

    If this is your first visit to Bali, you might choose to start out in Seminyak. It serves as a fantastic introduction to Bali and a hub for exploring other areas of the island, such as Canggu, Ubud, Uluwatu, and all the Nusa islands. Seminyak, one of the hippest areas on lovely Bali, is situated in the southwest region of the island. It is THE location for adorable cafes, cool cocktail bars, stylish boutiques, and some of Bali’s top beach clubs. It features fantastic native and western eateries as well as a long stretch of beach where you can surf and sunbathe. Additionally, it is home to numerous boutique stores where you can get all of your mementos, including coffee, vibrant sarongs, and regional handicrafts. Not to mention all the top-notch beach resorts available at extremely affordable prices.

    With so many things to do in Seminyak, it is no wonder to see tourists from all around the world flock to this charming coastal town. 

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    How to Enjoy Bali This Summer 2022

    Best Time to Travel to Seminyak

    Despite the extreme heat in June, July, and August, tourists swarm to Bali to make the most of the dryest months’ beach time. The greatest time to travel is during the summer for those who enjoy being around like-minded people; those who prefer more solitude should travel during the shoulder seasons of April, May, and September, but there is a chance of sporadic showers.

    Alternately, visit during the rainy months for a decluttered trip; imagine opulent lodging at low rates and emptier destinations.

    Getting Around in Seminyak

    Getting Around in Seminyak

    As the roads are lined up with cute brunch cafes, nice restaurants, and boutique shops, you might want to stop here and there to take a look at what Seminyak offers you. If you stay at one Seminyak Bali villas, you wull only need two feet to move around. However, traveling throughout Bali as a whole will require more effective transportation.

    You can get around on your own by renting a scooter. The main shopping streets, Jalan Kaya Aya and Jalan Petitenget, are lined with numerous scooter rental shops. An average scooter rental day rate is 60K IDR (not including petrol). The top Seminyak tourism attractions may all be seen with this method.

    Or you can order a bike or car through Go-jek. Similar to Uber or Grab, Go-jek allows you to order an automobile. But you may also order a scooter in Bali. Downloading Go-jek on your smartphone is the quickest and easiest way to order a Go-jek bike or automobile. The cost of a taxi inside Seminyak is really low, and you may pay in cash when you get off.

    More Travelling Tips:

    Beachfront Villa Bali to Satisfy Your Ocean Craving

    Planning to Stay in Private Villa Bali? Here’s What You Need to Do

    Choosing Bali Villas Seminyak for Stay

    While hotel, backpacker lodge, or bed & breakfast are perfect if you are travelling alone, renting villas in Seminyak Bali is better if you are travelling for long term or with family. You can have all the space you need, cook your own food, saving cost for laundry as you do your owns, and have all the personal freedom that might be limited at a hotel. Better, if you rent the best villas in Seminyak have a private pool inside, you can swim any time you want—even in the middle of the night.

    Another thing to love is the abundance of designer villas in Seminyak that would make your stay like no other. They might be in the pricier side, but some of them are the most luxurious villas in Bali that you can get and definitely worth every penny! 

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    Common Mistakes Seasoned Travelers Could Do

    The more you travel, the less likely for you to make rookie mistakes because you learn so many things along the way. However, mistakes and mishaps sometimes happen to the most seasoned travelers because we are all human after all. Making errors during your trip are sometimes inevitable and the most important thing is stay level-headed and find the best solution. 

    expired invalid passport damaged after expiration day with holes on black table

    Mistakes that even seasoned travelers could do

    Navigating travel seamlessly and perfectly is almost impossible even for seasoned traveler. It is because each travel has its own moment. You might have visited one particular destination for few times already but it’s still possible for you to make mistake. That is how unique and predictable travel could be. It is also possible for even seasoned travelers to make rookies mistakes as follow:

    Cram everything

    We all know that first-time travelers tend to want everything packed in their limited schedule. Trying to do too much is a rookie mistake that even seasoned travelers do from time to time. One of the most common reasons is limited time and resource so travelers often want to cram everything in their schedule to make the most of the trip.

    Bring expired passport

    It is pretty common to happen to seasoned travelers especially when they are too busy planning a visit to different places. Forgetting the expiry date of passport can lead to serious problem because then you might have to reschedule everything you have planned. It is recommended to check passport prior the trip to ensure it is still valid. 

