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4 Best Destinations for Solo Travelling


With enough courage, solo travelling can be a great way to explore the other side of the world. Remember to not being afraid with the local since they can lead you to the most exciting spot. There’s always risks wherever you go, but these places are best choice to be visited alone.

4 Best Destinations for Solo Travelling
  • Indonesia; Lombok and Gili Islands

If you find that Bali is already overrun with tourists, you can prefer to visit another two wonderful islands in Indonesia. Lombok and Gili islands are actually located right to the next of Bali if you check on map. Its reputation has raised to be more popular since it still has sterling beaches.  

The two islands are perfect choice for solo travelers when they want to learn surfing, diving or snorkeling. The beaches offer beautiful views with clear water while you can enjoy the lush green field of paddy in the land. The easiest accessed coast is located at the northwest called Trawangan.

You can also experience a great hiking to Mount Rinjani which is categorized as active volcano. Do not skip all beautiful spots of hot springs as well as waterfalls. 

  • Guatemala

If you are searching places in central and south America to travel alone, do not disregard Guatemala. You have to include this region on your lists since it has the most famous Maya ruins. Furthermore, you will be able to stay here for as long as you wish since it’s rather inexpensive place to explore. Maximize your time while staying by learning Spanish or you can even propose yourself as volunteer. 

You can do various activities in Guatemala including kayaking, rafting in whitewater and hiking. You can also live up your adventure by exploring the jungle and get yourself familiar with the most active volcano in Central America. Even entering the colorful traditional market and haggling for farm products is another kind of adventure. 

  • Cuba

If you visit Havana which is the capital city of Cuba, you will be able to witness how they conjure the crumbling colonial architecture. Its characteristics can be determined from the timeless, vibrant and stylish buildings. The view from up far angle is dramatically wonderful, so don’t ever forget your camera.

Havana is also famous for its 1950s Chevys, cigars and salsa dance. As the political tempest has been lifted, the government encourages its citizen to open businesses and expand it, so it can move the economic wheel. There are many restaurants, art shops and also tiny streets which are worthy to explore. Cuba has various homestays for traveler and it offers low crime. So, going there alone would be safe enough.

  • Japan; Hokkaido

Every traveler may wish to be able visiting Japan someday. This country is perfect for solo traveling since they are reputable to welcome visitors. Hokkaido is located at the northern and the most remote island among the four other main islands. The capital city becomes famous because it hosted Winter Olympic Games in 1972.

However, Hokkaido is best recognized for outdoors activities including skiing, hiking and birdwatching. Do each of them, so you can embrace every elements of the untouched landscape. The Hokkaido also offers you an original Sapporo beer.