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    What You Need To Know Before Having A Vacation In Las Vegas

    Many people around the world are curious about Las Vegas. This dazzling, impressive, and surprising place is a dream of many wanderers. Most of the people who want to visit Vegas are often interested to experience the nightlife, drinking fancy drinks in many clubs, playing poker, and maybe having a taste of experience watching people strip in the strip clubs. 

    The facts you should know about Las Vegas

    There are many things most people may not know about the sin city. Many people often see from the dazzling point of view when it comes to Vegas. And here are some weird and less known facts about Las Vegas you may not know:

    Las Vegas has 150,000 hotels

    This is kind of surprising because not many people know about this fact. However, Vegas is often visited by people not only from the USA but also from other countries from different contingents. Hence, hotels in Vegas are so many to accommodate visitors. It is estimated there are about 147,238 hotel rooms in Vegas. If you are curious about the rate, a room costs around $129 per night. You can keep coming back to the city and stay in different hotels. 

    Sex work is illegal in Las Vegas

    If you think sex work in Las Vegas is legal then you are totally wrong. Many visitors wonder about the many signs promoting the sex industry in the sin city but it is actually prohibited. In fact, it is also banned in Nevada’s other major city too such as Reno. However, sex work in other Nevada counties is permitted. 

    The Las Vegas Strip Is not actually in Las Vegas

    If you think you can visit The Las Vegas Strip in Las Vegas then you will be disappointed. This paradise is actually located in Paradise. It is actually situated in the neighboring town of Paradise. The Last Vegas Strip itself stretch to 4.2 miles long. The area is also home to many popular Las Vegas hotels such as Caesar Palace, MGM Grand, and Wyn Las Vegas. 

    Get married in anywhere in Las Vegas is possible

    Many people also come to Las Vegas to get married in the bright city. A quickie wedding apparently is a thing for some people around the world that they are so willing to travel miles away to Vegas. In Vegas, you can buy the wedding package which includes a wedding officiant, a pancake wedding cake, use of the diner’s chapel, a champagne toasts, as well as two breakfasts. Do you think it is worth it?

    The Luxor Light Beam in Las Vegas

    It is arguably the brightest beam in the world and on Earth. It is even said that the beacon is still visible from 100 miles away. However, the iconic beam is now actually operating at only half-strength from what it initially illuminated in its debut in 1993. however, the difference is invisible to the naked eye so it is not actually a problem to be concerned with. 

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    Raja Ampat Liveaboard Budget & Luxury Tips

    One of the best dive sites in Indonesia is Raja Ampat, but it’s not a cheap place to visit. But there is a smart option by using a liveaboard on an affordable budget and traveling around with luxurious facilities. Raja Ampat liveaboard budget that is suitable for you to choose to satisfy your diving experience. The archipelago consists of more than 1500 beautiful islands, making it a dream destination for all divers. You can spend several weeks exploring the many dive sites in Raja Ampat.

    Affordable Raja Ampat Liveaboard Budget

    Liveaboard is very popular among diving lovers. Raja Ampat has more biodiversity than the coral triangle of Indonesia, the Philippines, and Papua New Guinea. Lots of itineraries to choose from and choosing a Raja Ampat liveaboard can be a difficult task. We have selected several Raja Ampat liveaboards complete with luxurious facilities and an affordable budget.

    Magia 2 Liveaboard

    Magia 2 liveaboard a cruise ship and a work of art that combines traditional phinisi with foreign architecture. The Magia 2 cruise ship takes you to explore Raja Ampat and some of the best dive sites. One of the Raja Ampat liveaboards with a length of 25 meters and accommodates 10 people.

    Magia 2 liveaboard facilities:

    • 1 master cabin with a king-size bed fit for 2 persons. Balcony with a 180 view, a sofa, and 2 seater jacuzzi
    • 2 quest cabin with a king-size bed
    • Open deck lounge
    • 1 VIP cabin with a king-size bed & 2 single beds fit for 4 people
    • A living room connected to the dining area with a large daybed
    • Snorkeling & diving equipment

    Jakare Liveaboard

    The Jakare liveaboard with a length of 30 meters and able to accommodate 10-12 people is made by combining Indonesian ship style with western comfort. The family-friendly boat invites you to introduce your children to the richness of the Indonesian sea, especially the beauty of Raja Ampat. 

