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    Have A Bite Of The Most Delicious Dishes In The World

    It might be a little bit impossible to travel around the earth especially nowadays when the pandemic has not fully contained. However, you can still have a taste of a culture by sampling their signature dishes. You can to the nearest restaurants near your house but make sure to keep following the protocols to stay safe. And if you feel like in the moment to cook, why not trying to recreate authentic dishes from the country you would like to visit someday. And here are considered the most delicious dishes in the world worth a bite and more:

    Peking Duck

    This dish is originated in China, specifically Beijing. It has been there for generations, specifically since the Imperial era. The original version of Peking duck was by roasting it in a closed oven. However, there had been an invention of more developed open-oven style to cook several ducks together at the same time, making it more efficient and faster to serve. This duck is best served with steamed Chinese pancake, along with spring onion, cucumber, and sweet bean sauce. You can find this mouthwatering dish in almost any Chinese restaurant.


    This is a perfect meat dish originated in Hungary. In across Europe, it is often cooked as meat sauce or stew. However, the original version from Hungary, Goulash is a soup. This dish consists of beef shin, shoulder or shank and variety of vegetables (mostly carrots, peppers, and celery). it is then seasoned with lots of paprika and slowly simmered in broth over open fire in cauldron. This is traditional way of cooking Goulash to create the original flavor. It is often served in  a bread bowl or spaetzle noodles. 


    Who doesn’t know this delicious food nowadays? This is getting popular and more people want to have a taste. Shakshuka is from the Middle East and also claimed as one of their own throughout North Africa. The most important thing is that this dish is tasted heavenly in the mouth. This is actually a simple dish made by reducing down tomatoes, onions, and variety of spices before adding eggs to be poached on top of it. Most people around the world enjoy this savory dish for breakfast or brunch. 

    Onion soup

    Soup is like a go-to meal whenever you feel like you need extra warmth or comfort for that day. And one of the most delicious and heartwarming soup is Onion soup from France. This is cooked by caramelizing onions in broth laced with cognac and white wine. It is said that the original onion soup has been existed since Roman times. However, Paris was where it was modernly originated in the 18th century. This soup is often served with a ramekin and topped with a slice of baguette and melted grilled cheese. 

    There are many more delicious dishes around the world you should try including Beef Wellington from England, Laksa from Malaysia, Poutine from Canada, Rendang from Indonesia, Barramundi from Australia, and more. 

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    Sailing Trip and Hunting Sunset in East Nusa Tenggara

    The attraction of the island of Komodo is not only the rare giant reptiles. Rows of the most beautiful sunset hunting spots are things you should not miss when sailing trip to Komodo island. The charm and panorama of the sunset are very eye-catching plus the exotic natural landscape of Flores. Staying on the cruise for days, relaxing on the outdoor deck, is the perfect choice to explore Komodo National Park and enjoy the sunset.

    Komodo Sailing Trip and Hunting Sunset in East Nusa Tenggara
    Image Resource: Mapio

    Sailing trip Komodo & Sunset hunting on Padar Island

    It’s getting easier to reach Komodo National Park. Tour packages and cheap airline tickets are easy to find. Padar Island is one of the islands that is always included in the list of Komodo sailing trips and looks amazing when photographed from the top. The island which seems to have legs branching in all directions looks very attractive to visitors. 

    Tourists must be prepared to trek through hundreds of stairs for approximately 30 minutes. It’s quite tiring, but your tiredness will pay off with the beauty of the sunset there. 

    The next orange light illuminated the hills and oceans before disappearing replacing the moonlight. Apart from the sunset, the best spot to see the beautiful view of the golden sunrise’s Padar Island and is very soothing.

    Sunset around Labuan Bajo

    The natural landscape of Labuan Bajo is never in doubt. Located on the western tip of Flores Island, this exotic island has a special sunset view. To hunt sunset you have to go through a track that is quite easy to pass. Various beautiful panoramas make Labuan Bajo a dream destination for many people.