    Leaving for the airport too late

    It is  mistake seasoned travelers might make because they feel less worried about their trip. Hence, they usually chill and avoid rushing. However, it might often end up of them being late instead. It is recommended to leave for the airport three hours prior your flight to make sure you are not late for boarding.

    Didn’t pack the right gear

    This kind of rookie mistake can happen to seasoned travelers. It can be due to lack of research of the destination or update information. That is why it is important to do a research about your destination prior your leaving so you know exactly what to pack to survive the trip. Sometimes the weather change so suddenly so make sure to stay updated with the information.

    Wandering around looking for your gate

    This might sound very rookie mistake but even seasoned travelers could experience it. Gates often change periodically so it is possible that you don’t where they are even if you travel a lot. It is recommended to check periodically. And if you are already at the airport and don’t know where your gate is, don’t hesitate to ask around. 

    Still hesitate to buy travel insurance

    The more you travel, the more you understand how important travel insurance is. However, there are seasoned travelers who are still considering whether or not to buy travel insurance. It is worth to buy because it can cover costly expenses from unexpected emergency that you might experience during a trip.

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    How Architecture Bali Combines Modern And Traditional Concept Villa

    Traditional Balinese architecture is inseparable from the inherent philosophy and cultural elements. Over time the development of villas or even private homes is an amalgamation of architecture Bali with the addition of modern elements. The way to maintain it is to use structural elements and construction of traditional Balinese houses, especially wall, floor, and ceiling elements. While the material uses typical Balinese materials like wood, bamboo, rattan, and rocks, and uses Balinese decorations.

    How Architecture Bali Combines Modern And Traditional Concept Villa

    The advantage of hiring an architecture Bali

    The selection of an architect & builder Bali is the right choice for the development of villas for both business and residential homes. The construction of Balinese villas must follow local regulations where the building height must not exceed 15 meters. An experienced Bali construction company must have known local regulations before starting construction.

    Finding an architect Bali is crucial. You have to find an architect Bali who really listens and realizes your concept and desire for a villa in the tropics. The fact is that more than tens of thousands of villas make the price competition for lodging prices in Bali quite tight. Therefore, if you want to build a new villa for commercial purposes, you must have a unique concept that is different from the others.

    Villa development Bali depends on your wishes. Do you want a villa that has a special theme or specialization. Or an open-air Bali villa development with a swimming pool filled with sunlight? A family-friendly villa, or a villa that presents a Santorini-style atmosphere? You can convey everything to your architect to be the basis for making the ideal villa concept in Bali that reflects your personality.

    Villa development Bali is inseparable from a characteristic. Builder Bali knows exactly that villa owners want lots of open space. Another characteristic is the local tropical plants typical of Bali such as Japanese trees, Calathea, and bananas.

    Builder Bali for profitable villa

    How does the Bali contractor build a profitable villa? The first is the existence of a guest area that will later be rented out. The guest area should have a separate entry from the private area to maintain privacy. Provide public facilities to support guests’ activities such as a pool or bale as a place to relax and enjoy the atmosphere of the villa.

    Architecture villa development Bali knows exactly how to design a low-maintenance villa. One of them is to make the corner of the villa as simple as possible by minimizing the curve so that it is easier for you when clean.

    Building a profitable living villa in Bali cannot be separated from a material selection. Professional Balinese architects should be able to adjust building materials to your budget. If you have determined a budget or have a budget limit, choosing the right material is the solution.

    Tips for choosing materials to save your budget:

    Selection of bricks with factory standard sizes. Door & window materials with a size of no more than 1 meter can minimize the development budget. Custom sizes require higher manufacturing costs than factory standards.

    Minimizing ornaments attached to buildings. The reason is still the same, custom ornaments will require additional costs.

    Selection of raw or unfinished materials as in Scandinavian and Industrial type buildings so that no finishing costs are required

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    Check Out These 7 Most Popular Cities Around The World

    There are thousands of cities in the world but not all of them are enjoyable for a visit. Each city may have its characteristics that make it more appealing to visit than the others. Visiting interesting, international cities can be great idea if you aim for something different that can help ou refresh your hectic mind. Spending time exploring various cities can be beneficial in some ways. Not only is it entertaining but you may also find something beyond what you expected for. 

    Plaza Espana on sunny day. Seville (Sevilla), Andalusia, Southern Spain.