    Jakare liveaboard facilities:

    • 2 standard front cabins
    • 1 family suite cabin
    • 2 premium central cabins
    • Snorkeling & diving equipment

    Tiare liveaboard

    Tiare liveaboard, a traditional boat with 5 star quality offers a memorable experience while traveling around Raja Ampat. Phinisi ship with a length of 38 meters and accommodates 14 passengers completes your vacation days.

    Tiare liveaboard facilities

    • 2 triple cabins with 1 double bed and single bed
    • Two double cabins with one double bed 
    • 2 twin cabins with two single beds
    • Raja Ampat liveaboard Diving You Need To Know

    Raja Ampat miming is open to divers all year round, but liveaboard diving is highly weather-dependent. Generally, the best time for a Raja Ampat liveaboard diving trip is from October to mid-December. While June – September tend to be avoided liveaboard trips due to strong winds and rain. Affordable Raja Ampat liveaboard budget is designed for tourists who want to explore the underwater world and enjoy the natural beauty of Eastern Indonesia.

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    Things You Might Not Know About Flying

    We can travel using any kind of transportation mode. One of the most preferred is airplane. However, there are many things that we might not know about flying. We just use the service and enjoy the flight. In fact, many things you already knew might probably untrue when you listen to the people involved in the cockpit such as pilots and flight attendances. There are many things they know that we don’t and it is such interesting thing to find out. 

    Some misconceptions about flying many of us don’t know

    Many people believe that the plane flies itself. Is it true then? However, the pilots themselves say that it is untrue. Even when the plane is on ‘autopilot’ doesn’t mean it flies by itself in the sky. In fact, many travelers believe that the plane lands itself. In reality, all the flying and landing are entirely done manually by the pilot. 

    About automation landing

    Pilots say that there is indeed an automatic landing but it only happens maybe a couple per year. Even so, the plane still needs to be operated by the pilot. Pilots don’t steer a wheel for the entire flight but the buttons and all automation only work based on what they are told to do. And the pilot is the one who can tell what they have to do, when to do, how to do, and where to do it. Pilots usually control the plane and use different automation depending on the circumstances. Pilots are the one who have full control to execute the flight and make changes when needed. 

    Can plane fly itself then?

    A plane can indeed fly itself but only for short period. However, it can just fly itself for the entire flight because unlike a car driver, a pilot should be cautious of his left, right, up, and down. Hence, pilots can just let the plane in automation the entire time. Sometimes a pilot should wrestle with the plane in certain situations. Automation just there to help make pilot’s job a little bit easier. 

    Turbulence is normal

    Many air travelers are worried and concerned about experiencing turbulence during a flight. However, it is very common thing for pilots. They even consider turbulence as something normal during flight. The number of encounter with strong turbulence is increased due to the climate change. It has potential to make a flight a bumpier experience for passengers. However, passengers will be safe as long as they follow safety protocols during a flight such as wearing seatbelt when they are told to. 

    Window seat over aisle seats

    Travelers have their own preference when it comes to seating arrangement on the plane. Some prefer aisle seat to make theme easier to move. Meanwhile, some other prefer window seats to rest better without any disturbance from their seatmate. From pilot perspective, window seats are better because it can enhance flight experience. There are many things to see from the windows from the air. It gives unique perspectives.

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    Sailing Trip Labuan Bajo 3 Days 2 Nights

    Labuan Bajo is a premium tourism thanks to the beauty of the beach, underwater life, and the rare animals that live there, namely Komodo. Sailing trip Labuan Bajo offering in various ways to explore every corner of the island and its beaches. Popular destinations in Labuan Bajo are Komodo Island and Pink beach. Labuan Bajo has many islands with stunning natural beauty such as Rinca Island. 

    Sailing Trip Labuan Bajo Destination

    Sailing trip Labuan Bajo offers a unique and unforgettable holiday experience. You must try Labuan Bajo’s interesting activities on a phinisi boat, especially if you are on vacation with family and friends. The exclusive way to enjoy Labuan Bajo is indeed quite expensive but it can be said to be very worth it. 

    A private boat charter will take you to explore the islands in East Nusa Tenggara. Designed with luxurious interiors, comfortable rooms, and pampering facilities throughout the holiday trip. The Labuan Bajo 3D/2N sailing trip package is perfect option if your vacation time is limited. Some tourist spots that you must visit during the Labuan Bajo sailing tour:

    Pulau Rinca

    Rinca Island is the largest Komodo dragon habitat in the National Park. To explore and meet Komodo dragons, make sure a ranger is always with you. Considering that Komodo dragons are wild animals that live freely in their habitat, always maintain a safe distance of about 3-5 meters. For women, it is better to postpone the trip to see Komodo dragons when they are menstruating considering that Komodo’s smell is very sensitive to blood.