    The white pier is one of the interesting spots that you should not miss. The white wooden pier jutting into the sea is one of the spots for sunset hunting.

    Bukit Cinta is a romantic place to enjoy the sunset with your partner. It takes about 30 minutes from the harbor to the hill of love then you can continue on foot to the top of the hill. The blue sea with passing boats, green hills, and views from various hillsides will spoil your eyes.

    Sunset and sunset! If that’s what you’re looking for in a vacation getaway, then you’ve come to the right place. To get to Labuan Bajo, Indonesia, take a direct flight from Jakarta or Bali to Komodo Airport in Labuan Bajo, or take a Komodo cruise sailing trip. Labuan Bajo dubbed the “City of Sunsets,” has a plethora of beautiful sites to watch the sun go goodbye to the day.

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    Authentic and Unique Coffee Drinks From Around The World

    Authentic and Unique Coffee Drinks From Around The World

    Coffee is one of the most commonly drinks people enjoy in the morning. It is also treated like an energy booster for those who tend to have hectic days. It is true that the caffeine in the coffee can help you to stay focused and energized. However, coffee is beyond that because it has been part of various cultures all around the world. 

    Try these authentic, unique coffee drinks 

    People prepare their coffee to drink usually based on their personal preferences. However, it is also often linked to tradition that has been existed for generations. People from different cultural backgrounds may have their own ways to prepare coffee drinks. Here are several coffee drinks around the world with their authentic preparation and unique flavor:

    Ca Phe Da from Vietnam

    Most coffee in Vietnam is served very strong and sweet because it is what the majority of Vietnamese would prefer. Ca Phe Da is another variety of iced coffee the locals enjoy pretty common. It is prepared with coffee being brewed through a French drip filter into a cup of ice. It is then added with condensed milk. So you will taste pretty strong sweetness from this Vietnamese coffee. 

    Cafezinho from Brazil

    This Brazilian coffee drink looks and tastes similar to espresso but with stronger flavor. Many Brazilian families welcome their guests with a cup of Cafezinho. This coffee is prepared by brewing coffee beans using special cloth flannel filter. During this brewing process, sugar is added so that’s why it is super sweet. Most Brazilian like this coffee without adding milk or cream. 

    Frappe from Greece

    Frappe itself was accidentally invented by a Nescafe employee in 1957. Even today, this coffee is very popular on the Mediterranean shores of Greece. This coffee is made with iced instant coffee and foamed milk. Some people love to add sugar and some people don’t you can have it with your own preference. The coffee with no sugar called sketo and the one with sugar called metrio. If you likk to add moderate amount of sugar, it is called glyko. 

    Kaffeost from Sweden

    This is different from any other coffee drinks mentioned above. Kaffeost itself means coffee cheese. So you can imagine what it is. It is exactly coffee and cheese. It is served by pouring coffee over cubes of Leipajuusto cheese. This coffee is also popular in Finland where the locals serve cheese as the with their coffee. Meanwhile in Sweden, they like to go all out. Hence, they prefer putting the cubes of cheese into their cup of coffee instead. 

    Turk Kahvesi

    Turkish coffee is already popular and this one is no exception. This coffee requires authentic preparation. During the brewing process of finely ground coffee beans, sugar is added without adding milk or cream. The process of boiling creates a foamy surface. It is then added with a little bit of cardamom to spice it up. In traditional way, Turkish coffee is prepared in a small copper or brass pot called ibrik or cezve.

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    10 Reasons to Celebrate Christmas in Private Villa Bali This Year

    10 Reasons to Celebrate Christmas in A Private Villa Bali This Year
    Image source: Instagram/@balibuddies

    The holiday season is approaching, which generally means feeling under the weather in colder climes, overeating and drinking, and the same-old-same-old get-togethers year after year. It’s no surprise that an increasing number of people are opting to build entirely new festive experiences. If you want to look forward to next year with a fresh perspective and a sense of joy, consider shaking it up with amazing sun-soaked celebrations and a luxury villa vacation stay in Bali. Here are ten reasons why celebrating Christmas in a Seminyak private villa in Bali might be a good idea. 

