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8 Reasons Why We Love Scuba Diving

8 Reasons Why We Love Scuba Diving

Unlike any other things people do for recreation, diving is really different. You will not use your foot to walk to the destination, snap anything straight with your smartphone, or feel any texture from the place you visited. Unlike anything you have done before, you will submerge deep into the water. See the world of blue, and learn to move like the fishes. A lot of beginners are fascinated with scuba diving, and continue their underwater adventures years after their first dream.

So, why we love scuba diving and why you will, too?

Discovering A Whole New Beautiful World

Every dive begins with the first breath underwater, when you realize you’ve warped into a new beautiful world, leaving all the commotion and stress above. It’s so quiet and peaceful down there, and after a while, it becomes your safe haven.

When you dive deep into the ocean and are surrounded by fish and other aquatic life, you realize you have entered an entirely new world. When the fishes get close to your face and look at you with interest, you can’t help but smile. When you witness so-called dangerous sea species like sharks and stingrays in their natural habitat, you realize they’re just ordinary animals trying to save themselves when they feel assaulted.

A Moment to Just Unwind and Be Present

A Moment to Just Unwind and Be Present

Another reason scuba diving enhanced my travels is because it provides a ‘zen’ experience. Scuba diving requires you to concentrate on your breathing. Inhale slowly and exhale slowly. In your beginners scuba diving class, you will learn breathing technique for breathing underwater. Some of the techniques are also applicable for de-stressing in your daily life. 

It’s also quite serene in the underwater. No phone calls or emails are received. It’s completely silent. This makes a dive quite relaxing!

It Allows You to Enjoy the Moment

Scuba diving is everything of these and more: the colors, the marine life, being out in nature, the sensation of practically flying underwater. And when you dive, you are immersed in the present moment and gain a sense of tranquility that you may carry with you into your daily life.

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The Sense of Weightlessness

There’s something about the sense of weightlessness that comes with being underwater that we love. It’s almost like flying. With little movement, you will get to move in the water. 

The Same Site Gives You Multiple Adventures

Any theories why scuba divers frequently return to the same dive site? Because every dive is unique! Underwater, you will always come across different creatures and situations. During a dive, you may encounter a variety of creatures, including turtles, sharks, stingrays, and sea horses!

Plenty of Scuba Diving Sites for Beginners

Plenty of Scuba Diving Sites for Beginners

Another thing we love from diving is that, unlike other “extreme” sports, diving has plenty of shallow site with almost no currents that are just rewarding as deeper sites! There are lots of easy scuba diving locations for beginners that every new divers can explore confidently. 

Learning A New Skill is Always Exciting

It provides you excellent energy to learn new things. Scuba diving teaches you about physics and equipment, as well as undersea life, environmental protection, and other topics. With each dive, you enhance your own abilities!

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Opens Up Possibilities to Travel 

Getting SCUBA certified gives up a whole new world of vacation possibilities. While it may not be the primary purpose of your next vacation, it can be a fun addition to your agenda.

If you live in the Americas’ north, central, or south, you already have access to hundreds of incredible diving spots that may take a lifetime to see. From the Gulf of Mexico to the Florida Keys and the Bahamas, the southeastern United States has some of the best reef and wreck diving in the world. Come to Bali, Indonesia, and you will get see some of the richest water in the world, beaten only by Raja Ampat—diver’s paradise. Basically Indonesia is an underwater heaven as it sits right in the heart of the world’s Coral Triangle.