    Padar Island

    Padar Island is one of the best destinations and should put in the list in your sailing trip Labuan Bajo list. The mandatory activity that you must do is trekking. The journey to the top takes 45 minutes – 1 hour. The best times for trekking trips are at sunrise and sunset. 

    Gili Laba

    Gili Laba is still around the Komodo National Park which is famous for the beauty of the hills surrounded by a stretch of the blue sea. The beauty of one of these tourist spots is the target of tourists and even a location for pre-wedding.

    Manta Point

    For lovers of snorkeling and diving, Manta Point is a perfect choice. If you decide to dive, make sure all diving equipment is functioning properly. Manta Rays are harmless but try to always keep a safe distance. Where there are mantas, there are jellyfish, considering that this marine species is the manta’s favorite food.

    Manta Point is famous for its strong ocean currents. Usually, the sailing trip Labuan Bajo will provide complete diving equipment including a dive instructor who helps your dive.

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    Dream Trips You Should Take Before Turning Fifty

    Age is just number is what people often say. It is true that it is just a matter of number but somehow, we can also make something special out of our birthday. When you are turning fifty, it doesn’t mean you have more limitation to do whatever you want. People say that fifty is the new forty. Embrace and relish your fifty through travel. It helps us broaden our minds, provide a dose of adventure, and lighten our hearts. 

    Travel experience you should take before turning fifty

    There are many destinations around the world you can visit. You can make your own adventure by choosing your dream destinations. However, it can be a difficult situation because there are too many to choose. So here are some of recommended dream trip with best destinations you may consider for your adventure if you happen to be approaching the half-century mark:

    Cycling trip through Tuscany, Italy

    Cycling trip through Tuscany, Italy
    Image Source : Backroads

    Cycling is not only for youngster. If you are turning fifty and you love cycling, you can make it as your motivation to take your dream trip. The reason is that Tuscany is Italy’s most scenic and accommodating region. You can cycle through some of Italian countryside. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a pro at cycling. This place is accommodating for both and you will be presented with picturesque villages, stunning vistas, and tranquil country roads. 

    Enjoy South Africa’s Wine Country

    Enjoy South Africa’s Wine Country

    South Africa is one of the most exotic places to visit. Hence, so many people have dreamed of paying a visit. There are many iconic and historical places to explore including the lovely Cape Town, Drakensberg Mountains, and many more. You can explore the place in so many ways such as hiking. However, it is strongly recommended to visit The Winelands to stay in one of the local inn or hotels while exploring one of the numerous award-winning vineyards. 

    Take a ride in a hot air balloon in Cappadocia

    Try wonderful experience of riding a hot air balloon and Cappadocia is one of the best places to do it. During the ride, you will get to enjoy the most otherworldly landscape of Turkey from above. Also, Cappadocia present stunning view as it is carved by ancient volcanic activity and thousands years of erosion. It feels like enjoying a big painting of amazing nature. 

    Enjoy the hot springs of Iceland

    Iceland is one of the safest countries in the world and no wonder so many people wish to pay a visit someday. The landscape of Iceland is more than just stunning. Through volcanic activities, the beautiful landscape is filled with fumaroles, geysers, and various geothermal activity. One of the most iconic and worth trying is the hot spring. There are numerous of hot springs across the country. So it is highly recommended to soak in in one of the hot springs that provide soothing comfort and warmth. While soaking in, you may get to take in the breathtaking northern lights as well.

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    Open Trip Flores With Luxury Phinisi

    Flores open trips not only to explore the underwater but also the natural beauty and variety of cultures from the past. One of the cultural heritage that is still preserved today, the village of Waerebo with 7 cone houses. Located in a valley in the interior of Manggarai where you have to travel through the forest for 3 hours. Another traditional village is in Bajawa which has been around for 2 millennia.

    Open Trip Flores, enjoy your live onboard

    open trip Flores - live onboard - sequoia liveaboard

    Live onboard is the choice of tourists to explore Labuan Bajo, Flores, Komodo National Park, and its surroundings. It seemed impossible to land in many tourist spots in such a short time. Flores trip is an option to enjoy a luxurious, comfortable trip and enjoy the charm of nature.