    Get away from the cold

    While it’s frigid in your own country, basking in the sun and embracing the end of the year with a swim in the sea is marvelously uplifting and fabulously feel-good; generating a true sense of getting away from it all. At this time of year, the weather in Thailand and Indonesia is at its best, with sunny days that aren’t too hot and pleasant evenings with a gentle wind.

    Stay away from the busy Christmas ads

    Not everyone enjoy the mega-hype of Christmas and over-commercialization of Santa Claus. The somewhat forced jollity of the season may surely turn out to be tedious and unpleasant. Taking a break from the craziness and doing something else could be precisely what you need.

    Get something fun for the holiday season

    When it comes to tropical island vacations, Bali is the crème of the crop. The island is eclectic and diversified, with something for everyone. The festive season in Bali is likely to gratify anyone searching for a little extra excitement in addition to their rest and relaxation throughout their vacation.

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    Bond with the people you love in the Seminyak private villa Bali

    Bond with the people you love in the Seminyak private villa Bali
    Image source: Instagram/@islandgraze

    The fundamental essence of the festive season is about spreading love, appreciating others, and living life to the fullest, and holidays are a lovely time to bond with the special people in your life. With plenty of space and communal areas, a villa stay allows different generations of a family to feel at ease and connect in a natural, unforced way that benefits everyone.

    Spend the Christmas holidays with friends-get-together

    Why not bring people together in a relaxing, fun situation rather than rushing around attempting to cram in visits, meet-ups, dinners, and social events spanning weeks, if not months? A vacation with friends in a Seminyak suite private pool villa in Bali is not only more relaxing, but it is also the best option for everyone involved. Each person in a villa gets their own area to relax and unwind, as well as communal spaces to spend time with others and have some fun.

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    Refresh this Christmas by doing something different

    A change can, without a doubt, be as good as a rest. When you attend the same activities, with the same people, and follow the same patterns, the holidays become predictable, monotonous, and exhausting. If the holidays feel like an uphill battle or a period to ‘get through,’ now is the time to inject some zest, energy, and passion into the festivities.

    See how different Christmas in Bali are!

    See how different Christmas in Bali are!
    Image source: Instagram/@thecoconuthutlembongan

    If you always associate Christmas with snow and pine trees, it can be fun and interesting to see how people in Bali are celebrating Christmas! They make decoration in the roads made from bamboo tree called Penjor, wear traditional Balinese clothing, give hampers gift in Bamboo woven box, and make interesting Christmas tree. People even create their Christmas trees out of old items or even bottles!

    There are several Christmas events in tourist locations, such as greeting Santa, brunches, and dinners. Christmas decorations will be displayed at hotels and shops, and Christmas carols will be played over the speakers. It’s possible that you’ll hear a Balinese rendition of your favorite Christmas tune!

    Spending Christmas morning by the Seminyak beach

    Christmas Day on the beach is no longer limited to Australians. With the 25th just another ordinary day in Bali, you’re sure to find plenty of space for a beachside with your family and to relax and enjoy Christmas in surroundings. This could be more inviting than a table with ten people crammed around it and a plastic chair you dug out of the garage. Spend your Christmas in Bali instead of in the snow. Wouldn’t that be fun?

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    It’s time to award yourself with some luxury treats

    Beautiful spaces, sparkling pools, outdoor lounges, games rooms, and possibly even your own cinema, not to mention a private butler and concierge, as well as a personal chef; yes, you deserve to be pampered, so treat yourself to a luxurious experience that honors who you are and your accomplishments thus far. Even bathing may be a luxurious experience, with some homes guaranteeing breathtaking views from every room, even the bathtub.

