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3 Highlights to Remember in Liveaboard Labuan Bajo


Choosing to take Liveaboard Labuan Bajo for your upcoming trip to the Komodo National Park, Labuan Bajo, Flores, is a great way to experience some of Komodo’s secluded beaches and best dive sites that are further away from resorts and hotels back in the land. Here in Labuan Bajo, sailing is the main option—if not the only one—to get into places within the national park. Obviously, Labuan Bajo has abundant of liveaboard boat of all class and style to take you around. There’s always a liveaboard to suit a range of budget, intended sailing duration, number of passengers, even type of holidays. Some of these liveaboard are especially intended for dive trip with complete diving essentials, and some are more focused on islands exploration featuring a snorkel (or dive) session, some of them even specialise themselves to honeymoon holidays. You can share the liveaboard with a dozen of random passengers from all around the world or rent the whole just for yourself. 

3 Highlights to Remember in Liveaboard Labuan Bajo

Here are some important highlights to remember if you want to sail around Komodo with liveaboard boats:

Three Liveaboard Labuan Bajo Main Highlights

Divers: Pack Your Log Book

People forgetting their log books is one of the most common problem in liveaboard trip. We can’t stress you enough about the importance of log books. Especially when Komodo gives rather challenging diving situation. Though the underwater landscapes are insanely beautiful, Komodo is known for having quite strong currents. Dive masters agrees that minimum of 50 logged dives is necessary to join a diving session in Flores and Komodo. 

A lot of waters in Komodo presents beautiful coral reefs and fantastic marine life in shallow depth. However, some of the recommended sites are located below 18m depth, so you may required to show Deep Diver certificate beforehand. Also, bringing in log books with you makes it easier to pair you up with a diving buddy of the same level. 

Compact Packing—Limit to the Essentials 

Travelling with Liveaboard Labuan Bajo is not the same with other means of travel. Remember that you are sailing in a boat with limited number of weight capacity. That means you can’t drag along two big suitcases as you would do in resort holiday. Well, except if you book a private liveaboard where you (and your travelling partner) would be the only passenger. On the other hand, liveaboard cabins are not as big as hotel room, so you would have very limited storages to put all your belongings. We highly recommended you to pack only the essentials; swimming suits, dive suits, and three pair of t-shirts and shorts (if you are a woman and want to bring sundresses, one or two pieces are enough). Most of the travelers we see in Komodo spent a lot of time in the boat just in their bikini/ swim wear—before changing into shirts when it comes to island excursion. So really, you don’t have to pack that much. 

Other things that should be in your bag are reef-safe sunscreen, toiletries, sunglasses, hats, and trekking shoes. Always bring the strongest and comfiest shoes you have for the hot and steep trekking on Padar and other islands around Komodo. We also strongly suggest to bring your travel insurance and first aid kit anywhere.  You know, just in case

Bring in Dive Light

One of the joy of sailing with liveaboard is the possibility to reach secluded dive sites and having almost unlimited chance for diving. Oftentimes, night dives are offered in many liveaboard Labuan Bajo trip. If you don’t want to miss the chance of seeing marine’s night life under whole new perspective, bring in your dive light. You will absolutely love it.