    You will stay on the ship for the open trip Flores, enjoying the comfort and facilities that are available. The boat crew has prepared all the needs of the guests during the trip to Flores, from breakfast, lunch, dinner, diving equipment, and WIFI.

    Where To Go During a trip to Flores?

    Wae rebo Village
    image source:Nusae

    If you choose the open trip Flores for 4-5 day, you can explore Waerebo Village, Cancar Rice Field, Liang Bua Cave, Bena Village, Manalage Hotspring, Blue Stone Beach, Mount Kelimutu, Koka Beach, Bukit Nilo, the old church of Sikka, and Sikka Maumere weaving process.

    You can also visit Rinca Island, Komodo Island, Kelor Island, and its surroundings. Seeing the habitat of ancient animals, Komodo is a destination for tourists. Requirements to explore the Komodo dragon’s habitat, women are not allowed to travel during menstruation. Komodo dragons smell very sharp and komodo will think that you as their food. Do not be separated from the group or guide as it endangers your safety.

    On Padar Island, you can see the best sunrise as the main icon in the Komodo Islands. At Pink beach, you can swim, snorkel or just sunbathe. Meanwhile, to see the sunset, you can visit the island of Sebayur.

    For diving lovers, there are many dive spots such as Manta Point. But you need to know about the undercurrent in the Komodo islands. Many beginner divers do not know the underwater conditions of Komodo National Park and end up endangering their own safety. Make sure you are certified advanced or master where you have acquired the skills to save yourself from undersea currents.

    Open trip Flores offers a lot of fun and unforgettable experiences. Exploring many tourist attractions, diving spots, seeing endangered Komodo dragons, and getting to know various cultures from the past. Open trip Flores opens your eyes that Indonesia is not only an archipelago but has a million charms that we can be proud of.

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    Appetizing Foods To Try In New York State

    Planning on visiting New York in the future? There are probably list of things you want to do or visit already. However, do not forget about food hunting. New York has wide selections of foods that can make you salivate. Tasty dishes can be found in almost every corner of New York. So here are list of fascinating, delicious foods you can enjoy while you are in New York:

    Garbage Plate

    Garbage Plate
    Image source: Pinterest

    Well, it sounds unappealing but it is tastier than it sounds. It is satisfying meal served in one plate containing potatoes, meat and several other sides such as macaroni salad, home fries, or beans. Those are piled together with chili sauce, onions, and topped with mustard. The meat is varied that you can choose based on what you prefer. You can opt for hamburger patties, chicken fingers, ham, hot dogs, fried fish, and many more. This food has been existed since 1918 and was copyrighted in 1992. 

    Utica Greens

    Utica Greens
    Image source: Pinterest

    This dish is worth a try. It is a combination of a bitter green such as escarole, fried prosciutto, breadcrumbs, hot cherry peppers, and Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese. Escarole was a staple in home gardens of Utica. It was usually cooked with garlic and olive oil but it was slowly used in various restaurants in the 1980s. today, the dish is very popular at many Italian restaurants. In new York, you can call Utica greens as Village Greens since most restaurants in Utica don’t really call them Utica greens. 

    Salt Potatoes

    Salt Potatoes
    Image source: Pinterest

    It sounds like regular dish without anything special on it if we look as the name. However, it is such a popular dish in Central New York. It was created in Syracuse (known for their salt production). In 1800s, Irish salt miners would bring a bag of small, unpeeled potatoes to work and lunchtime. They would boil the potatoes in free-flowing saltwater. The potatoes would then create a form of crust on the skin due to the salt. Hence, they are more crunchy on the outside while on the inside is creamy. 

    Buffalo Wings 

    Image source: Pinterest

    It is spicy wing invented in Buffalo by Teressa Bellissimo. This dish is made from chicken wings slathered in hot sauce and served with bleu cheese and celery. It is such a popular snack in New York now. The wings are cooked through deep-frying process without any breading or coating before they are slathered in sauce made from hot sauce, melted butter, and red pepper. This is appetizing dish for spicy food lovers. 


    Image source: Pinterest

    This is sandwich popular in New York. It was originally created by Italian immigrants in Binghamton around 1920s. it was a reference to Italian word spiedino, meaning skewer. This dish is made from chicken, beef, pork, or lamb. The meat is then marinated in a zesty sauce made from wine vinegar, oil, and various spices. It is then grilled on a spit. The skewered meat then is wrapped in Italian bread. After pulling off the skewer, it turns into mouth-watering sandwich without adding other ingredients. 