    A chance to relax and energize in the end of the year in Bali’s private villa

    It’s time to award yourself with some luxury treats
    Image source: Instagram/@kclububud

    In today’s environment, feeling exhausted at the conclusion of a hectic year is pretty much the norm. You owe it to your mind and body to reset, recalibrate, and rebalance before embarking on the new year. A stay in a private, luxurious villa in Seminyak Bali instills a sense of focused, meditative grounding that is deeply felt and transforming.

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    Recommended Destinations For More Adventurous Honeymoon

    Most couples choose honeymoon destination with cool or cosy atmosphere where they can spend their time leisurely. However, it seems that the trend has been changed in the pats few years. Many young couples nowadays ditch those destination and opt for more adventurous honeymoon destination. Also, they choose outdoor activities more where they can fully explore the places and get the best experience together. 

    Honeymoon trip with adventurous destinations

    There is no rule on how you should spend your honeymoon. You may choose to stay at hotel and cozily enjoy your time as couple. Or, you can explore more places and do something you both like even if it requires you to go to exotic or slightly dangerous places. And here are perfect destinations for couples:


    This is one of the most desired destinations in the world. You won’t be running out of travel idea when you choose this place as your travel destination, especially when you do it with your partner. Aside from the striking Northern Lights that have been very popular and become the highlight of the tour, Iceland has many other things to offer. You can scuba dive in the fault line between tectonic plates, caves, trek through lava fields, and black as desert. You can also hike through glaciers if you feel like it. Accommodation is not a problem here since there are many resorts and hotels to welcome you.

    Galapagos Island

    This place has become more popular in these recent years. The main factor of it is the wildlife. This island has many things to offer. You can go kayaking along with sea animals such as sea-lions. Or, you can swim around the island with Galapagos penguins. Other fun things you can do include seeking out massive tortoise and marine iguanas. For more interesting vacation, you may be interested to stay in hotels located in an extinct volcano crater. This romantic, adventurous getaway with your partner will be memorable. 


    Feeling more adventurous, you may consider spending your vacation with your partner in Paracas, Peru. You can enjoy so many adventurous activities that drive your adrenaline such as sand boarding, boating through Ballesta island to seek out marine wildlife, driving through majestic sand dunes, or visiting the Nazca Line geoglyphs, one of the most important archaeological heritage sites. This site was built around 200 BC. It is a very important site so while you can visit it, make sure to not do anything that can cause any damage. Also, make sure to leave no trace behind. This responsible way of travel allows more people to get the chance to visit it.


    Belize is also highly recommended for couples who want their vacation to be more adventurous. Located in Central America, Belize is blessed with stunning waterfalls and majestic jungles. You can trek through the jungles and enjoy what the real nature view is like. If you feeling bold, take your partner to glide down a river through an underground labyrinth of caves. In this place, you will also able to explore old Mayan temples.

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    Komodo Cruise Boat Tour & How To Choose The Perfect One

    Are you considering a trip to Indonesia and are undecided about which island to visit? It’s understandable given Indonesia’s 15,000 islands, but if you want to see Komodo dragons, swim with manta rays, and sleep aboard a ship beneath the stars, there’s no better spot to go than Komodo Island, in Flores, Indonesia. The comfort and safety of the Komodo cruise boat tour must meet your standards.

    Komodo Cruise Boat Tour & How To Choose The Perfect One

    Best time to do Komodo cruise boat tour

    The dry season, which runs from April to December, is the greatest time to visit Komodo Island since the sea is calmer, the weather is more comfortable, and there is little to no rain. The chances of seeing manta rays aren’t as good as they are during the wet season, but you can see them at Manta Point all year. In early August, we saw three near Manta Point.

    Komodo liveaboard

    One of the most popular highlights of cruising Indonesia is a Komodo cruise boat tour. Photographers, scuba divers, hikers, and beach strollers will love the breathtaking scenery. In a realm where time has forgotten, meet the last dragons on the planet. A private boat charter gives you the flexibility to customize the itinerary and activities to your liking. Komodo charters are customized to your group’s style, budget, and timetable, and are appropriate for both adults and children.