    7 favorite cities worth visiting for

    Among thousands of cities in the world, it is kind of challenging to choose the best one. However, there are some cities that are more popular than others and have become favorite among travelers and tourists alike. And here are 7 of them:

    Sydney, Australia

    Sydney is definitely on the list of one of the most favorite cities in the world. Its popularity comes from its duality. Visiting Sydney, you can enjoy both the natural setting and the buzz of actual city. The combination of those two different elements make Sydney more special and interesting to visit. There are various man-made and natural charms that draw people into this city. 

    Seville, Spain

    Seville is the capital of the region of Andalucia. One of the most interesting part of this city is its white-washed villages. You can explore various things around the city such as the cathedral and the Alcazar. However, Seville also has many hidden gems you must find out because those are parts of the city’s charm. 

    Venice, Italy

    Some people may think Venice is overrated but we can agree that the city is beautiful and its popularity just makes sense. This is where you can enjoy romantic trip and try one of those gondolas. Its streets are replaced by canals which make exploring around the city much more interesting. 

    Athens, Greece

    This is also such a popular city and loved by avid fans of ancient Greek history. It is also a great place to visit for those who love classic architectures. It is not hard to find the evidences of the ancient Greek history in Athens.

    London, England

    London is also popular and has been a favorite city to visit by many type of travelers. There are many interesting things to explore during your visit to this classic city from free museums to bookstores all within walking distance. 

    Paris, France

    Some people consider Paris to be overrated but it keeps attracting tourists and travelers alike almost on daily basis. It is one of the most visited destination especially for romantic getaway. Not to mention that this city is home to the world’s largest museum, The Louvre. 

    Bangkok, Thailand

    Bangkok is also one of the most visited cities in the world. This place is situated in southeast Asia which means you can expect for tropical endeavor. You can enjoy variety of authentic dishes that full of cultural and historical background. In addition, travel budget to visit Bangkok is pretty cheap.

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    Dive Cruise Indonesia, The Best Way To Explore Remarkable Diving Spots

    Vacations are included in the schedule at least once a year for most people. Most people plan a vacation to the beach, stay at a villa, or maybe vacation abroad. Boring? Why not try a unique vacation that offers an amazing experience. Liveaboard Indonesia offers a unique vacation and experience of staying on board for days. Most people who have never enjoyed a dive cruise Indonesia may be afraid of the uncomfortable liveaboard facilities. Let’s check why liveaboard Indonesia is a must including your bucket list for your next trip. 

    Aqua blue dive cruise Indonesia

    Dive cruise Indonesia comfort

    The comfort of a dive cruise in Indonesia is very important. Why? Since you will be staying on board for days or even weeks during vacations. The problem is that it is not possible to change the liveaboard as easily as changing a hotel room if you are not satisfied. 

    Types and prices of dive cruises vary depending on your budget. The point is that the bigger the budget, the easier it is to enjoy luxury liveaboard Indonesia. Imagine premium hotel facilities such as spa, massage, and jacuzzi facilities that you can enjoy during the cruise. The cabin was designed like a five-star hotel. 

    Indoor living room luxury liveaboard Indonesia with single, big sofa and round table

    Dive cruise Indonesia to Raja Ampat, for example, it takes 7-10 days to enjoy the dive spots. Logically, it is impossible for you to rent a cheap boat with inadequate facilities for a 7-10 day cruise. Luxury liveaboard provides snorkeling and diving equipment so you don’t bother bringing your own diving equipment.

    The Indonesian luxury liveaboard deck will also be wider and more comfortable. You can have breakfast and dinner while enjoying the outdoors. An enclosed dining area is also available when you want to relax during the day. 

    What’s included on liveaboard Indonesia?

    • Cabin with private terrace (depending on ship type)
    • Outdoor living room
    • Indoor living room
    • Spa (depending on boat type & service)
    • Jacuzzi (depending on boat type & service)
    • sun deck
    aliikai liveaboard private terrace

    Leisure equipment available on luxury liveaboard Indonesia depends on the type and service of the ship. Usually large and above standard ships provide:

    • Paddleboard
    • Kayaks
    • Nitrox
    • Wakeboards
    • fishing gear
    • Diving equipment
    • Snorkeling equipment
    • Speed ​​boat
    • Gym

    A liveaboard trip is the best way to experience Indonesia. This vast country is home to numerous islands and is a hotspot for marine biodiversity. You will find the most diverse destinations in Indonesia that are unlike any other in the world. Over 3,000 different species of fish. New species are constantly being discovered here. If your life’s mission is to discover something new, Indonesia is the place to be.