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    Building Bali Family Villas: What You Need to Know

    Building A Bali Family Villas

    Traveling families are a huge part of the vacation rental growth, and it’s no secret. Every year, an increasing number of parents prioritize a family trip. Families appreciate the opportunity to have more space than a typical hotel room gives. Most families look forward to vacations, with 88 percent of families taking at least one vacation each year. To attract more families with children to your property, try to make your Bali family villas a true family-friendly accommodation.

    What Family-Friendly Means in Bali Family Villas

    To ensure that a house is family-friendly, it is no longer enough to click the box that says “children welcome” on a listing site. In actuality, many of those so-called “kid-friendly” homes lack the amenities that parents require, leading to disappointment and despair. Families want vacation rentals that live up to their billing, and they want to know exactly what to anticipate from each one. But how do you go about doing it? What can you do to make your holiday rental scream “families welcome”?

    Make More Flexible Rooms for Bigger Family Group

    Make More Flexible Rooms in Your Bali Family Villas

    Making your vacation rental more family friendly by adding extra sleeping choices to your bedrooms and living spaces. Many families choose vacation rentals over hotels because hotels do not provide the space they require without causing them to purchase additional room.

    Trundle beds and couch beds are fantastic ways to make your bedrooms more livable without turning them into kids’ quarters. But don’t go overboard. Bunk beds are fantastic for kids, but they’re not so much for grownups. If you add bunk beds to all of your rooms, you risk losing groups of adults who don’t want to sleep on the top bunk.

    Provide Entertainments for the Kids

    Many children have so much energy that parents may need a little help figuring out how to keep them occupied. First and foremost, ensure that your home has stable internet access. This will enable parents to stream Netflix to their children and download internet games to keep them entertained. Having a TV, DVD player, and/or a streaming device, such as an Apple TV or Roku, can also make it easy for parents to stream movies and shows for their children. Having a bin of kid-friendly toys, books, and movies would be an extra step that would be greatly appreciated by the family staying at your home. Moreover, these game rooms may help your Bali family villas to stand out against your competitors.

    Strip All Sharp and Fragile Furnitures

    Keep an eye out for any fragile, precious, or sharp objects in your Bali family vacation rental and, if necessary, remove them. Breakable or potentially harmful things, such as glass or crystal artifacts, china, vases, and so on, should be protected and stored properly. Knives and other sharp kitchen utensils should be kept out of reach of children.

    You not only bring tension and worry to your guests, but you also add stress and anxiety to yourself as the host, by leaving out goods that can shatter or cause damage. By keeping these objects out of reach, you may dramatically lessen the likelihood of accidents while also alleviating parental concerns.

    Show Parents on How You Cater Young Kids 

    Show Parents on How You Cater Young Kids

    Relaxation is one of the main reasons people go on vacation. Childproof your Bali family villas to make it easier for the parents who are staying with you to do so. Consider acquiring safety gates for stairwells and coverings for wall outlets, as well as storing pricey, fragile things like your grandmother’s antique vase. The more secure a child is while staying at your rental, the more their parents can unwind and enjoy their vacation.

    More Villa and Property Insights:

    5 Designs Villa Ubud Bali With Private Pool

    Best Buy Villa Bali Steps in 2021 For Ownership

    Proofing All Sharp Corners in Your Bali Family Villas

    Children can be very energetic and having all the fun, especially when they are on vacation in a different location! They can sprint around and quickly collide with things, especially sharp corners, because to their excessive energy. As a result, it’s critical to safeguard sharp corners so that they don’t endanger tiny children. This includes all types of tables, TVs, and cupboards, as well as walls, which can be sharp and dangerous! Invest in plastic or rubber tips that you can quickly add or remove depending on the number of people that will be arriving.

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    Keeping Yourself Awake During A Road Trip

    Taking a road trip is fun especially when you do it your way. You don’t have to deal with a crowd of a public transport. You can also take a rest anytime you want and need. However, it is pretty challenging to stay alert while driving especially when you take such a long road trip. Keeping yourself awake without feeling tired is possible but you need to know the tricks. 

    The importance of staying awake while driving

    it is obviously dangerous to drive while you are sleepy or feeling drowsy. If you take a long drive, it is easy for your body to feel drained. You are also at high risk of being dehydrated if you keep forgetting to take a break and drink. Even sleep for few seconds while driving can lead to deathly disaster not only for you but also others. Staying alert and awake is a must while driving to avoid any accidents. 