    The legendary Dragons on Rinca or Komodo Island, the only sites in the world where you can meet this prehistoric predator, the most popular highlight of a Komodo boat charter. Aside from the reptiles, the islands near Komodo provide a plethora of diving and snorkeling opportunities. Large pelagic fish, as well as dugongs and whales, are frequently seen.

    Manta Rays may be found on practically every one of the Komodo cruise boat tours. If you enjoy land-based activities, you will not be disappointed. Enjoy panoramic views over the Island Archipelago from Komodo’s most spectacular peak viewpoints. The most popular observation point is Padar Island, however, there are many other impressive peaks to climb.

    It’s crucial to understand the sort of boat being utilized because it will give you an idea of the amenities, the number of people, cabin style, and the size of the boat you’ll be traveling and sleeping on. Air conditioning in the cabin is a pleasant bonus for the visit to Komodo National Park! Because the room is so small, having some air circulation is essential. Even when the windows are open, the breeze does not always get in. Choose your private boat charter wisely and smartly!

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    Snorkelling Destinations in Bali You Won’t Regret Visiting

    One of the most recommended things to do when visiting Bali is to have adventure in the water. There are so many beautiful beaches in Bali where you can do your favorite activities including snorkelling. There are plenty of places accessible for snorkelling in Bali which also provide natural wave barriers suitable for snorkelling. Beach holiday experience in Bali is highly recommended, and here are some of the best recommendations of places for snorkelling during your visit to Bali:

    Snorkelling Destinations in Bali You Won’t Regret Visiting

    Nusa Lembongan

    This is one of the most recommended places for snorkelling especially if you want to be in more tranquil area and less crowded. Nusa Lembongan is about forty minute boat transfer southeast from Sanur Beach and Benoa Harbor. The water here is relatively calm which is great for snorkelling around. This place is also a tending field of local fisherman and seaweed farmers, along with its sister island, Ceningan. During high tide, the beaches here get no deeper than a meter with clear visibility. Hence, it is considered very safe for snorkelers even the beginners. 

    Amed and Tulamben 

    There are many interesting sites in this area where you can snorkel freely. Amed especially has immense spread of coral reefs. There is also Banyuning, which is a site where Japanese shipwreck located. It has become home to tropical fish, reef sharks and napoleon wrasses. There is also Tulamben, where the USAT Liberty wreck offers the main attraction snorkelers can enjoy. 

    Nusa Dua

    Nusa Dua is home to exclusive resorts so the areas tend to be more private and calm. The beaches are considerably quiet and well kept because of the lack of crowd. The waters are also calm which is why this place is perfect for snorkelling. The water is calm due to the long-stretching Nusa Dua reef that breaks the big swells surged from the open sea. The most favorite spot for snorkelling is a bay with blue water. Or, you can also go further south to Greger Beach and enjoy natural blue pool surrounded by white sand. 


    Padangbai offers interesting areas where you can go diving and snorkelling. It is the quiet east coast retreat of Candidasa that where you can find best spots for snorkelling included Bias Tugel, Blue Lagon, and Padangbai itself. You can snorkel in Jepun, located within Blue Lagoon, that features white sand bottom and artificial coral garden. You can see amazing marine life while snorkelling around various sites. However, be careful of the possible strong currents in some areas. It is recommended to visit these snorkeling sites during dry season which falls between may and September. 

    Menjangan Island and Pemuteran

    This is where you can find tranquil seascape and perfect site for snorkeling. Menjangan Island offers coasts featuring shallow waters and great visibility. You can enjoy the thriving coral garden along with tropical marine habitats. You can also go 3km east and find Pemuteran, which is another snorkeling hot spot. It is where you can also see a bio-rock coral reef project as well as pearl farms.

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    Asmat Papua & Destinations You Must Visit

    Asmat Papua is diverse, from its attractive and beautiful places to its culinary delights. This type of tourist attraction in the district which is very famous for its carvings can be grouped into three types, namely natural, cultural and social tourism. However, some people still don’t know what places to visit in Asmat Regency. The district, which is located in Papua Province, with its natural beauty and cultural charm makes Asmat the target of tourists and foreign tourists.