    Here are some tips for you to stay alert and awake during a road trip

    Be prepared

    For a road trip, you have to be prepared with everything you are going to need regardless or whether or not you can buy the necessities on the road. Pack everything you need from clothes to foods and drinks so you don’t have to pull over somewhere or stop at dangerous places. Also, prepare your car few days before the trip so you are sure everything is under control for a safe trip. Then, take a good night sleep so you won’t feel drowsy when hitting the road. 

    Pack healthy snack

    You will be hungry while on the road so having some healthy snacks with you will be a life saver. Choose less sugar and more protein snacks to distribute energy in constant pace. You can pack some protein bars, dried fruits, or nuts. 

    Adjust to cool temperature

    Keep your car a few notches below your ideal temperature because it is easier to fall asleep when you feel cozy and warm. However, don’t set the temperature that possibly make you freezing either. You can also open the window a little bit to let fresh air in and keep you awake. 

    Take a break

    Do not force yourself to stay awake if you feel tired or sleepy. A break will bring you more energy once you wake up. It can also help avoid headache while driving. If not sleep, you can take a break to do some stretching to get rid off of discomforts from a long drive. 

    Drink caffeinated beverages

    You can brew your own favorite coffee at home or buy it on the road. The caffeine and the bitterness will bring some spark to your sense and awareness. If you don’t like coffee, take energy drinks that can last about four to five hours. However, make sure to not only drink caffeinated beverages throughout the trip because it can make you dehydrate faster. Drink other liquid too such as water, juice, etc.

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    Trekking on Kelimutu in Komodo Tour

    Mount Kelimutu has opened again, this is good news for those of us who will explore Flores with the Komodo Tour. Although there is some information that tourists need to know via the Instagram account of the Kelimutu National Park. But the question is, have you ever climbed Kelimutu before? When you get there you will not regret the result of the trekking which is very exciting and challenging.

    Trekking on Kelimutu in Komodo Tour

    At the peak of Mount Kelimutu, we will see with the naked eye 3 lakes that are lined up and have their respective colours that are always changing. It is truly a miracle of the world in Eastern Indonesia. Lots of local residents are willing to climb this mountain early in the morning to witness the beautiful sunrise that day from up there.

    Trekking with Protokol in Komodo Tour

    On this one tour, it will indeed take a lot of energy, but that does not mean it is difficult for us to breathe freely in participating in the Komodo Tour activities. The implementation of health protocols is still include by the Kelimutu National Park, therefore the restrictions and conditions that apply are such as:

    • Visitors are required to register via Whatsapp.
    • Online booking is valid at 7:30 am – 5:00 pm WITA.
    • Maximal submission of the online bookings 1 day before arrival.
    • For the convenience of travel quota, it is recommended that online bookings be submitted 1week or 1 month before arrival.
    • Online booking is for 5 people in one group.
    • Hikers are required to fill out the form provided.
    • Waiting for the result of registration confirmation.
    • Climbers need to show confirmation of online bookings and identity cards when paying at the counter.

    Mount Kelimutu has an altitude of 5,377 feet (1,639 meters above the sea level). Located in Pemo Village, Ende district, Flores East Nusa Tenggara. Many people flocked to the top of Kelimutu because they wanted to see three different coloured lakes. As a result, the eruption itself, the height of the crater wall reached one hundred to two hundred meters.

    Domestic and foreign tourists are willing to set their feet on dozens of stairs that are quite uphill. From every mountaineering, make sure to look for is the view of the landscape from up there. The panoramic view is very soothing for various types of photos, from personal journals to good content of course.

    Trip To Kelimutu in Komodo island trip

    For domestic and foreign tourists, on this Komodo island tour, we will start the journey from H. Hasan Aroeboesman Airport, then we will take a land road as far as 65 kilometers to Moni Village. From there we will make preparations at the entrance gate to the Kelimutu National Park.

    Kelimutu has been designed so that visitors can climb safely and comfortably. They provide toilets, parking lots, shopping areas, and several gazebos to take a break. Important items that need to be prepared such as comfortable shoes, for stepping uphill rocky lands. A carrier that fits all your needs so that your luggage is not too heavy. Spare mineral water with a large bottle, bring food with supplies more than 1 day from the plan, snacks such as chocolates are also good for increasing energy during the climb, raincoats (if the climb coincides with the rainy season), enough change clothes so as not to overload the carrier, headlamp, and matches.