    Asmat Papua & Destinations You Must Visit

    What interesting places in Asmat Papua should you visit?

    Agats City, Free Air Pollution Motorbike

    The capital city of Asmat Regency is a city known as the city above the mud. There are no roads in this swampy area with many rivers, all using bridges. Uniquely, you will find it difficult to find a motorized vehicle here. Agats residents use electric-powered motorbikes which are guaranteed to be free of air pollution. In addition, there are many interesting places that can be found in Agats.

    Asmat Culture and Crafts Museum

    This museum is located in Agats City with a unique shape. The Asmat Museum stores various art and original works of the Asmat tribe that you must know. If you visit, you will know more about the history of culture that has never faded from time to time. If you want to visit this place, it is recommended during the Asmat Cultural Festival.

    Tiga Island

    The attraction of Pulau Tiga lies in the friendliness of the people who live there. This island is also the boundary between Asmat Regency and Mimika Regency, precisely in Joerat District. The means of transportation to visit this island in the form of boats or ships.

    Rawa Baki

    The tourist attraction in Asmat that is no less beautiful is in Rawa Baki, Sirets District. For tourists who want to visit, the location is in a protected forest area. Here there are various types of biodiversity, including rare species. There is no doubt about the cool air in this place because this place is almost surrounded by beautiful green trees. You can enjoy the pleasant atmosphere of the swamp.

    Asmat Cultural Festival

    The Asmat Cultural Festival, which is open to the public, is always crowded with tourists. This annual cultural festival has been held since 1981. This activity carried out in Agats City is a form of appreciation for the local community. During the party, many more exciting activities can be witnessed, such as carving exhibitions, various competitions, food festivals and others. In addition, you can also get to know Asmat culture better. If you want to know more about Asmat culture, you must join this festival.

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    Contributing to A More Sustainable Air Travel

    Contributing to A More Sustainable Air Travel

    We talk alot about sustainable trip and how we can contribute to make our trip more environment friendly by travelling more responsibly. We also talk a lot about how we should respect the local cultures, their lands, their way of life, and  their tradition. However, we can also contribute to sustainable travel by supporting green air travel. Our carbon footprint does affect the environment. However, some travel destinations are so faraway that they can be reached only by air travel. Meanwhile the impact of air travel is pretty huge to the planet because of the carbon emission. So how can we travel more sustainably?

    The possibility of sustainable air travel

    Even though challenging, it is possible for us to fly more responsibly in order to support the environment-conscious travel movement. We can contribute by making the right choices, such as choosing airline with lowest average emissions, taking direct flight, booking economy with less emission than business class, and flying less far or less frequently if there is another alternative. 

    Changing travel habits

    It is possible for us to change our travel habits by making more conscious decisions of our air travel plan. It will be beneficial if every individual take part in reducing the impact of air travel by choosing better alternatives. Of course, the opportunity to experience new cultures can outweigh harmful effects of air travel. However, it is even better if we become more conscious-travelers so that we are aware of our impact to the environment. And even if our change of travel habit can help a little to protect our planet, then why not doing it proudly. 

    Economy seat has lower emission than business seats

    It is true that economy seat is four time less emission than business seats. Hence, it will be beneficial to the environment if you choose economy seats. Of course this is not for everyone who might have condition or situation where they are not able to fly safely and comfortably in economy seats. However, if it is possible for us who only feel a little bit uncomfortable with the tiny space to choose economy seat instead. 

    Packing lightly is better

    Our luggage also contributes a lot in emission. The more we pack, the heavier our bag will get. Hence, it creates more emission that will of course harm the environment. We can be more considerate about what we need to pack for our trip. If we can pack light without missing any of major essentials then why should we pack extra? Also, light luggage will provide us more freedom to move without the risk of injuring our own body. 

    Choosing airlines

    Each airline may have different protocols and regulations about their flights. Choosing efficient airline can be challenging because not all of them are conscious about carbon emission or environment. They may focus more on providing great experiences for their passengers. But if we can find airlines who are doing real things to be more efficient then it’s better to choose them.

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    Important Management A Luxury Villa Rental Owner in Bali Must Know

    Important Management A Luxury Villa Rental Owner in Bali Must Know

    Purchasing a luxury villa rental Bali could be a significant investment that promise a lucrative income if you know how to manage it. However, not every villa owner can be a good host—which could severely impact their business. Being a successful villa owner is not only about presenting the best hospitality—but also micro managing every little detail in the property. Here are five typical errors rental property owners make, as well as suggestions on how owners can improve the situations.

    When Accepting the First Booking in Your Luxury Villa Rental Bali

    After all the hard works you pour to furnish your luxury villa rental Bali, getting your first booking is truly exciting! However, if you don’t have certain policies in place, it could not work out as well as you had anticipated. Accepting a group without properly establishing how many of them there are, including their day visitors, is a common blunder, as is accepting a weekend booking in the heart of high season without realizing this has blocked the possibility for a full week’s rental before and after.

    How to improve the situation: Create your booking terms ahead of time, write them down, and display them on your website so that all visitors are aware of them. Set a limit on the number of people who can stay (including youngsters) and stick to it.

    The Problematic One-Night Stay

    The Problematic One-Night Stay

    There’s always confusion following a one-night stay booking. In one side, booking is a booking. It gets you customers and income. Turning down a one-night stay booking could disappoint the guests and result in bad review. In the other side, one night stay could potentially affect villa maintenance and future bookings. First, it can impact on future reservations. You can’t take a three-night booking if one of the nights isn’t available (booked by one-night guest), and canceling the reservation would reflect negatively on the property. Second, your employees need to work extra when visitors check in and out of the villa on a regular basis. Third, guests must spend at least two days in a villa to properly enjoy it. If they only stay for one night, the experience will be similar to that of a hotel, and they won’t see the best of your property.

    How to improve the situation: Allow one-night stay during the low or shoulder season. Give clear schedule of when the one-night stay is available. For example, state that “This property will accept one-night stays from Monday to Wednesday during February to March”. Out of these months, require a minimum stay of three nights for your guests.

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    Imposing Rental Agreement or Terms & Conditions at Your Luxury Villa Rental Bali

    You have little recourse if something goes wrong if you don’t have a clear contract that spells out each party’s duties. Many people who are renting for the first time have no idea what is required of them until you set out what you want them to do, the limitations of your obligations as an owner, and the conditions of the contract. You expose yourself to the possibility of counter-claims if something goes wrong.

    How to improve the situation: Write a contract that specifies all of the agreement’s conditions, including maximum occupancy, arrival and departure times and days, your policy on day visitors, pets, and housekeeping, and a liability release. Searching for ‘vacation rental agreement’ on Google should provide some results, or go to www.laymyhat.com and look for postings on the subject.

    Keeping Up with Vacation Trends

    Keeping Up with Vacation Trends

    Nothing is more saddening than an old vacation rental that stuck in the past. Not every villa has to be new, but you need to know that there’s a difference from a villa that aged gracefully with time and a villa that plainly looked outdated. A villa that was extremely desirable ten years ago may not be so appealing today. As time goes on, the preferences of travelers constantly shifted.

    How to improve the situation: Sometimes it just take a simple (and inexpensive) restyling of the villa décor to rejuvenate your old, luxury villa rental Bali. Take cues from Instagram to know the latest trends that travelers wants!

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    Respecting the Local Area Where Your Bali Villa Stands

    Once you’ve acquired your home, keep in mind that the culture and lifestyle of your new neighborhood may be unlike anything you’ve ever known. It may take some time to adjust to a cultural shift, but you should always be prepared to learn and adapt as needed – and you should also advise your visitors on this.